Dr. V’s Healthy Cookbooks List

Here’s Dr. V’s Healthy List of Cookbooks! If you are looking for guides for delicious, healthy cooking, bookmark this list. There are many gluten-free options as well. Let us know if you have something we should add!


PlentyExplore healthy, vegetarian recipes by internationally renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi. These recipes are so delicious that even the most avid meat-eater will be impressed.

No-Fad DietThis cookbook from the American Heart Association is an excellent go-to for at-home cooking with easy to follow recipes that include nutritional information.

Power Foods: Enjoy easy-to-follow recipes and a great variety of them. This book includes photos and nutritional information.

Moosewood Restaurant – Low-Fat FavoritesGreat food, a mix of recipes (some more elaborate than others), and includes nutritional information.  This restaurant is known for revolutionizing healthy eating in America.

Even More Delightfully Free:  These are recipes free of gluten, sugar, dairy and more!

Delightfully Free: We love the Delighfully Free cookbook series. To get a taste of what’s inside the book, check out Tracy (the author’s) blog!

What are your favorite healthy cookbooks?

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