Modern Holistic Health

The Modern Holistic Health Approach for Healing

The Modern Holistic Health Model is Proactive, Not Reactive

Unlike disease–focused medicine that relies on a ‘pill for an ill’ approach that only addresses symptoms (leaving the body to continue worsening in it’s diseased state), we take a systematic evidence-based approach to look deeper for the underlying causes of your body’s critical imbalances, incorporating the best diagnostic tools to assess, uncover, and remove any barriers that have prevented you from healing and we use your data to show you what you need to provide your body so you can correct the imbalances that are at the root cause of your illness or disease.

At Modern Holistic Health, Dr V and her coaches focus on finding the root cause of your chronic conditions or disease. Our goal is to help you implement sustainable, long-term improvements to your health, providing you with long-lasting results.


Find the root cause of your symptoms. Use our simple, online-booking form schedule a virtual appointment today.

Our Process

Step 1:

Schedule Your 1st Appointment

Schedule your health consultation with our Certified Modern Holistic Health Coaches.  At this appointment we want to get to know your story. We’ll get a detailed personal history from you to learn what could be causing your illness or health concern. During your first visit we will be able to recommend which labs would be best to do as a next step or we can get you started right away in your healing journey with one of our proprietary programs (that includes all of your labs, appointments, and even discounts on your supplements).  Most clients want to start on their healing now and we can help you get started right away.

We have several options with various programs that focus on different needs and wants ranging from detox focused programs where you can track your progress with your labs over the course of 12 months, to comprehensive 6 & 12 month programs that include ALL your labs and follow up labs over the course of your program, along with a TEAM of dedicated coaches who work with you to guide and teach you how to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

We also have one-of-a-kind programs focused on trauma and emotional healing that includes data tracking to monitor your progress, and a team of experts who work one-on-one with you to guide you through your healing journey.

Your healing journey starts with YOU!  We don’t just send you home with a list of supplements to take and dietary restrictions.  Instead we TEACH YOU all the ins and outs of your unique self, and we empower you to understand how your mind, body, and spirit work in synchronicity and how you can address all of you to heal sustainably and for your best outcomes.


Step 2:

Start Your Healing Journey

Cutting edge technology, specialized functional labs, mastery of the most advanced tools and modalities used in healing are just the start of what you get when you are participating in one of our proprietary healing programs.  In addition, our programs are designed where you have TEAM of experts collaborating together for you in our turn-key proprietary healing programs.  From biological coaching to lifestyle, nutrition, and epigenetic coaching, with our programs you get a deep dive into your health journey unlike any other program available.

In addition, we have an entire team of mindset, neurological repatterning, somatic experiencing, trauma, and emotional release coaches that also work with our clients either in a dedicated program or together with the rest of the clinicians to truly give you every opportunity to heal.  Research shows that people who have experienced trauma or unresolved emotions ultimately end up with chronic disease.  EVERYONE has trauma. So it makes sense that our clients have so much success with our added attention to also understanding how trauma and unprocessed emotions can also be a major underlying cause of chronic illness and the inability to heal.

You will not go through your healing journey alone!  Not only will you have your team of expert coaches and clinicians to inspire, guide, and teach you, you will have a community of others who are also in their healing journey and they are ready to welcome you and support you just as they have all supported and inspired one another in their healing journeys.  Just like them, you will also learn how to put your protocols together, how to modify them based on your progress or unique lab results, how to modify your protocol based on your unique needs and lifestyle, and how to use foods in your journey of healing (because you can’t out supplement the wrong food plan)!  You will not be told what to do, you will learn and understand your own operations manual for healing, health, and optimization.

You’ll learn what to do for every step in your healing journey so you can heal and have sustainable health for your future.

Step 3:

Sustain and Optimize

This is provided for our clients who have gone through our healing programs and recovered their health and who are now focused on anti-aging, biohacking, and regenerative medicine approaches to optimize their bodies and their minds.  We work with our clients to custom develop their long term plan (based on their genetic data, other labs, and lifestyle desires) to optimize their health.

This is where our clients get to enjoy and experience how they can optimize their mind and their body.  They learn how to upgrade their body’s performance, reverse aging, rejuvenate their body’s stamina and vitality, and prevent disease. Annual labs, wellness visits, and masterclasses and live teaching events are included for our clients in our optimization programs.

Be available for the Self-Love it will take for you to heal yourself. It may be the first time you’ve ever put yourself first and it will be the best return in investment you will ever make.


To be proactive

To step into new perspectives

To devote time to your healing process

To heal yourself in mind, body, spirit

To have an amazing coaching team ready and passionate to help you

To have a global community who is ready to support you


To allow space for learning self-love

To put yourself first so you can finally heal and have your life back

To prioritize your health

To be coachable

To move through any discomfort and stay the course to attain the results you want.

To heal fully in mind, body, and spirit


Your healing journey will not be linear.  Stay the course

Be patient with yourself

Be available to heal your trauma and unresolved emotions

Show up for yourself

Give your body, mind, and spirit the time it needs to heal

You’re here because you’re ready, so get started today! Book with us now!


Heal Naturally.

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