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Crusaders for Health Newsletter: Edition 17

Dr. Elena Villanueva and Modern Holistic Health
Dr. Elena Villanueva is an international speaker, health influencer, & co-author of The Longevity Code. She teaches evidence based approaches for finding & treating the underlying causes of chronic illness & brain related conditions. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality & the integration of the mind/body/spirit.

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Elena is the producer and host of the Mental Health MasterclassInflammation MasterclassMastering Trauma MasterclassThe Leaky Brain SummitYour Brain & Mental Health: What They Aren’t Telling Youand the all new Beyond The Pill Masterclass, plus the TribeTalk Podcast. Find information on these topics and more relevant to your health and holistic healing at

Break the Pattern of Anxiety with at-home Ketamine Assisted Neurological Repatterning (KANR)

Sharon is an accomplished realtor in San Diego who secretly suffered for 23 years with crippling panic attacks, anxiety, and depression that started when she was a young child. Sharon had mastered the art of coexisting with her panic attacks, anxiety, and depression, but then one day life threw her a curveball with the tragic loss of her mother. Sharon’s battle intensified, and despite over a decade in and out of therapy sessions and on various medications, she struggled to find the ray of hope and strength she so desperately needed.

As she shared her struggles with me, she also felt a new sense of hope that somehow our Mind–Body–Spirit Transformation Program could help her. As we gathered data to understand if she would be a good fit for this program, we discovered, in addition to her history of trauma, other additional causes for her conditions that were rooted in environmental chemical toxins as well. Sharon discovered she had toxic mold in her body and a chronic H. Pylori infection in her gut which can be a common cause of panic attacks and anxiety. Sharon was relieved to finally find some answers and she was ready to try some different approaches to also address her unresolved trauma. She knew that she was still suffering the trauma of the tragic loss of her mother, even with all her therapy over the last 10 years.

That’s when I asked Sharon what she knew about Ketamine Assisted Neurological Repatterning (KANR).

While the iconic psychedelic trio of psilocybin, MDMA, and LSD might steal the show for their promising clinical results for depression, PTSD, anxiety, and emotional and trauma-healing transformation, ketamine is now also riding the psychedelic wave and redefining the landscape of mental health treatments for depression, PTSD, and beyond.

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Deanna was forced into early retirement because her doctors couldn’t find answers to her illness… But Dr. V’s Program helped Deanna find answers and solutions… See what Deanna had to say…

A New Approach to Supplementation

“Because everyone deserves access to affordable holistic solutions that work.”

Sleep is life-changing… and Cathy is finally getting hers thanks to the Modern Holistic Health team!

I started my brain and body restoration program with MHH in July 2022.

The #1 problem on my symptom sheet was lack of sleep. I had not had a full night of sleep for more than a decade.

Can you imagine life with only 3-6 hours of sleep every night!!

Five weeks into the program I had four consecutive nights of sleeping 8-9 hours. Each morning I felt so energetic and thankful for this miracle to happen!

Now a full night of sleep is commonplace for me. Thanks to Dr. V & everyone on the MHH team.

Give MHH a try, they are here to improve your mental and physical health.

⚠️ FEELING disconnected?

⚠️ LACKING support where you need it most?

⚠️ BORED without the engagement you desire?

Are you looking for a COMMUNITY that is like-minded in health & wellness?

In our Inner Circle Community, I provide a virtual gathering space where we come together to discuss topics that matter most to your health.

Every other week, we dive into topics, such as:

✅ Interpreting lab results (gut, blood, hormones, genetics)
✅ The latest science & research for addressing chronic health root causes
✅ Biohacking
✅ Client case studies
✅ And so much more!

Here is the tentative schedule for our upcoming Inner Circle calls so that you can get registered for them and save the dates!

Inner Circle LIVE’s start at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT

●   Thursday, Feb 23: Interpreting the Wheat Zoomer Test
●  Thursday, March 9: Interpreting the Gut Zoomer Test
●  Thursday, March 23: How to do a full moon parasite cleanse
●  Thursday, April 13: Ketamine Assisted therapy with Trauma work
●  Thursday, April 27: Balancing Hormones Naturally
●  Thursday, May 11: Using your Genetic Report 101
●  Thursday, May 25: Biohacking 101
●  Thursday, June 8: The Dangerous Effects of Stress (Looking at a case study!)
●  Thursday, June 22: Client case study and special guest
●  Thursday, July 13: Client case study and special guest
●  Thursday, July 27: TBD
●  Thursday, August 10: Using Essential oils in your protocols
●  Thursday, August 24: Root cause approaches for Hashimoto’s Disease

Understanding Parasites and Proven Protocols:The Full Moon Cleanse

Did you know that everyone gets parasites, even in first world countries? We recently had over 950 people register for our biweekly Inner Circle call where we presented on parasites, the common symptoms and conditions associated with parasite infestation in the human body, AND Dr. V showed her proven protocols for eliminating parasites and why doing a parasite cleanse during the full moon cycle is so powerful.

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The Truth About Wheat & Gluten Sensitivities

Did you know that everyone gets parasites, even in first world countries? We recently had over 950 people register for our biweekly Inner Circle call where we presented on parasites, the common symptoms and conditions associated with parasite infestation in the human body, AND Dr. V showed her proven protocols for eliminating parasites and why doing a parasite cleanse during the full moon cycle is so powerful.

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Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Gut Microbiome: What This Means For chronic Disease & Mental Health

In this video, we delve into the fascinating world of gut health and explore the unique opportunity to closely examine the microbial world in our gut with the Gut Zoomer Lab.

Join us as we discover how this innovative test can help you better understand the trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi living in your gut and how they affect your daily functions. We’ll explore the Gut Zoomer Lab and learn how it can provide insights into various health conditions, including digestive issues, leaky gut, gluten intolerance, autoimmune disorders, mental health, and more!

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Summits & Documentaries Logo

This month’s featured summits and documentaries are a part of my mission to spread lifesaving truths around the world. That together we can help as many people as possible to get their health back, their lives back, and live their lives with all the love, joy, health, and vitality they desire.

Remember, your health is in YOUR hands. So join me for some TV viewing time in the evenings to watch our recommended featured summits & documentaries this month. Let’s kick up our feet, relax, learn how to be our own guarantee in life, and let’s thrive and heal together!

Dr. Elena Villanueva

You Don’t Need Monsanto… All You Need Is Soil

Growing your own food has become more of a necessity these days, especially with the financial climate and food supply issues that we have been experiencing. I can’t think of anything timelier than learning the fast and easy ways to produce your own healthy, delicious meats, eggs, and veggies as we move into the spring season. Even if you have a small patio (or no patio at all), you can still grow your indoor or patio garden and have plenty of food for you, for 2, or even a family of four.

Learning to produce your own food has benefits that are two-fold: you save money and avoid all the nasty toxins that come with grocery-brought food items (most of our food is brought to us via Monsanto, which is well-known for genetically modified and chemically sprayed foods).

I recently learned about Marjory Wildcraft, founder of The Grow Network, who connected with me to tell me about her new webinar called Grow Your Own Food, and I knew I wanted to share this with you.

Marjory is part of a community of half a million homesteaders, backyard farmers, preppers, missionary organizations, and University researchers – all of whom are dedicated to backyard food production.

Grow Your Own Food was designed for anyone and everyone – even if you have no experience, are older, or are out of shape…

Click Here To Learn More Now

This educational webinar will cover:

●  Current status of global food supply
●  How much land you need
●  The easiest and fastest foods to produce
●  A full plan to be able to produce all your own food
●  How to get started today

This is a free livestream event. The most popular part is the Q&A after the presentation, so come with the questions you want answered!

CLICK HERE to register for 72 hours of access to this free educational webinar.

Open Your Heart and Expand Your Soul

Human beings have never been more connected via technology. Yet, people are lonelier and more disconnected from Mother Earth than ever before – this disconnection is where imbalance and illness arise.

Simply put, we have lost our village.

This is why I was so happy to see that my friend Dr. Maya Shetreat (who is a rare combination of integrative neurologist, herbalist, and spiritual teacher) has put together an event to teach you about psychedelics and how they are being used by people to reverse despair and rediscover connection. It’s called:

The Master Plant Experience: The Science, Safety, and Sacred Ceremony of Psychedelics

While many people automatically think that psychedelics means taking drugs recreationally or “tripping,” Dr. Maya takes a different, a more sacred approach – she teaches that Master Plants can offer lessons through microdosing, quantum dosing, or even simply honoring and learning from the plants in ceremony without ingesting them at all.

Click Here To Learn More Now

This is a two-week retreat you can do in the comfort of your own home at no cost – and you’ll discover fascinating things about the science and safety of psychedelics and how to use them in your healing journey.

Don’t miss this rare, never-to-be-forgotten opportunity! No pressure, no stress, just a ceremonial experience that will change your life.

Click Here to join the Master Plant Experience, and dive into an experience like no other.

Transform “Dead” Water Into “Living” Water

  • When natural water is stored in pools for long periods of time before being transported hundreds of miles and processed to become “safe” for drinking, eventually it becomes what is known as “dead” or “lifeless” water.

    Dead water has no minerals and no energy – both tap water and bottled water are considered forms of dead water.

    And because your cells have a fat-based fortress that protects them with several gates that allow nutrients in and waste out, water has to travel on the backs of other nutrients – such as minerals and glucose – to easily penetrate this fortress.

    Under a microscope, it is very easy to determine living water, as it has a beautiful hexagonal shape – and researchers have proven that hexagonal water drastically reduces inflammation (the #1 cause of weight gain and aging).

    This is why it is extremely important to bring your water to life!

    And one of my new favorite products that does that is: SLIMCRYSTAL – a revolutionary water bottle that creates hexagonal water via 9 healing quartz crystals.

    Click Here To Learn More Now

Research proves that by maintaining a high percentage of hexagonal water in your body, you can reduce and even reverse the effects of aging on your body and drastically support your health.

Click Here To Get Yours Now, and bring life to your water, maintain your youth, aid in weight loss, and support your overall health!

Are Parasites Lurking Inside Your Body?

Do you want to know more about parasites? See the recent Inner Circle recording above to learn more.

If left to roam free in your body, these unseen intruders (parasites) can trigger major health issues like

→  Digestive issues (constipation, foul-smelling gas, bloating, gut pain…)
→ Brain fog
→ Anxiety & Depression
→ Fatigue
→ Trouble falling and staying asleep
→ Dark circles under the eyes
→ Headaches
→ Weight issues
→ Skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis…
→ And much more.

Did you know that during a full moon, parasitic infections can become more active in your body, and your sleep can be interrupted by both the increased activity of the parasites and lowered melatonin levels which naturally occur during full moon cycles… and that these combined can be a threat to your immune system?

During the full moon, your body produces less melatonin and more serotonin. Parasites typically become more active when our bodies have this change in chemistry. The parasites will use serotonin to help themselves move throughout your body. Because of this temporary lower level of melatonin, your immune system can’t defend you as strongly against the parasites.

You can see why it’s important to understand how the moon cycle affects our bodies and why it’s the perfect time to evict those nasty critters.

Let’s pull out all the stops to get these common but unwanted invaders OUT of your body. Get your parasite detox kit now and take advantage of the next Full Moon cycle to eliminate your parasites.

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