Natural, Modern Science Solutions to Metabolic Syndrome

Holistic Support for Metabolic Syndrome

A holistic approach is best for helping heal symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Weight loss, a healthier diet, exercise and sleep can all help controlling the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. People in Austin can depend on Dr. Elena Villanueva and her team of health coaches for holistic support for Metabolic Syndrome.

Natural Metabolic Syndrome Solutions in Austin

Metabolic syndrome involves a range of symptoms that can include high blood pressure, high blood glucose, obesity, large waist circumference, and high cholesterol. This condition can raise the risk of heart disease and stroke. We take a closer look at Metabolic Syndrome symptoms through routine tests, and clients with the condition should have regular checkups to monitor their health. Lifestyle changes such as weight loss, eating a healthier diet, doing regular exercise, and getting enough sleep can all help with symptom control. Implementing healthy stress management techniques is important for clients with this syndrome as well. In some cases, medication may be necessary.

Since metabolic syndrome includes a cluster of related symptoms, a holistic approach could be most effective for helping and even possibly reversing these symptoms. A natural approachdiag for this condition usually begins with lifestyle alteration alone. Diet and exercise would be the foundation of any holistic approach. For example, switching to a diet that includes more plant-based, whole foods like avocados, oats, bananas, and lentils could help lower inflammation levels throughout the body, making it easier to lose weight and lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. Doing at least 150 minutes each week of moderate or vigorous aerobic exercise, including brisk walking and swimming, can help make the body more responsive to insulin and drop blood glucose. Getting a healthy amount of sleep can allow diet and exercise to function optimally and helps with overall health. Learning healthy methods of coping with stress, including doing a hobby or meditating, can further improve symptom control.


What are the Benefits of Holistic Control Over Metabolic Syndrome?

A holistic approach focusing on lifestyle modifications can help reduce or avoid the need for prescription medication. Since metabolic syndrome includes so many symptoms, those who use medication often need multiple prescriptions which can be very expensive. A holistic approach allows the you to be proactive in managing your condition, and this may potentially keep symptoms from reaching severe levels. The symptoms of metabolic syndrome are closely intertwined; thus, even the smallest holistic changes can have a significant impact on disease progression.

Support and Tests for Metabolic Syndrome

Many of the tests for metabolic syndrome form part of a routine physical examination and standard laboratory workup. If you are concerned that you may have metabolic syndrome, our health coaches can provide support, and design your plan to a healthier you. Lipid panels and blood glucose tests are used to screen for and monitor high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. Body mass index (BMI) figures and waist circumference measurements can be useful in determining body composition and addressing obesity. Blood pressure measurements are considered standard vital signs and are taken at every office visit.

All of these markers can be altered with lifestyle changes, so it’s important to have your numbers rechecked regularly to monitor your progress. If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, our health coaches can advise you on how to obtain blood glucose testing materials for use at home. Weight and body fat percentage can be tracked with many types of bathroom scales, and several styles of blood pressure monitors are available directly to consumers. Knowing your numbers can help you and our team of health coaches make decisions on appropriate lifestyle and medication adjustments.

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