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At Modern Holistic Health, our coaches focus on finding the root cause of your problems. Our goal is to help you implement sustainable, long-term improvements to your health, providing you with long-lasting results.

Modern Holistic Health has a variety of different types of holistic and functional medicine doctors from different medical backgrounds including ND’s (naturopathic doctors), DCM (doctors of chinese medicine and acupuncture), DC’s (doctors of chiropractic medicine), as well as certified functional nutrition coaches.  Dr. V, the founder of Modern Holistic Health, has her medical degree in chiropractic medicine with extensive post doctoral training and focus on holistic and functional medicine, epigenetics, and functional nutrition. She is an educator on data driven, evidence based approaches to chronic conditions including lyme disease, autoimmune disease, and mental health, teaching about the potential root causes for  chronic disease.

At Modern Holistic Health, our doctors and coaches focus on the root cause of illness and teach clients how to remove the identified interferences and how to support the body so that it can heal.  Our business focuses on teaching and coaching individuals on how to resolve and support their conditions. 

The medical model of diagnosing and treating conditions is what the current medical model does.  The holistic or functional medical model, which is the model that Modern Holistic Health teaches, does not treat or diagnose  specific conditions, rather we look for root causes underneath why you are having your symptom, so that we can understand how to best address the underlying issues.

Labs are drop shipped to the shipping address you provided and can take around 5-7 days to be delivered. (If international, the shipping times can be longer).  It is very important that you follow the instructions that come with your lab(s). Get the labs completed as soon as you can. Results can take anywhere from 3- 4 weeks to complete depending on the lab type.

You will be notified by our office once your lab results have been sent to us.  Once your labs are in, you can schedule your “Review of Labs” appointment.  This appointment will be an hour in length where one of our coaches will review your labs with you and make recommendations based on your lab results.

Please upload your labs at

Only send labs that are within 6 months old.  Any labs older than 6 months old will not be uploaded to your file. BE SURE TO SEND THEM A LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED VISIT IN ORDER TO ENSURE THEY HAVE BEEN UPLOADED TO YOUR FILE BY THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.

We work as a “one team” approach. All our coaches are trained in holistic and functional medicine and all the coaches at Modern Holistic Health are certified in the MHH method that Dr. Villanueva teaches. All our coaches are passionate and devoted to our clients and they all work together on every case. So just book with the one that has the availability that matches what you are looking for in your schedule.

We can see people ALL over the world!  We use a secure platform called “Zoom”. This gives us the ability to have a private face-to-face conversation no matter where you are located. We ship labs directly to your doorstep, complete with a self-addressed return envelope. If we have recommended blood labs, we will create a requisition for you to go to your local Quest lab or phlebotomist for completion.  Our clients love the virtual model because they can have their appointments from anywhere.  From home, their office, and even their car!

Labs can range in price from a couple hundred dollars up to several thousand. Our coaches will always discuss with you lab options, and recommendations based on your history and what you are wanting help with.

Yes. There will be an additional charge to ship outside of the United States depending on where the labs are being shipped.

Our model of health is to uncover the root cause of conditions, no matter what they are.  We will use your history and your lab data (if labs are ordered) to look under the hood and understand what is attributing to your condition.

Unfortunately, the insurance model does not recognize this type of health care.  The current medical system that is under the coverage of health insurance is a ‘Diagnose and Treat’ model where the treatments typically consist of a pharmaceutical to cover the symptom, or surgery.  The holistic or functional model of health does not diagnose nor does it treat.  Therefore our model does not fall under insurance coverage.   However, in some instances based on your FSA / HSA account, costs may qualify for reimbursement.


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