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When you decide to work with our team at Modern Holistic Health, you will get access to everything we have collectively learned from the world’s leading experts —Protocols that we have used successfully on hundreds of clients around the world using our data driven approach of finding and addressing the root cause of your condition.

Biological Coaching

Repatterning Therapy

Our Health Coaches

We use a holistic approach based on the individual’s biological and genetic data to identify the root cause of problems with precision, analyzing symptoms and then designing a custom health and recovery program based on each patient’s individual genetic makeup, chemistry, and lifestyle.

Dr V Lab Coat
Dr. Elena Villanueva, DC – “Dr. V”

Chief Integrative Health Coach and Brain Health Specialist

Torrie Thompson
Dr. Torrie Thompson, DC

Lead Integrative Health Coach and Lymes Specialist

Stacey Loop
Stacey Loop

Trauma and Stress Release Breath Work Practitioner and Nutrition Coach

Rosita Alvarez
Rosita Alvarez

Personal Development and Brain Optimization Coach

Ann Hutyra in floral dress
Ann Hutyra

Integrative Health Coach

Dr. Ashley Beckman, DAOM

Lead Integrative Health Coach

Kimberly Ross
Kimberly Ross

Certified Integrative Health Coach

Why Choose Modern Holistic Health

As an expert in functional diagnostic nutrition and functional holistic medicine, we get results by:

  • Focusing on optimizing whole health (not just on managing symptoms).
  • Running lab tests to identify healing opportunities (not just guessing).
  • Working in a systematic way (in order of importance – based on your lab results)
  • Educating you on lifestyle modifications (not just medication, supplements, or food restrictions).
  • Self-empowering you to lead a healthy life (not just giving you advice).

We maintain connections with the world’s leading experts in the holistic health space and will work in partnership with these experts as needed. We are always open to work with your medical practitioner as an advocate for you, and help you get the essential medical treatment you may require.