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The Modern Holistic Health Practitioners Conference in Park City, Utah is October 10th – 13th!

Finally, address the root cause of chronic disease.

We've helped over 5,000 clients escape the endless cycle ​of chronic disease with our renowned holistic approach, ​blending data-driven testing and mind-body-spirit ​integration.

It’s not your fault, it’s not ​in your head, and you are not ​ broken.

Instead of just treating symptoms with a “pill for an ill” approach, we use a systematic, evidence-based method to identify and address the root causes of your health imbalances.

Whereas you may spend years chasing temporary fixes and managing symptoms, we use advanced tools and testing to find and remove obstacles to your healing, and we guide you with your data to correct the imbalances causing your illness or disease.

This is what’s possible with a
data-driven approach

This is what’s possible with a data-driven approach

Dr. V truly changed our lives and continues to give us hope that health is possible through scientific-based approaches, testing on deeper levels than any primary care doctor will do, and caring personally for clients!


Good work people! Glad to see someone is addressing the root of the problem finally. Keep going, and may you touch thousands of lives.


Stacey is very warm and caring and had helped me during a very difficult time during one of the classes – she stayed with me for a long time to talk me through a difficult health situation.


Overall, I am very grateful for this detox journey. I thank the Lord for this opportunity to detox and get healthier. The team at modern holistic health really have done a great job!


Your support staff of Torrie, Ann, Rosita, Kimberly, and all others involved were exceptional to help get me though this most difficult process. This last year has embedded a new life style change that will be with me for life.


The path is challenging, but I don't give up, because I feel Ann is helping me out of a nightmare. Heartfelt thanks and congratulations for your preparation and for truly wanting to go deep and heal your patients!


I felt like I found a place to heal and rebuild. A place that finally understood. I tried traditional counseling for many years, but it did not help as I was hoping it would.


Get the answers you deserve ​with 1:1 virtual coaching

Choose from a 30-minute, or 60-minute session, or bundle your ​sessions into convenient packages for ongoing support.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Have you been bouncing between ​different diets and eating habits? ​Everybody is different, and no one ​diet works for everyone. Our Nutrition ​& Lifestyle Coach will work with you to ​figure out the optimal diet plan that will work best for you.

Biological Coaching

Are you not feeling well? Do you want ​help with your condition or symptoms ​that won’t go away? Our holistic health ​coaches will teach you how your body ​works and help you figure out the root ​of your condition or symptoms.

Emotional, Stress & ​Neurological Repatterning

Our research shows that focusing on creating new neurological pathways ​through mind and body repatterning ​significantly speeds up recovery and ​healing. Work with our expert team to ​process and integrate these changes ​for optimal health.

How much better ​could you feel 12 ​months from now if ​you started today?

Work with your own personal Life Team to heal ​from past trauma, reverse common chronic ​diseases, and optimize your health using our ​cutting-edge, data-driven approach in our world ​renowned 12-month healing program.​

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