Healing Near and Far.


Dr. V and the Modern Holistic Health team are thrilled to offer Virtual Health services. Virtual Health allows us to see clients near and far. No longer do they have to fight traffic, worry about childcare, not having time for that one last chore or errand, finishing up that last email before they have to get on the road, and more. This allows more people to have easier access to their health programs, while relieving the stress and anxiety of traffic and time management. If you have any questions about the awesomeness of virtual health, we are happy to answer them for you and walk you through it. We have had a growing number of our clients requesting and using this feature and we're excited to now be able to provide this for everyone!


"I've been going to Dr. V for about 6 months. She told me how she could help me lose weight and get healthier than I was already. And, here I am, 20 pounds lighter...feeling much more positive, energetic, and less stressed." 

- Kimberly I.