There are times when one may think that they are “too busy” to worry or think about food, even if they are someone who often is very mindful about eating choices. When we have extra busy days, trips, conferences, or unexpected commitments, planning our meals and snacks can be the last thing on our minds. 

The most important advice we can provide: give yourself time to think through nourishment before you get busy. That might mean ordering groceries ahead of time and thinking through items that are easy to pack or carry, making a few items that can last the entire week and are grab-and-go friendly, and most importantly, staying hydrated. Of course, always try and start your day with a healthy breakfast and drink water! 

Not getting enough water is one of the fastest ways to crash and get sick. It’s easy to become dehydrated. When we are running to work events, meetings, and conferences, we often are more worried about keeping up with emails, networking, and/or getting to the next item on our schedule or list than thinking about the last time we drank a glass of water. So, first and foremost, try your best to carry water with you. Whether it’s a refillable canister or cup or a simple water bottle, make sure you have water with you at all times.  It’s easier to remember to take a few sips when you can, if it’s right in front of you. It’s also easy to over-caffeinated ourselves during busy times – so make sure you are drinking enough water to compensate for coffee and tea. Check out our additional tips on staying hydrated here. 

Start your day with energy by getting enough sleep the night before. You don’t want to start a day with little sleep and dehydration. This can lead to binge eating and hunger pains as your body is telling you it needs your support. This could come in the form of an intense sugar craving, headaches, or worse. 

If you are at a function where sitting all day is a part of the schedule, make sure you get up to take breaks, stretch and even take any extra time to go for a short brisk walk. This could include climbing a few flights of stairs or simply taking a quick walk around the building or through the parking lot. This is important to keep your blood and oxygen moving. Some times, we feel hungry and lethargic when we have been sitting too long. You may just need a brisk walk or stretch! 

If you are traveling, at a conference, or just having an extra a busy workday and aren’t sure when your next meal is going to be, it is even more important for you to carry healthy snacks with you. By bringing food with you, you are less likely to take the route of unhealthy quick fixes and reach for candy, potato chips, soft drinks, cookies – anything to make you feel better!  We recommend bringing unsalted nuts with you like raw almonds, an easy-to-pack fruit like an organic apple, and whole food snack bars like a LaraBar or Epic bar.

For a run-down:

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Get Enough Sleep
  3. Stretch – Try And Get Exercise!
  4. Bring Snacks
  5. Plan Meals Ahead of Time If Possible