The Microbiome And Gut Health

For some time, a standard practice and way of thinking has been to live a germ-free, antibacterial life. This mindset is based on the premise that “all germs are bad.” It could be said that American culture is afraid of germs. In fact, many individuals reach for antibiotics at a doctor’s slightest suggestion they might be the best remedy. From Lysol to Listerine, attacking the “bad” has been the modus operandi rather than thinking about a lifestyle that aims to support the “good stuff.”

It’s a particularly intriguing and refreshing way of thinking – introduce good stuff into our bodies and support existing healthy bacteria to help us fight off the bad germs.  Here at Modern Holistic Health, we work to support the body’s existing health systems to help your body perform better and fight off infection with its natural tools and existing natural defenses. After all, when one kills “99.9% of gems” there’s a good chance you are also killing the beneficial ones – leaving you, defenseless?

This is why balance is important. Having a healthy and balanced microbiome should be the overall goal and we aren’t just talking about the health of the gut. Did you know places like your sinus cavities have a microbiome?  Your mouth? Your skin? Your scalp?  So, what can signify an unhealthy microbiome?

Signs Your Microbiome Needs A Boost:

–       Bad Moods

–       Craving Unhealthy foods (like sugar)

–       Bad Health Habits (you are what you eat!)

–       Prolonged Stress

–       Gastrointestinal Problems

–       You Are Sick Often

–       Skin Problems

–       Scalp Issues

–       Gaining Weight

–       Joint Problems

–       Allergies

–       Leaky Gut

–       Depression

–       Brain Fog

–       Memory Loss

–       Anxiety

What can you do to better support your microbiome? First, start with a healthy diet. Your gut is similar to a garden. We recommend eating lots of vegetables including leafy greens, fruits, and fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, yogurt (in some cases- especially goat or sheep), and kefir.  Adequate sleep is also important as well as drinking lots of water to flush out your systems. Stress can certainly affect the microbiome, so we recommend managing it with meditation, yoga, exercise, essential oils and more. Supplements like Vitamin D, zinc, and a quality daily probiotic * are also recommended.

When you are sick or feel like you might be coming down with something, try supplements like Green Tea, Echinacea, and Oil of Oregano to support your body and help fight infections. And, certainly, watch your diet and avoid inflammatory foods like white starches and limit red meat. You know those people that “never get sick” – we would bet they have a very healthy microbiome.

* Note: Not all probiotics are created equal – let us help you find one that works!

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