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  • Guiltless Superfoods
  • Diabetic Kitchen: The brownies and nut butter cookies are delicious! Substitute dairy butter for sheep or goat butter and you’ve got a high-fiber, zero-sugar tasty treat
  • ChocoPerfection: This chocolate is full of fiber and is sweetened with chickory root — go ahead and eat the whole bar!
  • Factor75: Organic meals delivered and ready to eat – with keto, paleo, and gluten-free options.

Podcasts, Videos, Documentaries, and More.

  • PODCAST / Zach Bush, M.D. “Gut Health, Glyphosate, & Healing Inflammation” – Dr. Zack Bush is a triple board certified MD. On this podcast, he discusses the severe damage that Roundup (glyphosate) is causing to our bodies, our gut, and our DNA.
  • DOCUMENTARY / Food Inc. documentary: Food, Inc. unveils some of the somber practices underpinning the American food industry, exploring how corporations place profits before consumer health, worker safety, and the environment. This documentary argues that industrial production methods are not only inhumane, but they are also unsustainable from an economic and environmental standpoint. Filmmaker Robert Kenner visits farms and slaughterhouses and witnesses first-hand the disturbing conditions that prevail, such as chickens being grown so fast that they are unable walk properly, cows eating feed laced with chemicals, and workers risking their own safety to ensure that these products are made cheaply for the market. He also interviews various players in the industry including CEOs, advocates, authors and lobbyists. For many people, the ideal meal is convenient, low-cost and delicious. Food, Inc. looks into the true cost of putting price and convenience over nutritional and environmental considerations, presenting the findings in a way that is engaging, informative and accessible to all. Watch it here and on Netflix.
  • DOCUMENTARY / The Magic Pill: “The take home message that I saw here: Processed foods are causing diseases that can be reversed not with pills, but with clean, organic, non processed foods. We use ketosis with some of our patients to reverse high blood sugar, type two diabetes, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure, and more. ” – Dr. V.Whether or not a long term ketogenic diet is for you depends on your genetic makeup. Not all people are genetically designed to eat meats and animal fats long-term. Dr. V and her team can guide you through the process of healing your body and can show you if ketogenic protocols will be best for you. Watch it via Netflix here.
  • VIDEO / Gut Bacteria and Mind Control: Fix your brain, fix your Gut! Prof. Simon Carding, Leader of the Gut Health and Food Safety Research Programme, Institute of Food Research and Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia, describes our current understanding of the human gut and its relationship with its human host and introduce the provocative proposal that gut microbes influence when, what, and how often we eat and whether we stay healthy or succumb to disease. Watch it here.

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