Break the Pattern of Anxiety with at-home Ketamine Assisted Neurological Repatterning (KANR)

Sharon is an accomplished realtor in San Diego who secretly suffered for 23 years with crippling panic attacks, anxiety, and depression that started when she was a young child. Sharon had mastered the art of coexisting with her panic attacks, anxiety, and depression, but then one day life threw her a curveball with the tragic loss of her mother. Sharon’s battle intensified, and despite over a decade in and out of therapy sessions and on various medications, she struggled to find the ray of hope and strength she so desperately needed.

As she shared her struggles with me, she also felt a new sense of hope that somehow our Mind–Body–Spirit Transformation Program could help her. As we gathered data to understand if she would be a good fit for this program, we discovered, in addition to her history of trauma, other additional causes for her conditions that were rooted in environmental chemical toxins as well. Sharon discovered she had toxic mold in her body and a chronic H. Pylori infection in her gut which can be a common cause of panic attacks and anxiety. Sharon was relieved to finally find some answers, and she was ready to try some different approaches to also address her unresolved trauma. She knew that she was still suffering the trauma of the tragic loss of her mother, even with all her therapy over the last 10 years. 

That’s when I asked Sharon what she knew about Ketamine Assisted Neurological Repatterning (KANR).  

While the iconic psychedelic trio of psilocybin, MDMA, and LSD might steal the show for their promising clinical results for depression, PTSD, anxiety, and emotional and trauma-healing transformation, ketamine is now also riding the psychedelic wave and redefining the landscape of mental health treatments for depression, PTSD, and beyond.

As the psychedelic renaissance sweeps across the nation, ketamine-assisted therapy is riding a wave of mainstream attention, thanks to its legal status. Empowered by this momentum, trailblazing individuals and companies around the United States are rapidly expanding their online services to deliver life-changing ketamine treatment options to people far and wide. Together with these agents of change for better healthcare and outcomes, we have been able to facilitate people in their trauma and emotional healing transformations with the combined synergy of their ketamine treatments. 

Recently coined by researchers as “Inner Healing Intelligence”, the use of psychedelics combined with focused tools for rewiring the nervous system, such as in Ketamine Assisted Neurological Repatterning (KANR), is showing outstanding results. This is because it gets to one’s core feelings and rewires emotional memories to release them from the “stuck” pathways that are keeping them in their state of suffering. 

The most essential point to understand, however, is that these transformations aren’t happening during the ketamine experience alone. The transformations are happening because of the pre and post-integration processes and neurological repatterning modalities that are combined before and after the ketamine treatments. Ketamine, without the repatterning and integration, doesn’t show the same profound outcomes as compared to Ketamine combined with Neurological Repatterning and pre/post-integration. 

Everyone wants to get through to the other side of transformation or suffering, but few consider the emotional (and monetary) cost, and what it takes to see sustainable and successful outcomes. A perfect example is ketamine therapy.

Ketamine as a therapeutic treatment is powerful because it changes what you’re connected or attached to as well as your vision of the future. Ketamine creates a sense of dissociation, allowing you to see your trauma from a distance, disentangled from your identity. In the process, it challenges your most ingrained beliefs – some you may not even know you held onto, and that’s the secret sauce because that’s what it’s supposed to do. That is how ketamine works to facilitate healing and transformation. But without the proper pre and post-integration, guided neurological repatterning, and tools for emotional regulation, people often go right back into their same state of suffering. 

The problem is that without a skilled practitioner who understands how to facilitate a person’s navigation through what can often be an ocean of powerful emotions and experiences during and after a ketamine experience, a person can find themselves swept away by a tsunami of confusion and fear. That’s what can happen when the potent tool of ketamine is misused or administered without the understanding of the need for personalized pre and post-integration and individualized trauma-informed approaches. 

Sadly, with the rise in ketamine clinics, many operators lack the understanding or appreciation for the delicate balance of these elements, and how they interplay with the human psyche. The difference lies in fostering an environment and experience that truly echoes the care, expertise, and compassion needed for a person to safely navigate the uncharted territory of their inner world.

With carefully curated guidance and expertise, however, ketamine has the potential to shed light on your darkest corners and guide you toward healing. But this powerful substance must be treated with respect and navigated through a carefully designed framework. Every element of your mind, body, and environment – from diet to the soundscapes and visual surroundings – to the ability to navigate your own thoughts and emotions from a place of neutrality, must all be considered in order to successfully facilitate the most optimal outcomes in your healing. 

Imagine undergoing a transformative ketamine experience in a sterile and uninviting clinical environment, only to be sent off in an Uber or a ride home without any proper care or support before or after, leaving you to navigate your post-ketamine reality on your own. This approach is not only reckless but can be detrimental to your healing process.

After a ketamine experience, it’s essential to ensure someone is fully grounded in their body and aware of their surroundings. Failing to do so, combined with an unsupportive or triggering home environment, can pose a risk of deepening the roots of trauma due to the heightened neuroplastic state after such an experience. 

This is where the true power of the Modern Holistic Health Mind–Body–Spirit Transformation Program approach shines to facilitate true transformation and healing for our clients.  

Our meticulously curated 6-month Mind–Body–Spirit Transformation Program takes you through a personalized healing experience where you work individually with a team of 3 expert practitioners. They work in collaboration to facilitate your healing and transformation using multiple specialty modalities including somatic therapy, resonance repatterning therapy, metric tracking, breathwork therapy, and more… 

…You also get an opportunity to expand on your progress with the experience of a year of additional mentoring and learning how to use these tools for yourself. You’ll have access to our wildly popular year-long mentoring and mastery program that guides you in learning to use powerful tools for your continued growth and optimization. Our Mind–Body–Spirit Transformation Program and approach is not just a concept, it’s a transformative experience that awaits you.

This immersive personalized approach gives you one-on-one practitioner healing experiences plus added group education and implementation of many powerful healing modalities so you can delve deeper into your core. You will learn how to monitor and navigate your physical sensations, sleep patterns, heart rate fluctuations, diet, stress metrics and so much more. 

Discover our comprehensive Mind–Body–Spirit Transformation Program, designed to propel you towards efficient processing of your ketamine experiences so that you can benefit from the lasting and sustainable healing that is possible with the right approach.

Sharon’s healing transformation happened in her Mind–Body–Spirit Transformation Program and took her on a soul-stirring quest to connect with her dearly departed mother. As they delved deep into the realms of the metaphysical, Sharon’s mother revealed the mysteries of her birth and the secrets of the afterlife, bestowing Sharon with newfound perspective, understanding, and healing. This extraordinary experience not only gifted Sharon with closure, but allowed her mind to breathe freely. It allowed her mind and body to finally heal – embracing the idea that there is indeed a greater power and an existence transcending our tangible reality – a grand, omnipotent force at play that we have influence over. We can use that inner wisdom and power for our own healing because our true healing comes from within us. Sharon finally experienced the healing she was looking for, and you can too.

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