Holistic Virtual Health

Healing Near and Far

Dr. V and the Modern Holistic Health team are thrilled to offer virtual health services. Virtual health allows us to see clients near and far and provides our clients the benefit of a new-age “house call” visit through video conferencing.


Find the root cause of your symptoms. Use our simple, online-booking form schedule a virtual appointment today.

Benefits of Virtual Health

Convenience and Comfort:

Stress and anxiety are common when you have to rush to finish your errands or chores in order to hit the road before your appointment. With virtual health consultations, you can enjoy your appointment from the comfort of your home.

No Waiting Rooms:

Gone are the days of having to wait in a waiting room while reading outdated magazines and staring at blank walls. You’ll be able to meet with Dr. V and her team at the time of your appointment without having to worry about the long wait.

No Need For Childcare:

For those with children, it can often be a hassle to get a nanny or drop them off at childcare. Now, you can enjoy our health services at home so you can spend more time with your little ones.

No Commute Necessary:

Who enjoys being in traffic for hours on end only to fight for parking? Virtual health consultations can be done anywhere with an internet connection and a computer. No driving necessary.

Dr. V. virtual health

If  you have any questions about the wonders of virtual health, we are happy to answer them for you and walk you through it. We have had a growing number of our clients requesting and using this feature and we’re excited to now be able to provide this for everyone!


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Heal Naturally.

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