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The stories you create in your mind, create your reality

by Stacey Loop

Hello friends!

Many of you know that Dr. V. often talks about mindset as one of the most important pieces in regaining our health. She reminds us that we are not broken, and there are answers to our symptoms and health challenges. She is right! 

Recently, in December, I attended the theatrical musical performance of “A Christmas Carol” in Austin, Texas, as adapted from Charles Dickens’ famous story that has been recreated for both stage and film over the years. The main character Ebenezer Scrooge serves as a great example of how mindset plays into our lifestyle, which in turn influences our relationships, and ultimately our ability to feel connection and happiness. 

If you witness Scrooge with compassion, you will see him with humanity and understand his need to not “let anyone in” or show vulnerability. In the adaptation of the story to screenplay, Scrooge is shown alone at school feeling unwanted by his father after his mother has died in childbirth with him. 

He was beginning to write his internal story of not being loved, worthy, or wanted. If we were to look at this from a bioenergetic perspective, his scan may have shown some energetic blocks at the heart. When I look at him from a holistic perspective, I definitely see the blocked energy of self-worth. Eventually, in young adulthood, he allows himself to love and become engaged only to postpone the wedding while hiding behind his work and needing to collect MORE. Will it ever be enough?

His famous quote of “Bah Humbug” is his go-to response to any suggestion of giving to others. And so, his mindset creates a life of isolation and loneliness, truly a miserable existence. 

Most of us know the story, and that pivotal night in which he’s visited by the three ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, shocking him into immediate transformation. He looks upon his life with regret and dread for his future. He awakens with the mindset to rewrite his story and give more than he has ever known. What a mindset shift! He even lets go of the “Bah Humbug!” His mindset of “not enough/never enough” becomes one of experiencing joy by giving fully. 

And so, can we allow this timeless tale to be a reflective lesson that we don’t have to be deliriously frightened into making change, but that we can think positively about what we want to create in our lives and start to imagine it fully? 

We can journal the details and add more as we envision our future selves full of health and radiance. Remember, whatever you place your attention on manifests into being and grows! 

Happy New Year! May we all become more aware of how powerful our mindset is as one of our biggest tools to create the life that we desire. 

What is YOUR word for 2023 that encompasses what you want to create?  Respond and let us know! 

To connection and joy in 2023.

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