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Below you will find our absolute favorite foods, snacks, beverages, home products, hygiene, beauty, and personal products. Everything listed on this page is something we eat, drink, have in our home, or use daily. Check this page often, as we will be constantly adding new items.

Food, Snacks, & Drinks


Their Chocolate Bone Broth and Fermented Meat Sticks are a hit with me, my friends, and the grandbabies! Snacks and food you can travel with can either support or sabotage your healing, health, and vitality, so when I was introduced to the founders of Paleovalley and got to try out their foods, I was thrilled to discover I had hit the pot of gold! These two favorites from Paleovalley make wonderful snacks because they are packed with protein (which are the building blocks of your cells, tissues, organs, and your DNA), and the bone broth and soft fermented meat sticks are both supportive of your metabolism and your gut microbiome too! Learn more here.

Fresh Pressed Olive Oil

I guarantee you, if you have not tried THIS olive oil, you don’t know what REAL, FRESH olive oil tastes like. We’ve all heard the great benefits of olive oil, yet how many of you can honestly say that when you smell it and eat it, you can FEEL YOUR BODY LOVING YOU FOR IT! This is the kind of olive oil that will make a difference in the health of your body. Yeah, that’s right! Fresh Pressed Olive Oil is a world apart from anything on the grocery shelves. Every single friend and client who’s tried Fresh Pressed Olive Oil won’t go back to store-bought olive oil – Fresh Pressed is so fresh and FULL OF FLAVOR that you can actually sip it straight. It has this incredible way of capturing the essence of its origin (like a fine wine). I also love the owner, TJ, and Megan, and how down-to-earth and passionate they are about their olive oil too! TRY it and email us to let us know what you think! Learn more here.

Bubs Naturals

I’ve been mixing Bubs Naturals Halo Coffee Creamer (made with MCT oil powder) into my coffee for four years, and I LOVE it! If you like that creamy texture and flavor in your coffee (or even mixed into your hot chocolate bone broth drink from Paleovalley), this dairy-free and nut-free, non-GMO, and super clean option is the best I’ve found! Honestly, it just makes my morning cup and smoothies feel like a luxurious treat. Plus, I’m doing something good for my body and brain at the same time, which is a win-win in my book! Learn more here.

Rootz Protein Superfood

Making sure we feed our body and brain the right fuel is not only important in healing, it’s uber important if you want to stay vibrant and slow the aging process down! Protein drinks have been a staple for me for the last 30 years as a meal substitute or snack to ensure I am getting enough of the right calories into my body. But not all protein powders are healthy AND tasty. 

Rootz Protein Superfood is one exception! This delicious and nutritious smoothie powder has become a staple in our smoothie and snack routine. Let me tell you, it’s like sipping on a guilt-free cinnamon toast crunch milkshake! Even Greg swears it’s got that nostalgic “kid cereal” vibe. And it even has greens and other superfoods packed into it! Try it with half a frozen banana and clean water or organic nut milk… or get fancy and add some fresh berries, too! Learn more here.

Black Cumin Oil

I’ve been making a homemade salad dressing with this Black Cumin Oil lately, and wowwww! Its unique, earthy flavor is so rich that you only need small amounts (mixed with another quality oil like TJ’s Fresh Pressed Olive oil). 

This superfood oil that is packed with nutrients can be used on a salad or in a stir-fry. Want to give your foods a huge boost in nutrition and flavor? Add a combination of Black Cumin oil and Fresh Pressed Olive Oils for a new ‘foodie’ experience! Learn more here.

Wild Pastures

With the world quickly turning to fake meats and our current commercial supply from the stores being heavily contaminated with estrogens, glyphosates, and other cancer-causing chemicals, we must start buying from our local small farmers!  Meats from Wild Pastures are sourced from small local and sustainable farmers all over the U.S. and have been a total game-changer for our home cooking. There’s something so comforting about knowing we’re eating grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, chicken, pork, and wild-caught seafood that not only tastes incredible but also supports small farms and sustainable practices. Get some and vote ‘no’ to industrial farming practices contributing to disease, and say YES to Wild Pastures! Learn more here.

Home Products


Clean water, food, and air are the basics for our health and vitality. And the truth is all these basics are contaminated in our world today. I love the AirDoctor because it works, it covers large square footage for such a small unit, and it’s affordable. We even have one for our RV! 

If you haven’t invested in clean air for yourself, your family, or your kids, start today by getting an AirDoctor! They make wonderful holiday gifts as well! Learn more here.


I’ve tried several different methods of getting clean, purified water, and the AquaTru gets my two thumbs up! Not only do they have under the sink systems, but they also have a sleek, modern countertop version too! 

Make sure you and your family have access to clean and purified water with our favorite AquaTru water purification systems! Learn more here.

Truly Free

How many times have you tried a “clean” laundry detergent only to find that it actually wasn’t “clean” or it just wasn’t effective? I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. 

But Truly Free has something special going on! Their laundry products are amazing, their packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly, too, AND they have non-scented and scented options that are shipped directly to your front door. They have stain removers, dryer sheets, softeners, and detergents that are safe, clean, and effective. 

So try Truly Free and see what you think! Learn more here. They are offering our community a special 25% off discount – just use code MODERNHH 🙂

Chef’s Foundary

I have so many asking me about clean cookware. I’m a real stickler when it comes to my cookware and knives because we eat 98% of all our meals at home. Hey! Once you learn the art and beauty of cooking, it’s hard to eat out. Honestly, it’s a rare occasion when it’s worth eating out for us, and it can be like that with you, too! It’s all about having the right tools for the job, and Chef’s Foundry is a good source of clean and effective cookware. 

Try it out and let me know what you think. 🙂 Learn more here.

Hygene, Beauty, and Personal Products

Dream Cream

Looking for clean face products? Dream Cream is actually pretty good, despite its silly name! I’ve been using it as a part of my face routine and love the skin supporting ingredients it contains and the way it feels on my skin. 

If you’ve been looking to rotate something new into your routine, give Dream Cream a try. Learn more here.

Queen of the Thrones

Have you heard of the many benefits of castor oil packs? If you have and you’ve been looking for one, THIS is the one we all use, and it’s the same one our clients use, too! So there you go… no need to look any further. The Queen of the Thrones’ castor oil packs are our #1 go-to! Learn more here. 

Block Blue Light

Admit it, you are spending too much time on the screen. Whether it’s at your computer or on your phone, or on the TV, constant blue light will mess up your hormones, your sleep, the cognitive function of your brain, and your metabolism… and it will AGE YOU! 

Yes, it’s great to have the technology we have, BUT you must take precautions, too! Even kids should be wearing them when in front of the screens. 

Make these a gift for you and everyone in your family – it’s a great gift to show you care. 🙂 Learn more here.

Aspen Green

I’ve done many case studies on the effectiveness of CBD oil, and my results are consistent with the published studies showing its effectiveness for many different uses. From chronic pain to sleep and from anxiety to reducing inflammation, a good CBD oil, at the right dose is a great ‘must have’ for everyone’s household. 

Aspen Green does it right! I love their different blends for different uses, and Aspen Green has become my favorite CBD. 

Check them out and give Aspen Green a try. Learn more here.

EASE Magnesium

We all know magnesium is good for us, but sometimes, taking it in a pill or powder just gets old. So, I am excited to share this skin-absorbing magnesium spray with you! Ease Magnesium is a natural solution that enters your bloodstream through your skin. Each spray delivers approximately 22 mg of magnesium chloride hexahydrate, encouraging a sense of relaxation and calm. 

Regular use restores healthy magnesium levels and promotes calcium absorption. I love using this at the end of a busy or stressful day. Give it a try and see what you think. 🙂 Learn more here.

Annmarie Skin Care

Many years ago, I learned about a brand of organic skincare from Europe. Boy, was it great AND expensive (that part I didn’t like). 

Then, I learned about Annmarie Skin Care. Annmarie creates of all her skincare from plants, and it’s all organic, too. I especially love the serums for deeper hydration on my face, plus I love the natural smells from the plant ingredients. It feels natural, and it makes my face a beautiful glow. 

Give it a try – I’m certain you’ll like it too. 🙂 Learn more here.

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