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Modern Holistic Health offers natural health solutions that help put the body back in order so you can begin the healing process.

We use a holistic approach based on the individual’s biological and genetic data to identify the root cause of problems with precision, analyzing symptoms and then designing a custom health and recovery program based on each patient’s individual genetic makeup, chemistry, and lifestyle.

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Dr. Elena Villanueva was featured in Austin Way Magazine’s Winter 2016 issue. Read more about “Epigenetics: The Future of Medicine, Precision Medicine, The Master Key” online.

Meet Dr. Elena Villanueva, DC – “Dr. V”

Chief Integrative Health Coach and Brain Health Specialist

Elena Villanueva is an internationally recognized health coach and crusader for ending the global mental health crisis and educating the public and other health professionals that mental health conditions are actually ‘brain health’ issues and when the underlying causes are found, the brain health conditions can be reversed.

Elena’s expertise is in helping individuals find and address the underlying cause of their depression, anxiety, memory loss, Parkinson’s, and other mental health disorders and disease.

Elena and her team have helped thousands to restore their health.  Dr. Villanueva and her team help people support and restore many health conditions that include chronic mental health disorders and disease, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, gastrointestinal disorders, male and female hormone imbalances, Type II diabetes, genetic defects (including MTHFR), insomnia, metabolic syndrome, and other health conditions.

Dr. V is passionate about learning and utilizing cutting-edge technology for uncovering the root causes of chronic illness and disease.  By using a data-driven and genetic data approach, she and her team analyze underlying issues with their clients to precisely create personalized programs that target and heal the source of chronic conditions.

It was through her own experience in suffering severe mental and physical illness where the traditional western medicine approach had no answers or solutions,  that she developed a keen passion for the non traditional approach of holistic medicine.

Dr. Villanueva is a native Texan and has a strong enthusiasm for participating in almost anything outdoors with her best friend, husband, and partner, Greg, and their dog Riley. When she’s not educating and coaching, you’ll find her mountain biking, hiking, camping, wake surfing, skiing, and spending as much time outdoors as she can.

If she doesn’t know you already, she can’t wait to meet you and start your journey of healing.

Torrie Thompson

Meet Dr. Torrie Thompson, DC

Lead Integrative Health Coach and Lyme Specialist

Torrie Thompson

Dr. Torrie Thompson is our lead health coach here at Modern Holistic Health and we are thrilled to have her!

Dr. Thompson specializes in helping people with Lyme disease and other chronic illness regain and optimize their health though holistic approaches, diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. She has a deep understanding that in order for a person to get better, they need to find the root of the problem, fix it, and then rebuild health from there.

Like most amazing health coaches, Dr. Thompson’s passion for holistic healthcare approaches came through her own health struggle. For nearly a decade she visited over 20 doctors looking for the cause for her strange symptoms and a solution to help her heal and get her life back. After many years of failed traditional medical treatments and several incorrect diagnosis, she finally took her health into her own hands and discovered she had Lyme Disease.  She successfully used holistic medicine approaches that included dietary modifications, supplementation and lifestyle changes to help her finally regain her health. Not only did she get health and her life back, but along the way learned how holistic medicine and modifications to both diet and lifestyle can help reverse and prevent many diseases.

When she’s not coaching her clients, Dr. Thompson loves to be active. You can find her sweating it out in the nearest spin or Pilates class. She also loves her animals and can be found at the dog park with her dog Stella or off riding horses. Cooking healthy meals is another passion and she enjoys cooking for family and friends.

Dr. Thompson is an amazing member of our team and contributes greatly to our legacy at Modern Holistic Health of changing people’s lives through safe and natural healing options and optimizing their health!

Rosita Alvarez

Meet Rosita Alvarez

Personal Development and Brain Optimization Coach

Rosita Alvarez

Rosita Alvarez is our personal development and brain optimization coach.

Rosita helps people struggling with chronic illnesses, difficult health cases, grief, loss, past trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and life struggles that can be connected to unhealthy and unconscious thought patterns.

She specializes in multiple modalities and techniques including the energy medicine of Resonance Repatterning to identify and transform the interference patterns that limit physical and emotional healing.

Having witnessed how these modalities liberated her two-year-old daughter from a concussion that stopped her speech 24 years ago, she was determined to learn comprehensive methods of healing.

She has spent 18 years uncovering patterns that impact growth, healing, relationships, and business. Rosita supports and mentors clients in targeted areas of life by uncovering and addressing self limiting belief systems, emotional trauma, and how they impact one’s holistic energetic systems.

Rosita creates palpable change with tools from many different systems including and not limited to:

  • Energetic Contacts of Chinese Medicine Meridians, Chakra Systems, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Polarity, and Cranial-Sacral
  • Counseling & Neuroscience
  • Tapping
  • Quantum Physics
  • Color and Light therapy
  • Breath and Sound therapy
  • Movement therapy
  • Spiritual Cleansing
  • Eye movements, eye fascia and muscles
Amme Hutyra Health Coach

Meet Ann Hutyra

Integrative Health Coach

Ann Hutyra is a certified holistic health coach who focuses on ‘food as medicine,’ and studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Ann’s passion for health and wellness began with her own journey with autoimmune disease. After decades of dealing with symptoms like fatigue, bloating and digestive issues, anemia, migraines, brain fog and joint pain, she was finally diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis, or the skin manifestation of Celiac Disease. Ann adopted a gluten free lifestyle, and saw her health drastically improve. She dropped close to 30 pounds, and saw dozens of symptoms she had dealt with for decades go away. But her journey didn’t stop there. A few years later she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and knew she had to make additional lifestyle changes.

Ann became a patient of Dr. Villanueva, and found the support she needed to heal her body through food and supplements. In 12 short months, Ann reversed her thyroid condition, and reached a level of health she had never experience before. This inspired her to become certified as a health coach, and help others achieve optimal health.

Ann has studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods, and specializes in the gluten free and paleo lifestyles. Ann spent 15 years as a Journalist and TV News Anchor, working in a fast-paced and demanding newsroom environment. This taught her how important it is to manage stress and get quality sleep, and she teaches her clients techniques to help balance these areas of their lives. She works with her clients to co-create completely personalized actions based on their goals, and helps them move toward their ideal vision of health.

In her down time, Ann loves to cook and bake, and shares her recipes and foodie finds with her social media followers. As a mom to a 7-year-old, she enjoys the challenge of finding creative ways to teach kids to eat healthy. She’s a long-distance runner, having completed several marathons over the years, and makes yoga a regular part of her wellness routine.

Meet Dr. Ashley Beckman, DAOM

Lead Integrative Health Coach

Dr. Ashley Beckman is a lead health coach here at Modern Holistic Health and brings with her over 20 years of expertise in holistic healing.

Dr Ashley specializes in helping people with complex conditions including autoimmune disease, mental health and neurodegenerative disease, hormone imbalances, infertility issues,and chronic GI disorders.  Her expertise in utilizing genetic testing to understand how to approach and resolve chronic health issues is helping people finally find answers and solutions to their chronic illnesses. Dr. Ashley has performed over 40,000 treatments and also practiced with Dr. Soram Khalsa for eight years at his busy Functional Medicine clinic in Beverly Hills and in Malibu. 

Dr. Ashley is not only a doctor of Chinese Medicine with her board certification in acupuncture  and herbal medicine, she also has her doctorate in Healthy Aging and Longevity. Most recently in 2019 she wrote her thesis on Epigenetics, the study of how our genes are affected by our diet and lifestyle.  Dr. Ashley Beckman has studied the healing properties of herbs, holistic nutrition, flower essences, essential oils, light color therapy and whole foods for more than twenty years. And has vast expertise in combining all these elements to instill holistic lifestyle changes that lead to healing and long term results. 

Dr. Villanueva and Dr. Ashley are passionate about genetics and that’s how they met!  Together they have solved some of the most complex chronic illness cases and Dr. Villanueva and the MHH team are honored to have her experience and expertise in the MHH family.

Stacey Loop

Meet Stacey Loop

Trauma and Stress Release Breath Work Practitioner and Nutrition Coach

Stacey Loop

Stacey Loop is a certified yoga therapist and holistic health coach who specializes in helping people who are struggling with the effects of anxiety, panic, depression, mind racing, sleep issues, and neurosensory disorders (common in those who have autism spectrum disorders).

She uses the tools of therapeutic breath, movement, meditation, diet, and physical activity to address an individual’s condition and works with clients to assist them in making gradual, yet significant lifestyle changes that will support and influence their healing.

It takes courage and strength to change and break free from habits and constraints, which can prevent one from reaching total health and potential. She understands each individual has the power to promote self-healing when unconscious patterns are examined and one is given the tools, encouragement, and guidance to thrive and feel whole again.

Her personal journey of holistic healing began when her son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. After finding no solutions from the traditional medical model she became intrigued by the ancient teachings of yoga and holistic health.

In nearly 17 years, Stacey has taught over 2,500 classes in teacher training, special education topics, therapeutic privates, mentoring, and public classes.  Stacey has co-written the curriculum Children’s Yoga Therapy Training and leads teachers in this certification program as well as training in other programs involving therapeutic aspects of yoga, including meditation.

Stacey finds deep satisfaction in being of service to others. Outside of work, she spends time daily in her own yoga and meditation practice. One of her favorite pastimes is cultivating stillness by connecting to nature and she dances weekly with her father in Parkinson’s Dance classes.

Stacey looks forward to meeting you and assisting you along your journey!

Kimberly Ross

Meet Kimberly Ross

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Kimberly Ross is a certified holistic health coach after studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a passion for helping families live their best lives.

Kimberly’s passion for health and wellness began with her drive to help her five sons to live a life she so desperately wanted them to have. After her oldest developed a chronic rash and short term memory loss, she realized that creams and pills would not help. Following her gut instinct, she pursued a more holistic path to help them. Over the next few years she slowly added her other children to the holistic medicine path treating conditions from PANS and Lyme disease to chemical toxicity. Using food as medicine, Kimberly and her children were able to see improvements after years of struggling. However, In 2016, Kimberly was suffering herself and was later diagnosed with Lyme disease and Mast Cell Activation Disorder. After beginning her treatment, she soon realized her family was exposed to toxic mold and how much it was affecting their health and wellbeing. During this troubling time, she conceived her fifth son and moved from their home they were living in with mold after 4 years. After a rather hard pregnancy and delivery of her fifth son, Kimberly developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis from the years of exposure to mold and chronic infections.

Even through the pain and suffering of seeing her children struggle with condition after condition, functional medicine helped Kimberly and her family to reach a place of healing. It gave her hope she didn’t once have with conventional medicine. Now 3 years later, they are living a life with the knowledge that the body can heal itself when you just listen to what it is saying. Using food as a way to love your body and having grace every day to push forward on this journey.

When Kimberly isn’t a busy mother of five, she enjoys time outside hiking or camping, and trying new recipes that are nutritious and kid friendly. She enjoys gardening and learning new ways to make a holistic lifestyle cost efficient and effective for every family.

Vanessa Knurek

Meet Vanessa Knurek

Holistic Health Coach

Vanessa Knurek is a Modern Holistic Health certified holistic health coach that integrates a holistic and natural approach to care. Inspired by Dr. Villanueva and Modern Holistic Health, she focuses on identifying the root cause of health issues.

Vanessa always had a passion for health and wellness but was still weighed down from modern medicine. She had struggled with Asthma, Weight Gain, and Anxiety most of her life but never truly found the solution until learning about the source of her problems. After discovering that Inflammation was the true source of her ailments, Vanessa was able to navigate a natural solution that she preferred and frankly just made her feel so much better than a medicine cabinet of prescriptions did.

A chance meeting with Dr. Villanueva at a Summit provided Vanessa with the next steps in her journey. While discussing the commitment to natural health and the desire to help others, Vanessa immediately decided to switch her education from California State University, Long Beach, and continue learning directly under Dr. Villanueva as a
Tier One Health Coach at Modern Holistic Health. Dr. Villanueva’s mentorship has been invaluable to her growth as a Certified Holistic Health Coach and our practice is so thankful to have her work directly with achieving optimal health for our clients.

Vanessa currently lives in Las Vegas alongside her husband, two children, and a Cocker-spaniel named Holly. Her passion for Health is consistent in her hobbies too! She enjoys going for nature hikes, magically keeping houseplants alive, and cooking healthy food for her family.

Allow your body to heal itself.

Heal Naturally.