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Dr. Elena Villanueva is an international speaker, health influencer, and co-author of The Longevity Code. She teaches evidence based approaches for finding & treating the underlying causes of chronic illness & brain related conditions. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality and the integration of the mind/body/spirit.

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Elena is the producer and host of the Mental Health MasterclassInflammation MasterclassMastering Trauma MasterclassThe Leaky Brain SummitYour Brain & Mental Health: What They Aren’t Telling Youand the all new Beyond The Pill Masterclass, plus the TribeTalk Podcast. Find information on these topics and more relevant to your health and holistic healing at ModernHolisticHealth.com.

Is your olive oil really healthy for you?

When was the last time you used olive oil and could actually feel your body thanking you?

Yes, olive oil is healthy but only when you get REAL, FRESH, and UNTAINTED olive oil. And trust me, most people have no idea what real, fresh-pressed, nutrient-dense olive oil even tastes like. It’s not just a true culinary experience, your body can FEEL the difference.

EVOO: More Than a Trend

EVOO isn’t just a fashionable ingredient; it can be a key contributor to wellness, recognized by Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic for its remarkable health benefits. It’s a staple in the Mediterranean diet, known for promoting longevity and fitting perfectly into paleo and keto diets due to its delicious, zero-carb profile.

A Closer Look at Health Benefits

Did you know that EVOO can be a game-changer for your heart health? It’s proven to lower bad cholesterol, significantly cutting the risk of heart disease and stroke. But the benefits don’t stop there. EVOO plays a role in cancer prevention, particularly in combating breast, prostate, and colon cancers.

For anyone struggling with joint pain or arthritis, EVOO can be a blessing. Its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief without the side effects often associated with medication.

And let’s talk about brain health — studies, including one from Temple University, have shown EVOO’s effectiveness in protecting the brain, enhancing memory, and reducing the risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Beyond these, EVOO lowers blood pressure, aids in diabetes prevention, and improves bone health by enhancing calcium absorption. Its rich content of antioxidants and polyphenols also helps regulate your immune system, boost energy, balance hormones, and improve skin health.

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Born Toxic: The Rise of Toxicity in Infants

by Ann Hutyra, MHH Lead Biological Health Coach, CGP, IIN, MHHCP Health Coach

As more and more chemicals find their way into our food and water supplies, body care products, and everyday use items – it’s becoming harder to live a toxin-free life. But what about babies in the womb who can’t read a label or make sure they’re eating clean food? It becomes the mother’s burden to make sure everything she uses, from body care to cleaning supplies, and all the food she eats, is clean and toxin-free – which is quite an undertaking!

The latest studies from the Environmental Working Group show the average baby is now born with more than 200 toxins in their body! Several similar studies were conducted by the EWG over the past two decades, all showing very similar results – babies born today typically have a very high toxin load.

At Modern Holistic Health, we recently started working with a one-year-old client. Her mother came to us when she couldn’t find help to figure out her baby’s issues. Although the baby girl was happy and seemed to be healthy, every time she tried to introduce solid food into the baby’s diet, the baby would have blood in the stool. This can be very alarming for an adult to experience, much less have your one-year-old exhibiting these symptoms. So the baby’s diet consisted only of breastmilk.

After our initial visit with the girl’s mother, we ordered a whole host of labs and what we found was surprising. As you can see on the lab results below, not only did the baby have very high amounts of toxic mold in her body, but she also had multiple heavy metals and chemical toxins. The family admitted that they recently found mold in their home and were working to have that remediated, but where did the other harsh chemicals and toxins come from?

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Kim shares her win: “Keep at it… Your body will heal itself”

I just wanted to post a HUGE WIN! I have had psoriatic arthritis for 12 years, been taking 2 kinds of medicines and yesterday my doctor told me to stop taking 1 of them!

She said that the pain markers look improved on my labs and that I can just keep an eye on what is happening to my body, and if I notice anything happening to call her and she will order some tests to see how the levels really are… I will keep an eye on it as long as they want me to… But 1 medicine down!

YAY! Keep at it everyone… Your body will heal itself.

Thank you so much Dr. V and MHH and everyone involved! Because of you this is possible and I know it will be long term not short term! I am so excited to see what my body does next!


                                                                                                                                                   Kim G., January 2024

Deanna’s symptoms are “virtually gone!”

I realized today that ALL my symptoms are in the green! My symptoms are virtually gone now! Happy tears were shed, and I celebrated with one of my MHH practitioners (Dina) how far I’ve come with MHH’s support and my determination. Y’all are each such blessings to this community. ♥️♥️♥️

Also, Dina continues to amaze me with her insight, knowledge, and practical suggestions. I value my sessions with her!!!

                                                                                                                                               Deanna C., January 2024

Doreen is “seeing tangible improvements” in her health. You can, too!

It was so great to see you with Dr. V at the recent Inner Circle call, Shelan, and so good to finally put a face to your name!

What all of you are doing greatly matters and I am so glad my intuition led me to you all. I’ve had gut issues starting from day 1 of my life because my mother couldn’t breastfeed me. I had severe colic from dairy based formula and later in my childhood suffered from trauma and PTSD that, combined with my gut problems, turned into a real nightmare for me as an adult.

For the first time in over a decade, since joining your program, I recently went on a trip and I didn’t have to worry about taking Imodium AD before or during my trip last weekend! OMG, what a WIN! I am SO grateful to all of you for the healing that is finally happening for me, and for seeing tangible improvements in my health status, yay! I am very grateful for ALL of you!

                                                                                                                                              Doreen H., October 2023

Inner Circle with Wendy Myers: All about toxins and trauma

Listen in on this Inner Circle Podcast with Dr. V and Wendy Meyers as they discuss environmental toxins, trauma, and other root issues tied to chronic disease. You’ll get a sneak peek at what Wendy has put together in her upcoming docuseries “Heavy”.

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Inner Circle with Dr. Anna Cabeca: An intimate discussion about menopause

On our most recent Inner Circle Live Audience Podcast, our Chief Biological Practitioner at Modern Holistic Health, Ann Hutyra, got to have an intimate discussion with renowned hormone expert, Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG. Listen in to hear what they have to say about menopause, hormones, and how you can slow down premature aging, and more.

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This month’s featured program is a part of my mission to spread lifesaving truths around the world. Together we can help as many people as possible to get their health back, their lives back, and live their lives with all the love, joy, health, and vitality they desire.

Remember, your health is in YOUR hands. So join me for some TV viewing time in the evenings to watch this month. Let’s kick up our feet, relax, learn how to be our own guarantee in life, and let’s thrive and heal together!

                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Elena Villanueva

Announcing: The Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Global Summit Encore Presentation

New discoveries and breakthroughs in the field of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies & Medicine are providing a ray of hope for millions of people suffering from the effects of trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression…

We are so happy to invite you to a cutting-edge event that’s taking place online February 20 – 26, 2024 Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Global Summit. A 7-day summit produced by our friends at Heart Mind Institute.

Join a truly extraordinary group of 60+ of the most prominent pioneers, clinicians, researchers, and thought leaders in this emerging field for an event like no other, exploring the very deepest questions about life and death, consciousness, and what it means to live, suffer, and thrive as human beings and as a human society…

There is such enormous potential for this psychedelic renaissance and the emergence of evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapies and medicine… not only for individuals suffering from difficult-to-treat mental health challenges but for all of us and human society altogether.

This 7-day FREE online event is for EVERYONE interested in the psychedelic renaissance and the emerging field of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Medicine, including the General Public, Clinicians, Researchers, Clients, Policymakers, and Entrepreneurs.

Register here now for FREE and immediately receive LIFETIME ACCESS to 3 powerful video interviews with Gabor Maté, Belinda Eriacho & Dennis McKenna!

In addition to 60+ sessions, you will have free access to several incredible films on the topic of healing through psychedelics.

This is going to be a powerful event, and I hope you won’t miss it…

I encourage you to register now for FREE.

107 experts weigh in on heavy metal toxicity. Here’s the deal…

We all know our food, water, air, and products are ripe with “toxins” that experts are telling you to “detox” from…

And if we’re being honest? You might be starting to tune all of that out.


How can you fight back against the 100,000 toxic chemicals you’re in contact with every single day? Is it time to accept that ALL of us will end up with some sort of chronic disease or an early death?


You might be wondering, “Why try at all at this point?”

My friend and one of the world’s top heavy metal experts, Dr. Wendy Myers, answers all those questions and more in her new free docuseries, Heavy.

Heavy not only features a NEW approach to detox that’s proven effective enough to take on our growing toxic load…

But also features 107 interviews with experts on topics like:

  • Where to find the safest consumer brands and food
  • How to stay safe from the medications we’re finding in our so-called “clean” drinking water
  • The 6 deadly ways toxins promote obesity
  • The lead and toxins hiding in baby formula, dog food, and protein powders
  • The sneaky way that toxins mimic hormones causing imbalances — and why HRT isn’t the solution
  • How the four most common heavy metals that cause hormone imbalance are dampening your drive in the bedroom
  • The easiest and most effective thing you can do to detox your body every day
  • The forces working against us to prevent optimal health
  • How ozone helps to detox your body by oxidizing heavy metals and toxins
  • How mercury interferes in thyroid hormone production and conversion


And SO much more.

→ You can register to watch Heavy at NO cost here.

Wendy’s name might sound familiar to you because she’s featured in more than 500 podcasts talking about the devastating effects heavy metals have on our health…

And what you’ll hear in this groundbreaking series will change the way you see the world…

How you shop and how you eat…

And how you advocate for yourself when you’re sitting face to face with your doctor who insists there’s “nothing you can do” about your unexplained symptoms.

This may be the most important series you see this year.

→ Head here to register so you can watch this life-saving online event.

Olive Oil — Do You Make These Mistakes When You Buy or Store It?

This Olive Oil, curated by my friend, TJ is hands down my ONLY olive oil choice, and let me tell you why. It’s not just a culinary delight but a powerhouse of wellness. It’s central to diets that promote longevity, like the Mediterranean, paleo, and keto, and is known for reducing risks of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. EVOO enhances not just the taste of your meals but also your overall health with its antioxidants, polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory properties. However, the secret to unlocking these benefits lies in choosing fresh, authentic EVOO and avoiding the common pitfalls of stale, counterfeit, or mislabeled products.

Our clients using it absolutely LOVE it and I want you to try it too!

Here’s the special deal I’ve curated for you to give this a try (I promise you’ll never go back to store-bought oil again) and have this EVOO delivered right to your door. This special offer lets you try one of the world’s finest EVOOs for just $1, covering shipping. Click below to claim your exclusive Bottle-for-a-Buck offer and discover the true essence of premium EVOO.

Click here to claim your $39 Bottle-for-a-Buck and bonus recipe ebook.

Improve Your Mental Health with Infrared Sauna Therapy

Enhance your physical and mental health with the transformative power of infrared sauna therapy. This innovative therapy uses heat and infrared light to boost blood flow, oxygenation, and cognitive health. Did you know that the therapeutic benefits of saunaing equate to moderate physical exercise? Many studies, including a recent one from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have highlighted the substantial improvements in physical and mental health following sauna sessions, with effects lasting weeks.

I personally use and love Sunlighten. I’ve curated an exclusive offer with Sunlighten just for you – save up to $600 on your Sunlighten sauna purchase.

Visit Sunlighten and Claim Your Special Discount

Keeping Your Home Toxin-Free

If you are not using clean laundry detergent, you are unknowingly exposing yourself and your family to harmful toxins. It’s a shocking truth, but many store-bought detergents contain dangerous chemicals like chlorine and formaldehyde, leading to ailments ranging from hormonal imbalances to skin rashes.

I love the Truly Free brand and have been able to secure a special deal for you: 300 free loads of their safe and effective Laundry Wash. This is more than just free laundry; it’s a chance to transform your laundry routine into a toxin-free, health-conscious practice. Remember, this giveaway might be a once-in-a-lifetime offer, and it’s only available until supplies last. Click the link below and claim your 300 free loads of toxin-free Laundry Wash now.

Yes, I want 300 free loads of TOXIN-free Laundry Wash.

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