Brain Health Restored Naturally

A Holistic Approach to Brain Health

Our health coaches specialize in personalized healing plans to help restore brain health naturally. There are more than 600 recognized disorders and diseases that impact the brain. Some of these neurological conditions include headaches, migraines, epilepsy, stroke, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and memory issues such as dementia.

Living with a Neurological Condition

Neurological conditions can impact individuals of all ages, and most of these conditions are chronic or lifelong. Since symptoms of some serious neurological conditions often develop gradually or are mistakenly identified as indicators of less serious conditions, accurate diagnoses are sometimes delayed.

Although many neurological conditions require medication, using medication in conjunction with a holistic approach often enables people to live a longer, fuller life. Nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones of any holistic approach, and they are especially important for people with neurological conditions.

Work with Our Team to Restore Your Brain Health

Adopting a holistic approach in the management of neurological conditions may enable clients to experience fewer limitations due to their condition and to slow the progression of their disease. With Modern Health, our holistic approach allows the client and his or her family to manage a neurological condition in a proactive manner. This may result in the need for less medication and give clients more quality time with fewer debilitating symptoms.

Modern Health Tests and Analysis to Improve Brain Health Naturally

A variety of tests exist for neurological conditions. Our choice of which tests to use depends on the suspected cause of the symptoms. We can do a complete workup including a full medical history, complete physical and neurological exams, and blood tests.

Make an appointment with Dr. Villanueva and her team of health coaches for a natural healing approach to brain health.


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