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Dr V Lab Coat

I’m Dr. V, Chief Health Coach and CEO of MHH and I have put together a team of experts who along with myself are working in a team approach with our clients to help them heal and restore from many different chronic disease conditions and other chronic health issues. My unique data driven systems and whole person approach is changing lives around the world. 

The first question you might be asking is “What can you help with”?  Or do you work with this or that condition? We work with multiple conditions with the understanding that the root causes are often the same — it’s the way the person manifests their sickness or dis-ease that differs from person to person.  

For Example: Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Thyroid issues, Autoimmune diseases, May ALL be from the same underlying causes but manifest differently in different people, depending on multiple factors. 

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, Thyroid disorders, weight gain, IBS, chronic fatigue, Lyme’s disease … these are just a few of the conditions we work with every day.

SO the answer is that yes, most likely we work with people who have symptoms or diagnosis like yours. 

Get Started!

When you decide to work with our team at Modern Holistic Health, you will get access to everything we have collectively learned from the world’s leading experts —Protocols  that we have used successfully on hundreds of clients around the world using our data driven approach of finding and addressing the root cause of your condition.

As an expert in functional diagnostic nutrition and functional holistic medicine, we get results by:

  • Focusing on optimizing whole health (not just on managing symptoms).
  • Running lab tests to identify healing opportunities (not just guessing).
  • Working in a systematic way (in order of importance – based on your lab results)
  • Educating you on lifestyle modifications (not just medication, supplements, or food restrictions).
  • Self-empowering you to lead a healthy life (not just giving you advice).

We maintain connections with the world’s leading experts in the holistic health space and will work in partnership with these experts as needed. We are always open to work with your medical practitioner as an advocate for you, and help you get the essential medical treatment you may require.

If this sounds like the approach you have been looking for, click the button below to schedule your New Client First Visit.  

Your “New Client First Visit” is your first step prior to the commencement of an ongoing coaching relationship. In this visit we will:

  • Review a comprehensive history with you to assess your body system function
  • We will get a history of lifestyle risk factors
  • Conduct a 60-minute consultation with you online, via zoom
  • Provide a recommended plan of action, including the order in which issues are addressed, recommended lab tests, and prioritize lifestyle changes.
  • And we will provide you with a primary recommendation of which program will be suitable for you based on your history. Our comprehensive multi therapist programs are designed to resolve your chronic health concerns and typically range from 6 months to 12 months, depending on the complexity of your case.
  • This appointment can include a limited review of testing you have had in the last 2 months.
  • The cost of this first visit is $470.

If you are wanting a simple 20 minute consultation, click the button below to schedule your “initial Consultation.” The purpose of this consultation is to determine whether we are a good fit and not to provide personal advice.

In the “Initial Consultation” we will:

  • Conduct a 20-minute consultation with you online, via zoom
  • Answer questions about who we are
  • Answer questions about we offer
  • Answer questions on how we work
  • Will ask you a few questions
  • The cost of this visit is $90

In some cases, we may think that another health care provider may be a better fit given your situation. If that is the case then we will do our best to provide you with recommendations on a suitable provider. If we believe you are not ready to engage with a functional model, we will indicate what you need to do going forward.

Allow your body to heal itself.

Heal Naturally.