Testing & Analysis

Find The Root Cause Of Your Symptoms

Laboratory testing is a useful aspect that allows us to see a snapshot of your body’s health. By running in depth tests of your body’s systems we’re then able to determine a plan of action on how to best address your condition through holistic health.

Testing Helps Determine The Best Holistic Approach To Improve Your Health

Running proper laboratory tests will allow Dr. V and her team of health coaches better determine the course of action and inform of the best holistic health strategies to follow regarding your condition. Contact us for a virtual appointment to talk more about your condition and determine which laboratory tests are best for you.

Blood Chemistry Testing & Analysis

A blood chemistry test measures a variety of substances (fats, proteins, sugars, and enzymes) in the body to ensure that they are properly leveled out. These tests inform us about how well your body’s organs are doing and what to do to better address them. Blood chemistry tests are useful in determining underlying causes of conditions as well as maintaining an accurate gauge of how these conditions react before, during, and after personalized programs.

Hormone Testing & Analysis

Maintaining an accurate level of hormones in the body is an essential part of good health. There are a variety of hormone tests that are available for us to correctly analyze these levels and identify how to best tailor our approach to your health.

Neurotransmitter Testing & Analysis

Neurotransmitters are essential in transporting information to the nervous system and allowing the nerves in the body to communicate with each other. Imbalances in stimulation can occur in the body and result in certain neurological or psychological symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, or insomnia. Genetic, environmental, and nutritional deficiencies are just a few of the many factors that could affect the production of neurotransmitters.

Genetic Testing & Analysis

Genetic testing identifies changes in chromosomes and can be used to determine any genetic conditions that a person is experiencing. There are a wide variety of genetic tests, but they all provide helpful information for the Modern Holistic Health team to determine what conditions your body is experiencing and how to best approach them.

Stool Testing & Analysis

An analysis of your stool (feces) is a helpful way of testing any conditions that you could be experiencing in your digestive tract, with your immune system, and even with your brain chemistry. The stool sample is collected through a lab where a series of microscopic tests are done while observing color and consistency, as well as the amount of substances from your body that may determine if a condition is a result of gut bacteria.


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