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Dr. Elena Villanueva and Modern Holistic Health
Dr. Elena Villanueva is an international speaker, health influencer, & co-author of The Longevity Code. She teaches evidence based approaches for finding & treating the underlying causes of chronic illness & brain related conditions. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality & the integration of the mind/body/spirit.

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Elena is the producer and host of the Mental Health MasterclassInflammation MasterclassMastering Trauma MasterclassThe Leaky Brain SummitYour Brain & Mental Health: What They Aren’t Telling Youand the all new Beyond The Pill Masterclass, plus the TribeTalk Podcast. Find information on these topics and more relevant to your health and holistic healing at

The Truth About Trauma (And Why You Should Care)

With the global events that have transpired over 2020 and 2021, many of us have become more aware of the stress and dis-ease in our bodies and in our lives. As a result, many of us have resolved to live better.

To begin, we are shedding old habits and beliefs that we didn’t realize were keeping us on the same road, not allowing us to have better results for whatever we were trying to achieve. Some of our old habits and belief systems got shaken to the core when lockdowns started. For many of us, it was enough to wake us up to see possibilities for better lives for us, while for others it created more fear and struggle.

My husband and I read an article the other day talking about how thousands of people are not returning back to work, even if their company is protecting their medical rights to not force vaccinations. They are not returning because they finally had their patterns interrupted (during the lockdowns). They were finally able to see other possibilities that provided them with what many of them have always wanted – more time with their children, the ability to work from home, to be able to travel with their families and still get some work done. If we learn to look at new possibilities, lives CAN and DO transform into what WE want them to be.

The Amygdala Hijack

How we’ve lost control of our minds.

What do you mean, “My mental and physical health are being hijacked? Am I not in control of my own mind? If not, who is in the driver’s seat?!”

As you ask yourself these questions, I invite you to seek to understand what is happening in the brain neurology when you have experiences that create feelings and emotions of being unsafe, threatened, fearful, or negative in any way, and how you can create awareness and manage both the health of your body and your mind for healing and optimization that is sustainable and long-lasting

How Your Brain Gets Hijacked

Under ordinary circumstances, your brain divides thoughts and emotions between two areas of the brain. The frontal lobe is in charge of reasoning, personality, judgment, awareness, and habits, such as monitoring and inhibiting your behavior, expressing your emotions, and being mentally flexible and able to create an array of many possibilities and outcomes for any experience.

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#71 Moving Beyond the Label of Mental Illness to Mental Wellness with Dr. Christina Bjorndal

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In this episode of TribeTalk, Dr. V and Ann talk with Dr. Christina Bjorndal. Dr. Chris is an authority in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and eating disorders, after having overcome many mental health challenges herself. You’ll learn about the four aspects of health that are important to address when dealing with mental health challenges.

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#79 Using Essential Oils to Boost the Body With Jodi Sternoff Cohen

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Did you know essential oils could be used to manage stress, calm your nervous system, promote healthy sleep, and even ease anxiety and depression? In this episode of TribeTalk, Dr. V and Ann talk with Jodi Cohen about ways to use essential oils in everyday living. Learn more about how you can easily add essential oils to your daily routine, and about Jodi’s new book that can get you started on regaining control of your health.

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#83 The Importance of Light In Regulating Body Function with Ari Whitten

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Listen in as Ari Whitten discusses light regulation for the body. Learn the science, and tips and tricks on what you can do in regulating body function.

Ari is the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy: How to Use Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy for Anti-Aging, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Performance Enhancement, and Brain Optimization”.

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Resolving Trauma Leads to Better Healing Outcomes

When you hear the word trauma, what comes to mind? Many people classify trauma as abuse of some sort – whether that’s physical abuse, sexual abuse, or intense emotional abuse brought on by another person. But what if I told you there are many other things that could be classified as ‘abuse’ that causes trauma to the body – things like chemical toxin exposures, eating toxic foods long term, being stuck in a negative mindset, even the words we say to ourselves in our inner dialogue, all of these things can cause trauma.

Last month we released our much anticipated Mastering Trauma Masterclass, a five part video series where we dove deep into the underlying root causes of trauma in the body, and how this trauma can become trapped in our cells, over time manifesting as physical symptoms and even disease. In our masterclass, we touched on the five major underlying root causes of chronic disease, mental health disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases. Those root causes that we have narrowed down after working with thousands of clients, are foods, environmental toxins like chemicals, heavy metals and even EMFs, MycoToxins or toxic mold exposure, infections and leaky gut, and the final root cause being trauma, unprocessed emotions and mindset.

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Suspect you may have trauma but aren’t sure?

Over 67% of all adults have unresolved trauma, often from early life stress, without even realizing it.

And this trauma impacts everything from chronic fatigue, anxiety, and burnout to relationship problems and financial woes.

What’s incredible though, is that the psychological, neurological, and biochemical impact of trauma can be reversed entirely — allowing you to heal and thrive in ways you perhaps never believed possible.

That’s why we’re so excited to invite you to the Trauma Super Conference, a very special FREE online event happening December 3-9, 2021.

During this one-of-a-kind event, 70+ internationally trusted trauma experts (including Dr. Elena Villanueva) will explore the far-reaching impacts trauma can have, share tools and strategies to help support healing, go deeper into relational trauma, and identify how to work with trauma and the body.

Save your FREE seat right here!

Don’t Let Toxic Detergent Ruin this Rebrand!

Each month, my coaching team and I want to share with you one or more products we love and trust – because of the safety and ‘clean’ ingredients they have, how well they work, and because it supports small business… and we want to make it easy for you to find great products and support the amazing people and families who are behind them.

It’s so easy to buy on Amazon, yes I get that, but did you know that Amazon takes away everything that makes a small business amazing and sustainable? And not only that, they are now controlling what you have the ability to purchase, and what the pricing is, leaving small businesses with their hands tied behind their back, at the mercy of Amazon.

Each month, as we promote our favorite product of the month for you, we are going to create a resource list that you can refer back to so that when you want to make a purchase you will have easy and quick access to find what you need! If YOU find a great product that you want to share with us, let us know so that we can look into it and share it with our tribe – YOUR tribe!

For this relaunch, we found out that our favorite laundry cleaning product, My Green Fills, is rebranding, with a name change to ‘Truly Free’ and they are having a HUGE sale on their previous label. So this was a no-brainer for us to promote this for you because if you haven’t yet tried their laundry detergent, and other laundry products (which you will love, by the way!), now you can try them at a huge discount. Truly Free uses safe ingredients like natural milled salts, highly refreshing plant-based compounds, and 5 heavenly essential oils in their natural formula!

I use both their scented and unscented products and love them both. When I use their unscented detergent, I add lavender essential oil to it because I love that fresh smell in my clean laundry. The other thing I love is that you can subscribe to their monthly automatic reorder so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to order more, or risk running out. So it’s super convenient.

Click here to get your first order! 150 FREE Loads Of Non-Toxic Laundry Wash from Truly Free! This is your #1 chance to ditch toxic store-bought detergents that contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Phosphates, and Formaldehyde. (Little known fact… Formaldehyde “hides” using many different names like “Formic aldehyde”)

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