Are you ready for miracles in 2023? I’ve got a very special gift for you!

I don’t know about you, but this year was a wild ride for me! For many of my friends, my colleagues, clients, and me, 2022 was filled with so many new experiences, integration, new learning, complexities, massive personal growth, so much wisdom gained… and the realization that life is made up of limitless possibilities.

Whether it’s in the realm of health, healing, vitality, money, relationships, or abundance in any area of your life, we are truly only limited by what we conceive in our own minds.  

Through my experiences in saving my own life, transforming my health, and creating a completely new reality for myself, I learned that a big part of realizing and experiencing success in any area of my life started with believing that it COULD happen even if my mind couldn’t conceive how at first. This is what many call FAITH. I also call it getting out of our own way and listening to our divine self, aka our gut or our heart instead of our head. 

I’ve been reflecting over the holidays on all the experiences and wisdom gained in 2022. What has become a deeper awareness for me and several of my friends and colleagues is that by witnessing the miracles that can and do happen every single day, we can develop a keen understanding of the power of our awareness and use that awareness to remain focused on our desired outcomes instead of our circumstances.  

You see, for many, the distraction from our vision, goals, and desires often gets clouded with the distractions that come in the form of circumstances. But the truth is, life is all about how you deal with your circumstances and how well you can stay focused on your vision and desired outcome.

For me, this has developed into a deepening of my faith and a more intimate connection with my heart’s infinite wisdom and what it has to say, rather than relying on the intellect and limited knowledge of my conscious mind. 

Listening to the Divine within me has taken me inward for much of 2022, in search of stillness so that I can hear more easily the answers already within me. I once heard a mentor of mine say to me that God speaks in whispers. This year, I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of this as I witnessed myself going inward and yielding to my heart’s desire for solitude and quiet to find my answers, my peace, and my wisdom. 

So many times this year, I heard my heart speaking of unlimited possibilities, and that to truly experience the miracles that Spirit has in store, I simply needed to allow myself to receive and believe more fully than ever before in unlimited possibilities… and to focus on being deeply present so that I could witness these unlimited possibilities as they magically appeared. In other words, my grip on the steering wheel had gotten a little too tight. I had slowly fallen back into the trap of thinking mostly with my head and believing that I was the one who was driving my mission to completion, and that I had to have ALL the steps in place to achieve my desired outcomes. What I quickly became aware of was that instead of feeling more at ease with my decisions, I was feeling more angst, exhaustion, stress, and for the first time in many years, I once again felt the emotions of depression and fear. 

The difference between how I handled 2022 versus how I would have handled it many years ago was what made ALL the difference! Being conscious of what was happening, what my emotions were trying to tell me, and understanding that I have a divine wisdom way more powerful than my human mind… and understanding what tools I had in my pocket that I could use to uncover and address the root of my dis-ease, gave me a path to gain the wisdom I needed, change course, and get back in the gentle flow of the river. 

If you’ve had these experiences of realizing that you were gripping the steering wheel too tight and needed to get out of your own way, and THAT is when you started witnessing miracles happen before your very eyes, then you know what I’m talking about!

You see, your conscious mind’s perspective of reality is limited. Until you start listening to the divine within you, which is not limited by your conscious mind, you often stay stuck getting in your own way of the outcomes you truly desire, whether it’s around your health, your relationships, your finances, or anything else.  

You and only you alone have the power to transform your health and your life, and once you understand the massive power of your divine gift of will and your ability to manifest your thoughts and emotions into matter, you can upgrade your old reality for a much better version that will lead to new beliefs, new habits, and new actions that will get you NEW and DIFFERENT results…

 …You can finally step out of the life that has held you back and unleash your true potential and claim the life, health, and healing you want. 

I know this because I have lived it… If you know my story, then you know I completely lost my memory, my ability to speak, suffered severe depression and anxiety, had severe physical health problems, lost everything I had, and became homeless.  

Through my journey, I discovered real answers and solutions that I have since taught to over 1 million people around the globe. I repatterned my subconscious and conscious mind, which naturally changed my habits. I reconnected and committed to MYSELF and the Divine Spirit within me for the first time in my life and created the answers and solutions for the healing and transformation that I desired for myself. 

Over the course of just a few years, my life transformed, and even today continues to unfold miraculously before my eyes WHEN I stay conscious about getting out of my own way to receive ALL the blessings and abundance that are my birthright — and they are YOURS too!

Are you ready to step into your divine power this year in 2023? Are you ready for massive healing and colossal transformation in your life? It’s yours, and all you have to do is say yes to the unlimited possibilities that have always been yours.  

I invite you to go within, listen to your heart, and decide if you too might be getting in your own way. Many of us often have a habit of getting in our own way trying to control the circumstances so that we can control the outcome, but the reality is that God is in control, and He knows ALL possibilities. And when we tap into our divine wisdom, we get to witness how much better and easier our desires can manifest… but it takes that first big step of courage to just let go and trust.  

I have a simple yet powerful formula that is a great place to start that really works if you commit to it. 

First, get dialed in on your vision, your desire, and your purpose for your life. What makes your heart sing? What makes you excited? What do you feel you were meant to do here in this lifetime?

Then ask yourself what your mission is. Is your mission in alignment with your purpose? 

If your mission, decisions, and actions are not leading you in the direction of your purpose, what can you do that is different that will bring your mission into alignment with your purpose? 

(Notice how your body, your gut, and your heart feel when you come into alignment with your purpose. How do your emotions change? How are they different? The more aware you become of how you feel when you think from your heart vs your head, the easier it becomes to let your divine self take the steering wheel.) 

Then ask yourself – what word or phrase can you use to keep you dialed in on your purpose this year?

For me, the words I chose for 2023 are Limitless Possibilities, and I’ll share with you how I came up with this for my “word”.

There’s a powerful secret that not only saved my own life, but has also given hope and played a powerful role in positively changing the lives of thousands of our clients around the world. 

If you are not on purpose and living the reality you desire, know that nothing is set in stone, and things CAN be changed so that you can finally get the results and outcomes you desire instead! In fact, the suffering or discomfort you may be experiencing is often the divine within you speaking loudly trying to get your attention. Once you become in complete alignment with your purpose, your life falls back into a better reality, oftentimes better than you could have ever imagined. 

It doesn’t matter how bad your life may look right now, and it doesn’t matter what you think you see from your own eyes, from your own wisdom, or even your own perspective. What really matters is – do you have the ability to become conscious that it’s only your perspective and that there are many other possibilities? Once you are aware of this and open to new possibilities, miracles start to happen…

The real truth is that even if you can’t conceive HOW you can manifest your vision into reality, as long as you stay focused on your desired outcome (instead of your circumstances) and believe and listen to the divine wisdom already within you, the possibilities for your desired outcomes are truly unlimited. THIS is where you start to see miracles unfold in your life every single day. 

As one of the leading influencers in the wellness industry, my purpose is to play a large role in saving humanity from suffering. My mission is to give everyone on the planet affordable access to real answers and solutions to mental health and chronic illness and show people how they can transform their health and their lives. 

The future of medicine is here, it’s now, and I am thrilled to have you learning and gaining inspiration and wisdom from me and my amazing team.

At Modern Holistic Health, I have curated the most amazing, passionate, and dedicated team of expert coaches and practitioners who together address the WHOLE person: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Every single person on our team is in alignment with our purpose for facilitating the healing of the people of the world, and we are always here for you! 

Thank you for looking to us for inspiration and guidance; we are truly here to serve and are humbled by the purpose we have been entrusted to fulfill. We have so much goodness to share with you in 2023 and can’t wait to connect more deeply with you! 

My team and I want to show you our appreciation for putting your trust in us to take you on your healing journey. We are so excited to give you THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT WE COULD THINK OF to ring in the New Year… 


I am just over-the-moon thrilled to do this for you! My team and I want to show you our gratitude and our love and dedication to you and your health goals and can’t wait to see you at our LIVE group healing and repatterning on Wednesday, January 18th at 6 pm CST. Just click here to register for this Free Repatterning Healing Session. 

We love you, and we are here with you throughout your journey and look forward to sharing all the NEW and amazing advancements in healing and the future of medicine!

On behalf of my team and I, we wish you a very beautiful and transformative 2023!

P.S. We have NEW Masterclasses this year that will be LIVE, and you won’t want to miss them! Our next one starts Sunday, Feb 5th: “Your Brain and Mental Health: What your doctors aren’t telling you.” 

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