Top 5 Causes of Anxiety, Depression and other Brain Chemistry Imbalances

Reversing and Preventing Neurodegenerative disease and Neurological Disorders, including Anxiety, Depression, and Psychosis.   Latest data from the CDC shows that the US´s suicide/neurodegenerative disease rates are at the highest level since World War II. Many doctors are not only aware that the current model isn’t working; they are looking outside the box to find…

Top 4 Causes of Anxiety & Depression

Hypothyroidism (or low thyroid function) is a commonly undiagnosed issue. The condition is when the thyroid gland (located at the base of your neck) is not releasing the needed amounts of thyroid hormones. The thyroid is considered a “master gland” and is responsible for crucial hormones that travel throughout the entire body and turning nutrients from our food into useable energy the body needs. So, when it is under-functioning, it can produce a multitude of symptoms and disruptions. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include mood disorders (like depression and anxiety), brain fog, hair loss, digestive issues, sleep problems, weight gain and other metabolic changes, low immunity, heart function alterations, fatigue, constipation, cracked skin, respiratory complications, and more.