From TV News Anchor to Chief Health Coach: A Journey of Transformation

By Ann Hutyra, MHH Lead Biological Health Coach, CGP, IIN, MHHCP Health Coach

Being a coach practitioner for Modern Holistic Health for the past 5 years has been an amazing journey. The transformations we’ve seen with our clients around the world have truly been nothing short of awe-inspiring and most amazing!  

But I didn’t start out as the coach practitioner I am today. I want to share some of my story with you with the hope that you are inspired to take your own journey and use it to help others.  

I originally met Dr. V ten years ago as part of a doctor-patient relationship. I was very sick at the time, and she helped guide me back to optimal health. During our first visit I connected with Dr. V, really feeling her passion, her heart, and her desire to truly help me figure out the root causes of my symptoms. 

During that first visit, she listened to my struggles, asked several questions about my history and lifestyle, and then shared her approach to healing that she wanted to use with me. Her recommendations to do some testing that my medical doctors had not done made sense to me. She went on to explain how chronic disease typically starts 10 years before a diagnosis and that she anticipated a time frame of around 12 months to resolve my chronic health issues once and for all. Her explanations made sense to me and seemed reasonable, so I decided to move forward with Dr. V’s recommendations. 

I got my labs ordered and at that first visit Dr. V started me on a radical change to my diet and I scheduled my next visit for a month later to review the results of my labs. We later discovered from my labs that the food changes she recommended were spot on! I was not only showing sensitivities to gluten in my labs, but my genetic testing showed a propensity towards gluten sensitivities and my comprehensive blood work showed a pattern of autoimmune activity against my thyroid (known as Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease). 

During my healing journey with Dr. V, she spent much time educating me, not just telling me what to do and what supplements to take. She wanted to make sure I truly understood how my body and mind worked so that I could be empowered to take radical responsibility for my own healing and get the results I truly wanted.  

She said she was my mentor, not my healer, and that I was the one who would heal myself. While I had not been exposed to this perspective in the past, I felt empowered by her desire to educate me on how to heal myself and so our journey in my healing began together. 

My healing journey was an amazing and transformative one and it didn’t just transform my body and mind, it gave me a new sense of direction and a new passion to help others in the same way Dr. V helped me. Once I regained my health, I decided to leave my 15-year career as a news anchor for a major news network and changed careers to get into health coaching so that I could share what I learned during my healing process and inspire others to heal themselves.

I received several health coaching certifications on my own but still knew I was missing some vital pieces to get the clinical outcomes I wanted for my clients. I learned about the opportunity to mentor and train with Dr. V, learning her evidence-based clinical approaches and protocols. The knowledge I gained from her helped me take my coaching to the next level and allowed me to start teaching my clients how to find the root causes of their symptoms, as opposed to just managing through diet and lifestyle.

Being able to see my clients actually heal long-term diseases in their bodies is truly amazing! 

Dr. V taught me how to approach complex client cases with an open mind, know what labs to order, and taught me how to put together the lab findings, detailed timeline history, and assessments, and then build simple, effective, and affordable protocols and strategies to address my client’s needs to get them the results they were looking for.

I was later granted the opportunity to join Dr. V’s team and now serve as her Chief Biological Health Coach Practitioner, which is truly a dream job for me! Dr. V has taught me how to help a client uncover ALL of their root causes of poor health, not just the root causes we see on lab work – but also mental and emotional root causes, and how to connect all of those dots to address the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. V and the MHH team are incredibly passionate about their work and are genuinely invested in helping as many people as possible. The MHH team has such a wealth of knowledge in business, personal growth, and clinical approaches that work and they love sharing their knowledge with those who want to learn.

The MHH Practitioners Conference truly has the BEST clinical and business experts who will help you take your clients, business, and personal transformation to the next level! 

And the best part, if YOU want to learn how to become a health coach or if you are already a practitioner and want to learn our evidence-based approaches and how to use our clinically formulated supplement protocols, you can come to the conference too! 

If you’re inspired to help others, come join our community!

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