The Mind Body Energy Program

Don't stay stuck in a never-ending cycle of illness.

Get your health and your life back by addressing the #1 most overlooked root cause of chronic illness and mental health disorders.

Finally, a solution that works for you.

The most compelling and one-of-a-kind healing program in the world.

Dr. V's Mind | Body | Energy Healing Program

Live the life you deserve by healing your body and mind.

If you’ve tried everything else, even holistic approaches, and you are still sick…

…You likely have emotions and trauma stored in your body that are your deepest root causes.

It’s not your fault, it’s not in your head, and you are certainly NOT broken…
I have data-driven answers and proven solutions that work.

How does our

Mind | Body | Energy Healing Program

help you?

Our VIP Healing Program provides the most comprehensive and methodical healing approach in the world.

Our clients around the world are experiencing the life-changing transformative restoration of their minds and bodies.

Now you can have your healing transformation too!

“I had some difficult problems that various doctors were unable to help with and found that Modern Holistic Health had put together the only truly comprehensive and systematic holistic program available.

Dr. V and the Modern Holistic Health team are the best for those with chronic health conditions that other practitioners are unable to help with.”

– William R., September 2022

Our comprehensive tools used in our Mind-Body-Energy Healing Program are backed by more than 30 years of scientific research and over 3 decades of clinical studies and practitioner use.

Our comprehensive approach works because it uncovers and addresses ALL of your root causes...

No other program can uncover and address your all your root causes so quickly.

“Thank you, Dr. V, for your amazing program, and thanks to all the staff at MHH. I thank God for the miracle that happened! I have my son back and he can move on with his life now!”

– SK, September 2022

Identify energetic distortions related to emotions and beliefs and past shocks and traumas that are impacting both physical and emotional health.

Identify energy blockages in your body’s cell, tissue, and organ systems that are making you sick and unable to heal.

Detect metabolic distortions, nutrient absorption issues, and food sensitivities.

Detect damage to the body-field related to environmental factors like toxins, EMFs, and viruses.

Assess your body-field’s resiliency and ability to handle environmental trauma impact when present.

“I learned from Dr. V that my beliefs, thoughts, and emotions were one of the BIG root causes of chronic illness and the inability to heal!

I feel extremely blessed to work with such an amazing team of mentors and practitioners. I am soooo grateful to have you all in my life!

Dr. V truly delivers on all fronts: knowledge, compassion, support, and value. Thank you, Dr. V, for bringing Modern Holistic Health to the world!!

– Susan L., September 2022

HEAL and FEEL your absolute best.

Uncover and address ALL the root causes of your sickness, anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, sleep issues, autoimmune conditions, and so much more …

Mind | Body | Energy Healing VIP Program Member

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Dr. V’s
Mind | Body | Energy Healing Program

$379 / month

Feel your absolute best by finally uncovering and addressing ALL the root causes of your chronic symptoms, illness, or mental health conditions.

“Thank you, Dr. V and the team of knowledgeable Health Coaches at Modern Holistic Health, for your mission and genuine dedication to offering a clear path to overcome barriers of healing and restoring good health.

My symptoms which I had rated at an 8 (out of a 10) are now zero! I am experiencing measurable results and enjoying an overall sense of well-being both physically and mentally.”

– Lois, August 2022

Inside Dr. V's Mind | Body | Energy Healing Program

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Mind | Body | Energy Healing Program

$379 / Month

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How the VIP Member Mind | Body | Energy program works...

Step 1
Once you sign up, you will complete your health intake form and advanced assessment tests. Once your intake is submitted, we will send you a link with simple instructions to complete your first BioEnergetic Test Scan.

Step 2
Your Mind – Body – Energy Practitioner will create your plan and recommendations based on your test results and email your report, recommendations, and protocols, along with your custom meditations, dietary, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations.

Step 3
You will receive your email invitation to schedule your VIP member healing and mentoring sessions with your Mind-Body-Energy practitioners.

Step 4
You will retest with your BioEnergetic Test Scans Monthly and your Advanced Assessments quarterly and get ongoing monthly healing sessions and support with your practitioners, as well as monthly updates to your protocols and recommendations to track your unique needs so you can always feel your best.

$379 / Month

“Modern Holistic Health has changed my world and given me hope! I am not broken! Words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for Dr. V and everyone who is helping me at Modern Holistic Health!”

– Gina C., August 2022

Who this program is for:

If you are looking for the root causes of your chronic health conditions or symptoms and want to learn how to address your root causes with our data-driven approaches and learn how to use our protocols and our approaches to heal yourself naturally, this program is for you.

If you are desiring to learn tools and modalities that are effective for eliminating ‘stuck’ emotions, negative thought patterns, and ‘stuck’ trauma, and how to rewire your neurology for healing, this program is for you.

If you are also wanting to learn how to find and address physical root causes of your illness like environmental toxins, toxic mold, etc., and how to track your own progress using labs when needed this program is for you.

If you are looking for a community to heal with, and coaches who are compassionate, and knowledgeable, this program is for you.
If you are ready to commit to your healing and transformation, this program is for you!

Who this Program is not for:

If you are in acute trauma and need immediate medical care of a physician or psychiatrist for anything that feels life-threatening to you, this program is not for you. PLEASE get medical help right away. Once you are in a more stable place mentally, we will be better equipped to help you continue your healing.

If you are not able to participate in our healing community with others and not able to take action on our recommendations then this program is not for you at this time.

Answer: Chronic illness and disease typically begin manifesting as mild symptoms that just won’t go away. When the root cause of the symptoms are not addressed, the issue often gets worse until the systemic engines in the body no longer function properly. Once this happens, the dysfunction of the organ or system in the body can often be detected in labs and a diagnosis is presented to the patient, along with a recommendation for a prescription or surgery.  

Two problems with this approach of prescriptions and surgery are: 
1. Nothing was done to correct the issues when you only had symptoms. This reactive approach leads people into a state of long-term suffering, both physically and mentally, because the issue was not taken care of early enough. 
2. Western medicine suggests there are no cures for many chronic illnesses (which is not true), like autoimmune diseases for example. Instead patients are subjected to a protocol of prescription medication. These are not designed to cure anything. They only address symptoms (while the underlying issue continues to worsen). This approach creates CHRONIC ILLNESS AND DISEASE – meaning that the person ends up suffering needlessly for many years without answers and solutions. 
Chronic = you have had the issue a year or longer
· Chronic fatigue
· Joint pain
· Various types of arthritis
· Body pain
· Skin disorders like Eczema or Psoriasis
· Inability to lose or gain weight
· Type 1 and 2 Diabetes
· Hashimoto’s Disease
· IBS or other Gut issues
· Headaches
· Hormonal imbalances
· Lyme disease
· Sleep and Insomnia
· Autoimmune diseases like Celiac, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s, Type 1 Diabetes, Psoriatic arthritis
· Neurodegenerative (brain-based) conditions and diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
· and others… 


Answer: Much like chronic illness and disease, mental health conditions typically start out as mild symptoms that over time, seem to occur more often and then one day you notice that your symptoms (like anxiety, brain fog, depression, etc.) just won’t go away. 

When the root cause of the symptoms are not addressed, the issue often gets worse until the brain no longer functions properly. Once this happens, the dysfunction of the neurological system (the brain) is so imbalanced that it causes great suffering. Again, usually the first and only option for ‘treatment’ given by Western medical doctors is a prescription for medication. 

While medications may ease symptoms temporarily, they never fix the root cause of brain chemistry imbalances and related mental health struggles. Sometimes, medications worsen symptoms dangerously and they may create an entire host of new symptoms like fatigue, malaise, weight gain, sleep issues, brain fog, loss of libido, loss of motivation, etc.   

· Brain fog
· Decrease in memory (forgetting keys, where you left your phone, what you had for lunch, etc — it’s NOT your age!)
· Anxiety
· Depression
· Suicide ideation
· Mood swings (bipolar)
· Aggression/agitation
· Memory loss
· Strong ‘”negative’ emotions that get a hold of you and affect your ability to have peace, and joy (like anger, shame, grief, fear)
· Negative self talk that is affecting your daily life
· Defiance disorders
· Dementia
· OCD (obsessive/compulsive disorder
· Autism
· Schizophrenia
· Panic attacks

Answer: It depends on the severity and type of symptoms you are experiencing, as well as how many root causes you are dealing with.  However, most people will notice some improvement in the first 60 – 90 days with more measurable improvements after that.  When someone has been suffering for years it’s important to understand that it took years for them to get to that point and it can take some time to eliminate the root causes so the body can start healing itself and feeling better. 

Answer: The BioEnergetic Test Scans assess and correct the body’s energy and communication systems to take a deep look into many of the body’s “Systemic Engines” from the brain, to the other organ systems, to the emotional systems, gut, and even the immune system. The emerging field of bioenergetics provides new solutions for the study, detection and correction of energy in living systems. Collectively, these systems are called the human body-field, which acts as a control system for the body’s physical activity. What does this mean for you? The BioEnergetics scanning software is able to detect any underlying distortions in the human body-field.    

Answer: The discounted offer on the MIND-BODY-ENERGY HEALING PROGRAM is an annual commitment. We have a payment plan that allows people to break up the annual cost into monthly payments. The reason why we don’t allow cancellations at any time is that there is a large upfront cost for us to review your history, provide you with your tests, review the tests and create your reports, provide our practitioner led mentoring and mastery sessions, and design your custom recommendations and protocols for you. This is all done in the first couple of months, and rather than making you pay these expenses up front, we finance them over the year.

However, there are, of course, exceptions for anyone who has a change in their health or situation making it no longer medically sound to continue. If this occurs, then we would either stop the monthly payments or prorate the yearly payment for the balance at the time one cancels.

Answer: The Advanced Assessment Tests give accurate insight into different systems of the body and how they are being affected. Our VIP Program members retake these tests every 4 months to track their progress. 

The Advanced Metabolic Assessment Test: Looks into all the “Systemic Engines” in the body to assess which organ systems may not be working properly. From the thyroid, to the digestive system, to the kidneys, liver, hormones, and the immune system, the Advanced Metabolic Assessment tests looks for patterns of dysfunction, inflammation, infections, mitochondrial stress, cellular toxicity, leaky gut, malabsorption issues, hormone imbalances, and more, to give you insight into how severely your body is being affected by your root causes. 
The Advanced Brain Assessment Test: Similar to the Advanced Metabolic Assessment Test, the Advanced Brain Assessment Test looks for imbalances and inflammation in the brain, and it also looks for patterns of brain chemistry imbalances like serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and others. This test also shows which other organs that are associated directly with brain function, may also have patterns of dysfunction, like the gut for example, which has a direct link to brain chemistry and function. 
The Advanced Environmental Trauma Toxins Test: Uncovers patterns of environmental, chemical, heavy metal, and mold toxicity that could be root causes of your symptoms, conditions, or disease. This test is great to use together with our Total Toxins Urine Test that detects all of the environmental toxins to help uncover any and all root causes that could have made you sick and unable to heal. These tests are done every 3 months with our clients so they can measure their progress in their healing.

Answer: Yes, we work with children of all ages and recommend that children work directly one-on-one with our coaches and practitioners. With older children it is most important THEY want our help and are willing to get to know their practitioners. As parents, we always want the best for our kids, but if an older child (like a teenager) is unwilling and not interested in getting help from us, we ask that the parents wait until such time the child is ready and willing to get help to ensure the best outcome possible. 

Answer: By signing up now, you’ll be locking in your future payments at the discounted rate for at least the next year, so you won’t need to worry about the pricing going up year after year.  After your first year (over 90% of our clients decide to continue working with us) we’ll continue to give you the best discounted pricing we are offering at that time, so you don’t have to worry about the pricing increasing significantly even if it does increase.

Answer: We work with men, women, and children all over the world. For international clients, there are additional shipping charges for labs and supplements and the charges vary depending on which country you are in. Please note that we have no control over import customs & duty fees in your country and whether or not they will add on any ancillary fees. 

Answer: The discounted offer on the MIND-BODY-ENERGY HEALING PROGRAM is an annual commitment at the sale price of $1,668 for the year (normally $4,548/year). We have a payment plan that allows people to break up the annual cost into monthly payments. The reason why we don’t allow cancellations at any time is that there is a large upfront cost for us to review your history, provide you with your tests, review the tests and create your reports, provide our practitioner led mentoring and mastery sessions, and design your custom recommendations and protocols for you. This is all done in the first couple of months, and rather than making you pay these expenses up front, we finance them over the year.

Please note that practitioner services including the Bioenergetic scan tests, the assessment tests, any lab testings, consultations, and supplement or infoceutical supplements are non-refundable once you have used the services.

When it comes to health, we cannot provide a guarantee. However, we will be balancing your mind, body, and bioenergetic control systems and testing regularly, so as long as you’re following our protocol and instructions, we will see measurable results in the test results. Those results should have an effect on how you’re feeling. If your symptoms persist, however, and if they are more severe than what can be solved by eliminating all your root causes of your conditions, then we will recommend additional lab testing and a deeper dive to understand what’s causing your

Answer: In fact, a study showed those in the bottom ⅓ of expressing positive emotions have 50% less key immune cells.

1.) Recent study from UCSD showing the positive biological effects infoceuticals, which are used to correct Bioenergetic distortions.

2.) Published research on Quantum biology, informational medicine, and the technologies used in the bioenergetics testing and infoceuticals technology:

Answer: Over 90% of our clients have great results when they follow our recommendations. In fact, we not only have hundreds of case studies proving this, our own clients are taught to track their own data and create their own case studies!  And we have many testimonials from our clients every month. Click here to check out our testimonials page on our website

A message from

Dr. Elena Villanueva

First of all, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to find answers and solutions for yourself or your loved ones.

Being sick for years makes many want to give up on this life… I certainly have been there and I completely understand. There were no experts who had all the answers I needed, but with God’s guidance, my education, and my willingness to look outside the box, ten years later I have been able to experience a full recovery from my physical and mental illnesses that almost took my life.

It is by no accident that I am still here today and that my purpose here for the rest of my life is to now help others like you. It’s my biggest passion and is also shared by every single member of my team, who like me, once had some major struggles with their health as well.

My mission has been to create data-driven, reproducible approaches to healing chronic illness, both physical and mental, and do to it in the most affordable and simple way possible so that we can make the biggest positive impact we can for our brothers and sisters here on this planet. I believe we are all connected and that what we do carries an impact that ripples throughout the world.

My gift to you is to open your eyes to your God-given ability to heal yourself. To help you learn and reconnect to who you really are in mind, body, and in spirit, and to give you the answers and solutions that really work so that you can witness your own total and complete healing.

I, together with my team, am making a positive change in the world. We are here and excited to meet you and be a witness to your healing journey.

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