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The Evolution of Medicine: A New Paradigm in Healing, and Optimization

If the ‘pill for an ill’ symptom based approach has failed you, the Modern Holistic Health approach might be just what you are looking for

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We live in a world where traditional medicine can prevent death, treat symptoms, and even put a person back together.

Yet – the current model of this traditional (also called allopathic) medicine is failing humanity in terms of healing, health, and optimization. Traditional medicine teaches us that cancer, metabolic disease, neurodegenerative disease, mental health disorders, autoimmune diseases, and many more chronic diseases have no cure (only treatments for the symptoms) and this approach has led the United States to rank #1 as the sickest modern nation in the world.

Modern Holistic Health brings a new paradigm to addressing chronic illness and disease

by incorporating and understanding the influence of both Evidence Based (data driven) approaches and how the mind/body/spirit complex interplays in healing, health, and optimization. This approach is where the new paradigm of health and wellness lies.

This new paradigm of healing and health where science and spirituality are now merging

is creating an unstoppable ripple that is advancing medicine into its next era of Health,Vitality, & Optimization. Our education and message has reached thousands across the globe who have totally regained their health, wellness, and vitality.

Trauma & Emotional Healing

Everyone has experienced some sort of trauma, and often they are not consciously aware of it. Trauma results from a person’s interpretation of an event that is perceived as dangerous, frightening, harmful, or life-threatening. That perception of what occurred involves an undesired physical response, belief, thought, and/or emotion seen, heard, and/or felt in the mind and body.

Healing Near and Far

Benefits of Virtual Health Consultations

Dr. V and the Modern Holistic Health team are thrilled to offer virtual health services. Virtual health allows us to see clients near and far to provide our services through video conferencing. You will no longer have to fight traffic, worry about childcare, not being able to do one last chore, or finishing up that email before you have to get on the road.

This allows more people to have easier access to our health programs, while relieving the stress of traffic and time management. If you have any questions about the awesomeness of virtual health, we’re more than happy to answer them for you and walk you through it. A growing number of clients requested this feature and we’re excited to provide it for everyone!