Crusaders for Health Newsletter: Edition 5

Dr. Elena Villanueva and Modern Holistic Health
Dr. Elena Villanueva is an international speaker, health influencer, & co-author of The Longevity Code. She teaches evidence based approaches for finding & treating the underlying causes of chronic illness & brain related conditions. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality & the integration of the mind/body/spirit.

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Elena is the producer and host of the Mental Health MasterclassInflammation MasterclassMastering Trauma MasterclassThe Leaky Brain SummitYour Brain & Mental Health: What They Aren’t Telling Youand the all new Beyond The Pill Masterclass, plus the TribeTalk Podcast. Find information on these topics and more relevant to your health and holistic healing at

Your Illness Might be Caused (at least in part) by Your Toxic Tap Water

Every day, we are unknowingly exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals from sources all around us, such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, packaged foods, household products, environmental pollution, and tap water.

As we have become more exposed to chemical-laden products and toxic chemicals in food, air, and water, we have experienced, as a collective, an accelerated rate of chronic illnesses. These include cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, autism spectrum disorders, AD(H)D, autoimmune disorders, mental health disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and so on.

Did you know that in the United States, nearly one in four households risks having unsafe tap water to drink, or their local municipal water systems have not been properly monitored for contaminants by federal law?

The alarming truth is that too many Americans are turning on their faucets, not for a glass of water, but for a cocktail of toxic, disease-causing chemicals. Lead, arsenic, MTBE, the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, and many other substances are often found in drinking water at potentially unsafe levels, particularly in low-income and underserved communities.

At least 27 million people, or one in every 12 Americans, are exposed to drinking water systems with major health-based violations. These violations are alarming, and no doubt, they are contributing to a major health crisis in the United States.

For the most part, America’s tap water is heavily contaminated whether it’s well water or from your municipal water system. How do you know if your water is safe for drinking? Have it tested! As an alternative or in addition to having your water tested for toxic chemicals, you can also go to the EWG’s website, put in your zip code, and see what’s in your water.

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Anxiety: Is it a Choice?

Over the years, our studies have found that when people get sick and are unable to heal, there are usually several underlying causes, not just one. All of these can be tested for using data- driven systems. These underlying causes can include:

● Inflammatory or toxic foods
● Chemical toxins
● Heavy Metal toxins
●  Mycotoxins (toxic mold)
● Medications that have led to serious side effects
● Other Epigenetic factors

….And then there is trauma – unprocessed emotions, mindset, and belief systems. While these can’t be “tested”’ for in the same way, these can be some of the most complex underlying causes of disease, mental illness, and other chronic conditions. And if trauma, mindset, emotions, and belief systems are not addressed, people often continue to suffer without complete resolution of their illness, disease, or symptoms.

And that’s where I come in. Together with some of our other amazing coaches, I work in the area of trauma and emotional healing 

I’m so excited about this month’s featured summits and documentaries because these are LIFE CHANGING and for many, LIFE SAVING. It’s my mission to spread lifesaving truths around the world so that together we can help as many people as possible to get their health back, their lives back, and live their lives with all the love, joy, health, and vitality they desire.

Remember, your health is in YOUR hands. So join me for some TV viewing time in the evenings to watch our recommended featured summits & documentaries this month. Let’s kick up our feet, relax, learn how to be our own guarantee in life, and let’s thrive and heal together!

Dr. Elena Villanueva

The Science of Ancient Medicines – Healing with psychedelics

Did you know that psychedelics have been the subject of research at major university hospitals for over 20 years, and have shown potential effectiveness in the treatment of:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Distress caused by chronic illness
  • And other conditions!

If you have been searching for answers, you WANT to keep up with understanding the science and innovation that is showing so much promise for mental and emotional healing!

Click Here For Answers

C-0.V!D Secrets

My dear friend and investigative journalist is relaunching his C-0.V!D Secrets documentary because of popular demand. The truth is that much new information is emerging regarding the effects of the and the effects of what is now being called ‘long – co-vi.-!d’ syndrome. And we have clients from around the world asking us the very questions that you can have answered in this upcoming, and updated new series.

Take a look at what the latest science is showing. Now that millions of people have had it, there is NEW science to show information you NEED to know!

Click Here For The New Science

Another MHH client shares her successful healing journey…

Nikisha finds healing for her gut “in a natural way”

I’ve been seeing Dr. V for the past few months. My immune system and gut health were compromised by a parasite, and my hormones were way off balance from getting off of the birth control pill after 18 yrs of being on them. Dr. V ordered the tests I needed and when the results came back, she explained everything very clearly to me and put me on a specific supplement regimen and a special gut health diet.

After a few months of being on this regimen, I was able to get rid of the parasite, fix my gut health, balance out my hormones, and strengthen my immune system. I feel fantastic! I’m no longer lethargic all the time, my hair stopped falling out, and I’ve been healthy ever since. I would definitely refer her and her team of coaches to anyone looking to take care of their health issues from the root cause of the problem, and heal it in a natural way.

Nikisha R.

Meet The Man Who Travels The Globe To Harvest Olives For Olive Oil

Meet T.J. Robinson, aka “The Olive Oil Hunter”. T.J. is a world traveler with a unique passion: he harvests olives for olive oil. T.J has journeyed to some of the most remote corners of the globe to harvest olives for some of the finest olive oils in the world.

What drives him? His love of food and his commitment to quality. Learn more about this fascinating man, his remarkable journey, and all about fresh pressed olive oils in this podcast episode.

“You have never tasted what real, fresh olive oil tastes like until you experience the taste of fresh pressed olive oil”. – Dr. V

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Living In The Miracle Zone with Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, a world-renowned transformational teacher, and an expert on happiness, success, and unconditional love. In this edition of TribeTalk, find out more about her program called A Year of Miracles, which has people all over the world making life changes for the better.

Marci earned her MBA from UCLA and holds an advanced certificate as a stress management consultant. She is a founding member and on the board of directors of the Transformational Leadership Council, a group of 100 top transformational leaders.

Do you know what supplement protocols can work on viral patterns (yes, that one too!)? Dr. V and Ann discuss the latest holistic protocols and resources that can be used to help combat viruses.

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Patricia reached out with gratitude after seeing marked improvement in her memory and clarity of thinking…

“Dr. V keeps on searching for better ways to help people heal”

Can’t thank Dr. V enough for all the help she has given me in my search for health and anti-aging as I move into my 70’s. I am amazed at her dedication to helping people and with the most compassion I have ever experienced in an alternative health care provider, or MD for that matter. I am so blessed by her tenacity to keep searching for the functional cause of whatever is going on with me using the best testing available.

One thing that has improved for me is my memory and clarity of thinking. It’s not perfect but much improved, so much that I don’t feel like I’m falling into the pit of dementia. Dr. V and her team take great care of me. When we first started working together my team of coaches used many labs including Genetic testing to find the functional cause of the problems I’ve been experiencing that helped me to directly address the underlying causes of my memory loss and other conditions I was struggling with. I love that Dr. V keeps on searching for better ways to help people heal. Thank you so much Dr. V and the MHH team! You are such a blessing to me!

Patricia M.

We’ve got some great suggestions for your healing journey

ast month we promoted the Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club and – WOW! – this has turned out to be an amazing experience with the owner, T.J., the Olive Oil Hunter at the helm! Two weeks ago, over 100 of our followers and most of our clients joined us for our FIRST class with T.J., where we got to learn what makes these Olive Oils so special!

This month we have around 200 people joining us for our first group Olive Oil tasting to compare our $1 bottle of Fresh Pressed Olive Oil against the Olive Oils we have in our kitchens… and I’ll tell you, I’ve done a comparative tasting on my own and I realized I’ve never truly had REAL, FRESH Olive oil before, and we’ve had several reach out to us saying the same thing!

We have had such a GREAT response with this amazing resource that we will be hosting another tasting and educational series on Olive Oils in a couple of months, so stay tuned!

Organixx Collagen Powder

THIS month we’ve got a couple of products we love and trust that we are excited to share with you!! We’ve had many asking us about Collagen powder and honestly, we have a few that we love so the decision was hard, but the winner this month for collagen was ORGANIXX Collagen Protein and let us tell you why….

You see, quality is KEY when it comes to any and all supplements and collagen has been getting a lot of attention lately because word has gotten out that many of the collagens on the market are ‘diluted’ and missing 2, 3, or even 4 of the vital 5 components that need to be in collagen in order for the collagen to have all the beneficial effects you are looking for.

If you are supplementing with collagen for its many great benefits including revitalizing your skin and reversing wrinkles, it needs FIVE crucial elements…

  1. All 5 types of collagen that the body needs
  2. To come from 4 vitally different sources
  3. Whole-food Vitamin C, Silica, and Zinc for full absorption
  4. Free of clumps, smell, or unpleasant taste (so you actually take it)
  5. Clean-sourced and GMO-free for maximum purity

And the hidden truth is that 99% of collagen powders have only 1 or 2 of these! So that’s why this month, we’ve got this GREAT collagen resource just for you!

Click here to learn more about this month’s amazing offer that we procured for you straight from Organixx! You’ll learn about the specific 5 types of collagen you need to have in your collagen supplement for it to really work, plus I’ve negotiated a 90-day guarantee for you if you don’t like it, so check it out here

AquaTru Water Filtration system

In light of this month’s featured article on contaminated drinking water, I want to provide you with this great resource, the AquaTru Water Filtration System. In addition, don’t forget that you can visit the Environmental Working Group (EWG) agency, which is one of our ‘go-to’ resources to find out what contaminants are in YOUR local water. They also have a page on their site dedicated to teaching you all about the different types of water filters and how they work.

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