We Have Helped Hundreds of Clients

Modern Holistic Health offers natural health solutions that help put the body back in order so you can begin the healing process. We use a holistic approach based on the individual’s biological and genetic data to identify the root cause of problems with precision, analyzing symptoms and then designing a custom health and recovery program based on each client’s individual genetic makeup, chemistry, and lifestyle. We have helped hundreds of client.

More Client Testimonials

“Dr V is a true life-saver. I’ve been working with her for six months now and have been able to come off of three anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs. I can’t think of a better provider to be on my health journey with!”

-Cassie B.

“Dr. V helped me out so much! Honestly a lifesaver. I had insane gut issues (was barely absorbing any nutrients) and also had chronic UTIs due to a bladder issue I was born with. When I came to her I was downtrodden with a gut full of antibiotics, no energy and the idea that I’d never be able to get off of antibiotics. I didn’t have any hope I could get better and within 6 months Dr. V got me fully out of an infection cycle, fully off antibiotics and helped me strengthen my gut tenfold. My energy is back and I am feeling better than ever. She was fully supportive and always there for me.”

-Katey S.

“Good work people! Glad to see someone is addressing the root of the problem finally. Keep going, and may you touch thousands of lives.”

-Geeta C.

More Client Testimonials

Let Dr. V and Her Team Show You the Effectiveness of Holistic Medicine

Learn how our holistic approach can help your body heal naturally. Watch case studies on depression, leaky gut syndrome, brain fog, and other conditions with Dr. Villanueva and her team of health coaches.

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