Managing and Recognizing Stress

Some say living with some amount of stress and anxiety can be healthy – pushing us to reach our goals and do our best. But, how do you know when your stress and anxiety reach a point where they are negatively affecting your health, job performance, and/or general quality of life? Here are some questions to ask yourself…

–       Does it affect your health? Do you feel prone to sickness? Sleep poorly? Are you      drinking more than usual? Do you frequently feel tired or just generally unwell?

–       Have your family and friends told you that you’re just not yourself?

–       Do you have difficulty concentrating and staying with just one task?

–       Is the stress causing problems in how well you perform your job or function daily?  Does it     make it difficult to concentrate?

–       Do your family, friends and even co-workers feel the same way?

–       Does the stress and anxiety affect your relationships at home? Does it cause you to pick fights over little things with loved ones? Do you avoid friends and being social?

These can all be signs of an unhealthy amount of stress. Leaving stress and anxiety untreated can lead to high blood pressure, frequent bouts of anger, and depression.

What to do about stress ….

Practice gratitude. You can even invest in the Five Minute Journal to keep you on track.  Items like the Five Minute Journal assist you in practicing gratitude from the moment you wake up in the morning to the time your head hits the pillow. Starting your day feeling thankful and ending your day thinking about positive things that happened to you or that you’re generally grateful for – can help with release tension from the body.

Practicing meditation and deep breathing exercises are also helpful as it allows you to calm your entire body, mind, and spirit. Work to live in the present, be grateful what you have today, and let go about worries about the future. Get physical – yoga is a great practice to center the mind, body, and spirit and to release anxiety and tension.

Be aware of your surroundings – try to reduce clutter in your workspace so it doesn’t become a trigger for stress and anxiety. Be sure to take breaks as frequently as you can at work. Get up to stretch, take a short walk, or simply take a break from your computer or phone several times a day.

Don’t be afraid to disconnect and take breaks from your phone and social media – including the news. Don’t be afraid to have a weekend of “digital detox” and go hiking, plant a fall and winter garden, or just enjoy quality time with friends, family, or just reading a book.  You can go to a play, a movie, the orchestra – live YOUR life.

And, of course, we’re always here. Helping our patients cope with stress and anxiety is one of our many specialties at Modern Holistic Health. Through supplements, nutrition plans, exercise plans, and just overall wellness – we can restore your body back into balance and support you in reducing your tension and the health problems that go along with it. Even for those outside of the Austin area, we can offer virtual consultations and more.

As the holidays approach, please be mindful of how you feel and don’t be afraid to step away from the frenzy and always take time for yourself. Breathe.

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