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Crusaders for Health Newsletter: Edition 20

Dr. Elena Villanueva and Modern Holistic Health
Dr. Elena Villanueva is an international speaker, health influencer, & co-author of The Longevity Code. She teaches evidence based approaches for finding & treating the underlying causes of chronic illness & brain related conditions. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality & the integration of the mind/body/spirit.

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Elena is the producer and host of the Mental Health MasterclassInflammation MasterclassMastering Trauma MasterclassThe Leaky Brain SummitYour Brain & Mental Health: What They Aren’t Telling Youand the all new Beyond The Pill Masterclass, plus the TribeTalk Podcast. Find information on these topics and more relevant to your health and holistic healing at

The Merging of Ancient Wisdom with Modern Medicine: An Introduction to Medical Qigong

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, a fascinating transformation is taking place as the Quantum model of science is quickly moving to the top of the ladder in the healthcare landscape. But these major advances in quantum science that are quickly displacing outdated medical approaches rooted in Newtonian science are not really new… They are just finally being proven via the advanced technology available to us today.

The latest advances in medicine are vastly different now than what we have seen in the past 150 years. Energy Medicine, which has taken the stage as the future of medicine, is rooted in the laws of quantum science; however, energy medicine is not anything new! In fact, long before quantum science advanced enough to prove how energy directly affects our health and ability to heal, ancient practices like that of Medical Qigong have been using energy medicine for thousands of years!

As the wisdom of centuries past meets the scientific advancements of today, we are seeing a powerful synergy emerge, creating a profound impact on the well-being of individuals worldwide.

Medical Qigong, deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, offers a unique perspective on healing by working with the body’s energy system. Its gentle movements, focused breathing techniques, and mindful meditations have captured the attention of modern medical practitioners who recognize the vital role that the mind-body connection plays in overall health.

As the ancient wisdom of Medical Qigong collides with the advancements of modern science, the result is a holistic approach that combines the best of both worlds. Medical professionals are now incorporating Medical Qigong techniques into their treatment plans, recognizing the vital role of the mind-body connection in promoting well-being.

By acknowledging the profound impact of our Qi (or bioenergetic field of energy) on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health, practitioners are embracing a comprehensive view of healing that encompasses the interplay of energy, biology, and consciousness.

This integration allows for a more personalized, patient-centered approach, as individuals receive the benefits of both data-driven holistic treatments and the transformative power of Medical Qigong.

By embracing this merging, patients experience a deeper level of healing, enhanced vitality, and a more profound sense of well-being. The merging of ancient wisdom and modern medicine signifies a shift toward a more integrative and holistic paradigm, empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and thrive in today’s complex world.

And here at Modern Holistic Health, we understand this concept and are super excited to introduce you to our newest practitioner and Medical Qigong specialist, Dina Joy Muchnick.

Dina not only brings a powerful addition to the healing modalities our clients have access to, she also has an amazing story of why she does this powerful work…

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From a place of “fear and anxiety”, Kathy found a place of calm acceptance with Rosita’s guidance

I love the program and certainly healed through it. From a place of spiraling fear and anxiety, to a place of calm acceptance and a beautiful centering of my body and soul. Rosita’s healing sessions were a strong healing modality for me. I was able to release patterns and ancestral beliefs that had plagued me. Indeed I released these patterns for past and future generations. I’ve been able to expand into an open centeredness and explore deeper relationships with family and friends. Dr. V’s programs have truly been life altering in a profound way. I’ve made big improvements to my body, my spirit, and soul. A deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Modern Holistic Health.

Kathy D., June 2023

Is Long-Distance Healing Effective?

By Dina Joy Muchnick, Chinese Energetic Medicine Therapist

When people ask me to describe what I do as a Chinese Energetic Medicine (CEM) Therapist, I’ve often playfully said that it can be seen as a middle point between working with the acupuncture meridians, meditation, healing movement, and (for all you fellow Marvel nerds out there) Doctor Strange. That last part feels especially true when I get to do long-distance work with someone. I’d love to share a bit about how it works, and what got me into this incredible healing modality.

When I was younger, I constantly struggled with a series of chronic health conditions, as well as being either overly reactive or almost completely unaffected by many standard medications. My struggle with Crohn’s Disease and overall weakness/mobility issues became so hard to live with that I began studying alternative healing modalities, desperate to find something that could help. If you’ve lived with chronic pain or a chronic illness, then you probably understand what it’s like to hit that breaking point, where you just want the pain to stop. You don’t care how, you just want your life and your body back.

I went on a journey spanning several years and several countries, trying all sorts of alternative healing practices. I was determined to find something that worked, not knowing that it was the beginning of a path that would become a life calling.

The first thing that helped me was Chinese Medicine: using herbs and redirecting qi in my body with acupuncture and qigong. I was so amazed by its effectiveness that I started studying it at a local school in New York, and later went to school for a Doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine.

The deeper I went into this healing modality, the more I realized that this non-invasive practice wasn’t just for increasing overall wellness, but could be used in incredibly precise, specific ways to help our bodies heal when we have chronic and acute health conditions, injuries, and trauma. It can even help make other modalities’ treatments more effective, such as helping with organ transplants, supporting purging during detoxes, enhancing trauma processing practices, and even as a powerful tool in complementary cancer care.

What amazed me the most was that this work could be done long-distance, and can be supported even more with specific healing movements that people can do at home to increase and extend the effectiveness of the long-distance session. I use it regularly for clients, friends, and for myself, and have been amazed at what a difference it makes.

How Does Distance Healing Work?

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Layla successfully beat gallstones with the help of the MHH team!

Just want to share a huge win. I had an ultrasound today to check on my gallbladder and liver as I had gallstones, sludge and fatty liver identified after going to the ER two months ago with awful upper quadrant pain under my right rib. The ER wanted to remove my gallbladder as it was inflamed and filled with stones and sludge… the pain was horrible. However, I decided to reach out to Dr. V and Ann to see if this could be reversed. They reassured me it could and after meeting with Ann I started my month long protocol. I am so glad I did as today the ultrasound technician asked me if I was sure I had gallstones because she didn’t see anything and she said the fatty liver was not too bad. She was really amazed and said she never heard of anyone getting rid of their gallstones. My primary will review the results but I am so happy to know that they are gone. Thanks Ann and Dr. V for all you do, I am so glad I get to keep my gallbladder.

Layla T., June 2023

with Dr. V, Ann, and the Modern Holistic Health Team

⚠️ FEELING disconnected?

⚠️ LACKING support where you need it most?

⚠️ BORED without the engagement you desire?

Are you looking for a COMMUNITY that is like-minded in health & wellness?

In our Inner Circle Community, I provide a virtual gathering space where we come together to discuss topics that matter most to your health.

Every other week, we dive into topics, such as:

✅ Interpreting lab results (gut, blood, hormones, genetics)
✅ The latest science & research for addressing chronic health root causes
✅ Biohacking
✅ Client case studies
✅ And so much more!

Here is the tentative schedule for our upcoming Inner Circle calls so that you can get registered for them and save the dates!

Inner Circle LIVE’s start at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT

●  Thursday, Feb 23: Interpreting the Wheat Zoomer Test
●  Thursday, March 9: Interpreting the Gut Zoomer Test
●  Thursday, March 23: How to do a full moon parasite cleanse
●  Thursday, April 13: Ketamine Assisted therapy with Trauma work
●  Thursday, April 27: Balancing Hormones Naturally
●  Thursday, May 25: Using your Genetic Report 101
●  Thursday, June 22: The Deadly Effects Of Gluten
●  Thursday, July 13: Biohacking 101
●  Thursday, July 27: The Dangerous Effects of Stress (Looking at a case study!)
●  Thursday, August 10: Client case study and special guest
●  Thursday, August 24: Client case study and special guest
●  Thursday, September 7:Using Essential oils in your protocols
●  Thursday, September 21: Root cause approaches for Hashimoto’s Disease

The Deadly Effects Of GlutenDr. Elena Villanueva

7 out of 10 people who are chronically ill with physical or mental health-related symptoms or conditions have gluten to blame. The fact is that there are over 300 symptoms, conditions, and diseases caused by gluten, and THIS could be the stealthy culprit behind YOUR lingering health issues. Listen in as Ann, our Lead Biological Practitioner and one of the TOP experts in the U.S. on living Gluten Free, takes you on the journey of 6 people whose lives were in jeopardy until they discovered gluten was literally killing them… and learn how they got their health and their lives back. Discover more about living a gluten free life with our Gluten Freedom 8 Week Course.

Watch Now

Summits & Documentaries Logo

This month’s featured summits and documentaries are a part of my mission to spread lifesaving truths around the world. Together we can help as many people as possible to get their health back, their lives back, and live their lives with all the love, joy, health, and vitality they desire.

Remember, your health is in YOUR hands. So join me for some TV viewing time in the evenings to watch our recommended featured summits & documentaries this month. Let’s kick up our feet, relax, learn how to be our own guarantee in life, and let’s thrive and heal together!

Dr. Elena Villanueva

TLittle Known (Yet Proven) Best Steps For Your Longevity… PLUS, The World’s Funniest Joke And Why It Matters

We are taught that it is normal to slow down as we age…but if you’ve been following me and learning from the valuable and educational content that we share, you know that’s not true. The truth is, many people are losing their vitality far too early.

There is actually a silent epidemic happening, and one of the reasons is because of the decline of our “cellular battery” — the mitochondria. If you are experiencing things like low energy, lack of focus, brain fog, or irritability… These are all signs you need to give your mitochondria a boost.

“Age-defying secrets.” That’s a phrase we all know doesn’t always deliver on its promise, right?

But I have to admit that Brian Vaszily (renowned and trusted natural health advocate, researcher for over 20 years, colleague, and good friend) delivers on this promise!

And I wouldn’t share anything with this type of promise if it didn’t deliver…

For The Age-Defying Secrets Summit, Brian gathered 21 truly legendary healthy aging and longevity MDs and researchers together and created a genuinely life-changing event – where they each reveal widely unknown yet proven effective steps that you must take to look and feel your best, avoid and overcome disease, and live long and well.

What’s more, this is a completely free event!

Click Here To Watch The Trailer

Here’s a tip, on the page right after you sign up, be sure to hear what the research shows as “the world’s funniest joke” – this is hilarious, and shows why it has everything to do with your health and longevity… and also shows how to get the most out of this unique summit through a special opportunity that will never be available again…

The Age-Defying Secrets Summit is anything but the “same old, same old” health advice you’ve heard before.

Oh – and as a bonus, when you sign up, you’ll get Brian’s new report “14 Food Industry Tricks That Make You Sick… EXPOSED” – which is absolutely mind-blowing.

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One Of The Best Tools To Protect (And Master) Your Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Health

If you are not familiar with Qigong, this might seem a little different at first. But I assure you this is not “woo-woo” at all. And if you are familiar… This is a wonderful free gift to assist you in this profound and ancient healing practice.

Since 1997, some of the healthiest and happiest people alive have practiced Qigong to help them:

●  Relieve anxiety
●  Melt away depression
●  Alleviate chronic stress
●  Soothe symptoms of chronic conditions
●  And untangle years of trauma

100,000s of people across the globe also use this ancient practice to reduce health costs, heal chronic conditions, reduce the need for OTC meds, and more.

But you won’t believe it until you try it for yourself – which is why this is such a great offer and opportunity…

Click Here For The Free Ebook “What Is Qigong?”

What Is Qigong will help you tap into your body’s natural healing abilities and help you experience deep mental, physical, and emotional transformation.

I have personally met Master Mingtong Gu and been to his retreat center, and he is the real deal. His teachings are enlightening and transformative. I hope you will check this out!

Plus – if you find you are really interested in Qigong and want to learn more, he offers a Life Mastery Program which is really cool!

I personally started practicing Qigong last year and I LOVE it!

Stop Worrying And Start Growing

If you’re like me, you are constantly and consciously avoiding the fear-based noise that seems to be coming from all angles these days. And while it is imperative to turn off the TV, tune out the media chatter, and unplug from all the “programming” – I find the best way to stay present and participate in my self-care is to learn and experience the joys of growing and harvesting my own food. I love gardening and I love to hunt as well.

I actually was fortunate to have learned these skills from my father, and now I get to pass them on to my grandkids. As we understand how toxic our food sources have become, I feel that this next resource I am sharing with you is needed now more than ever.

My friend Marjory Wildcraft – founder of The Grow Network – has so many really simple tips for you on ways to produce healthy and delicious meat, eggs, and vegetables in your backyard, no matter how small, and no matter your age.

Click Here To Register For 72 Hours Of Access To This Free Educational Webinar

Let’s face it, not only do we all need alternative ways to find food that is non-toxic and organic, but we could all save a little bit of money as well…

And growing food is like printing your own money!

One of the best parts of this webinar is the free livestream Q&A after the presentation… so come with the questions you want answered!

Click Here To Save Your Spot Now

Want Freedom From Big Pharma? This Book Will Show You How

The way that Big Pharma operates, especially in the U.S., is unfortunately very corrupt and not in our best interests. Recently, Martin Shkreli increased the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill!

And pharmacies are all but held at “gunpoint” to keep from telling people about alternatives – if they dare they risk getting the pants sued off of them.

So as consumers, how do we fight back?

You’ve heard me say it a million times: You have to take your health into your own hands.

This is why our approach with our clients is so successful, and that’s also why I am sharing this wonderful resource with you today: The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies.

My friends over at 365 Daily Health put this together, and I absolutely love it! It has over 300 ancient cures and natural home remedies for ailments like migraines, arthritis, neuropathic pain, stress and tension headaches, and so much more.

I have a copy of this myself! This is a great guide to help you start learning about natural alternatives so you can move away from Big Pharma’s “drug-dealing pills.”

I personally think everyone should own a copy… especially with the way the world is going right now, this may come in handier than you could ever imagine.

Click Here To Get Your Natural Remedies Encyclopedia Now

The Truth About Collagen…

Believe it or not, collagen deficiency strikes nearly everyone over the age of 30. Because after 30, you start losing 1% of your collagen per year.

If you’ve noticed your neck dropping, your hair drying out or skin becoming flaky, or maybe your nails are getting brittle… These are all signs of collagen deficiency.

Collagen is the glue that holds your body together – and without it, your body literally starts falling apart (FAST!). So if you have those signs, it’s time to act now, not later.

A lot of people turn to expensive collagen powders for help. Only problem? They’re pretty useless, for a reason…

Because they are INCOMPLETE. They are missing 4 of the 5 MOST important types of collagen. These 5 “super collagens” work TOGETHER to support glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and thick, healthy nails.

Fortunately, there IS one collagen powder that is truly complete. And it works. It’s got ALL 5 “super collagens”. Plus, it’s loaded with a special vitamin that fully activates the collagen inside your body.

==> Try this “super collagen” with ALL 5 collagen proteins for glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and thick nails

It’s the most powerful combination of collagens out there, and you deserve to find the one that works best for you! I use it, and I love it… it’s truly one of my favorite collagen supplements available.

The Protein Powder I Never Go Without

When I went on a recent cleanse, I turned to my friends at Rootz – I knew exactly what I needed to supplement my diet – their Protein Superfood!

This is a very special protein powder – it is a perfect ratio of protein and organic superfoods and provides your body with the nutrients it needs to slow the aging process as well.

To eat the same amount of nutrients this provides, you’d need to eat cups and cups of chicken, meat, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, berries, and the right fats daily…

As a busy woman… this just isn’t realistic sometimes.

But I can certainly take one simple step daily that I whip in the blender, and it tastes delicious and creamy… and our clients love it too!

Try it and let me know what you think.

Click Here To Defy Aging With This One Simple Step In The Morning

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