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Crusaders for Health Newsletter: Edition 21
Dr. Elena Villanueva and Modern Holistic Health
Dr. Elena Villanueva is an international speaker, health influencer, & co-author of The Longevity Code. She teaches evidence based approaches for finding & treating the underlying causes of chronic illness & brain related conditions. Dr. V’s unique approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality & the integration of the mind/body/spirit.

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Elena is the producer and host of the Mental Health MasterclassInflammation MasterclassMastering Trauma MasterclassThe Leaky Brain SummitYour Brain & Mental Health: What They Aren’t Telling Youand the all new Beyond The Pill Masterclass, plus the TribeTalk Podcast. Find information on these topics and more relevant to your health and holistic healing at

Breaking Free from the Endless Cycle of Sickness and Suffering

Have you ever noticed that certain undesirable experiences seem to keep happening to you or someone you love? It’s not just a coincidence. These cyclical patterns of negative experiences can occur multiple times before we start to realize that there’s something underlying them. And if we pay attention, we might discover that we are actually attracting these situations ourselves.

While it may be tempting to view these recurring negative experiences as victimhood, punishment, or even a curse, the truth is that we are the ones creating these circumstances. The beliefs, thoughts, and emotions we hold shape our actions, leading to the same outcomes over and over again.

Only when we become aware of why we continue to create these recurring situations can we break free from the patterns we no longer desire.

Let’s take a look at some common examples of these patterns that people struggle with.

If any of these incidents have happened to you at least five times, it’s likely that you’ve unintentionally created a pattern based on your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that is unconsciously driving you toward the same results. Consider whether you are…

  • Emotionally triggered by certain people, events, or circumstances
  • Stuck in jobs you don’t enjoy
  • Facing recurring financial struggles
  • Attracting failed or unhealthy relationships
  • Missing out on quality time with your kids
  • Engaging in emotional eating triggers
  • Neglecting self-care due to constant obstacles
  • Getting into arguments or losing your temper easily
  • Giving up halfway through endeavors
  • Constantly overworking and burning out
  • Prioritizing others’ needs over your own health

If you’ve realized that you’re trapped in any of these self-sabotaging patterns, it’s actually a positive revelation. It’s the first crucial step towards breaking free from these cycles.

The next step is to understand why and how these patterns have developed.

By uncovering the reasons behind them, we can make a conscious decision to move away from this cycle of suffering and finally achieve the outcomes we truly desire.

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Feeling Stuck? A Path to Breaking Free and Reclaiming Your Power
by Ann Hutyra, Lead Biological Health Coach

Feeling stuck on your healing journey? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. You know that moment when you’re not getting worse, but things just aren’t getting better either? Or maybe you’ve already healed physically, but mentally and emotionally, you’re still feeling stuck. Trust me, I’ve been there too.

As a practitioner and someone who has dealt with autoimmune thyroid disease, I understand the frustration of feeling “blah” and unmotivated even when your physical health seems to be on the right track. You might start questioning if something is wrong with your body, like I did. I ran tests and scans, and everything came back looking good. So what was I missing?

That’s when I decided to try a bioenergetic scan — and the results were eye-opening. It highlighted a blockage in my bladder meridian, which affects various parts of the body from the eyes to the kidneys. This blockage could cause water retention, hormonal imbalances, and other symptoms I had experienced. But what struck me the most was the emotional connection. Fear is associated with blockages in this meridian, and it made me think about the role fear played in my life.

I took the time to reflect and journal about my fears, shifting my focus from what I didn’t want to what I did want. I also prioritized self-care, getting more sleep, practicing meditation, and talking with trusted friends about my fears. I even incorporated Infoceuticals for additional support. And although the “blah” feeling didn’t disappear overnight, I noticed positive changes in my daily life. I started appreciating the small moments, became re-energized, and found joy in cooking and eating again.

If you’re feeling stuck too, here are some steps you can take to uncover the root cause…

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The Future of Medicine: Bioenergetics and Beyond

Our thoughts, food, environment, and even our emotions and words all contain specific energy frequencies that have an immense power to create disease and suffering or the ability to heal and have total health, vitality, and abundance in every area of your life!

In this episode, Dr. V introduces the science of Bioenergetics and your body field and how the latest research shows advances in technology that are being used in medicine’s medical and genetic fields.

The future of medicine IS energy medicine! Listen to this episode to learn more.

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Get Inspired and Take Action on Your Health!

My depression has lifted and I’m happy again! It’s so weird and wonderful to catch myself smiling for no reason :). I had lost my fun and optimistic personality but now it’s back and my energy is much better too!! Also, I had not danced in years but now I am going to swing dancing this Saturday night with my husband — he is blown away with my progress! I am so thankful for this program — thank you Dr. V and the MHH team!!

E M., July 2023

I love the program and certainly healed through it. From a place of spiraling fear and anxiety, to a place of calm acceptance and a beautiful centering of my body and soul. Rosita’s healing sessions were a strong healing modality for me. I was able to release patterns and ancestral beliefs that had plagued me. Indeed I released these patterns for past and future generations.

I’ve been able to expand into an open centeredness and explore deeper relationships with family and friends. Dr. V’s programs have truly been life altering in a profound way. I’ve made big improvements to my body, my spirit, and soul. A deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Modern Holistic Health.

Kathy D., June 2023

I have learned that my beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are one of the BIG root causes of chronic illness and the inability to heal!

I feel extremely blessed to work with such an amazing team of coaches. I am soooo grateful to have you all in my life! Modern Holistic Health truly delivers on all fronts: knowledge, compassion, support, and value. Thank you, Dr. V, for bringing Modern Holistic Health to the world!!

Susan L., Sept 2022

I am nearing the end of my first year of working with Modern Holistic Health and I have had the honor of working one on one with several of the practitioners and they are all very knowledgeable, gifted, supportive and each one an integral part of my healing journey.

It has been an incredible journey of restoring good health. Joint pain in my back disappeared, sleep is deeper, hormone health is improving, focus has improved, mind racing at a minimum. I am so much more comfortable in my own body.

It is evident their path to wellness is tried and true based on case studies and evidence provided in the presentations and my own experience.

This program delivers and it works if you work it.
I am so grateful for the progress I have made, and their dedication to helping individuals regain their health and I look forward to working with Modern Holistic Health [for] a second year to optimize.

Lois A., October 2022

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This month’s featured program is a part of my mission to spread lifesaving truths around the world. Together we can help as many people as possible to get their health back, their lives back, and live their lives with all the love, joy, health, and vitality they desire.

Remember, your health is in YOUR hands. So join me for some TV viewing time in the evenings to watch this month. Let’s kick up our feet, relax, learn how to be our own guarantee in life, and let’s thrive and heal together!

Dr. Elena Villanueva

Harvard Study Shows Link Between Trauma And Disease

If you’ve been addressing the root cause of your unrelenting symptoms, conditions, or disease, but you still haven’t been able to get your health back, you may have been missing something BIG!

My team and I have been collecting data from clients all over the world, and this data shows that there is ALWAYS more than one root cause behind why you have become sick and are unable to get your health back.

The most common root causes that most people have been learning about include mold toxins, environmental toxins, foods, and even prescription medications…

But the ONE BIG THING that most people don’t know about is actually one of the biggest root causes of why people stay sick and unable to heal…

Unresolved Trauma

You see, unresolved trauma creates a knot of unwanted and highly charged “negative” emotions.

These emotions, coupled with the memory of the traumatic event, then create altered perspectives of how you see yourself and the world around you…

These memories, emotions, and belief systems that form as a result of the unresolved trauma get stuck in your cells, tissues, and organs – ultimately leading to a host of symptoms, conditions, and various diseases.

In fact, Harvard Medical School reports that past trauma, no matter how severe, is directly linked to chronic health conditions like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mind Racing
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cardiovascular problems (such as heart attack and stroke)
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Memory loss
  • Inflammation
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Liver and Kidney disease
  • Hair loss
  • Sleepless nights
  • And much more…

What’s even worse is that your risk for mental and physical health problems increases dramatically the more traumatic events you’ve experienced.

Events like a troubled childhood, personal or financial loss, emotional or physical abuse, an accident, regret, fear, and yes, even a pandemic…

The traumatic experiences we go through in life often leave us feeling sick, tired, and unable to fully feel joy.

Luckily there is a way out!

Join me on Sunday, August 6th as I show you the science behind what happens in your body and brain when trauma and emotions go unresolved.

In my Trauma Masterclass, I will guide you through the process of how you can uncover and address this most overlooked root cause of chronic disease and mental illness.

Click Here To Catch Episode 1, which Starts Sunday, August 6th (Registration Now Open)


Meet My Personal “Olive Oil Hunter” T.J. Robinson

I’ll bet you’ve never tasted REAL and FRESH olive oil the way it’s meant to be experienced. In fact, I want to invite you to personally test my favorite against yours! I promise you, you’ve never had a real olive oil experience (unless you’ve lived abroad and had access to REAL and fresh olive oil).

My friend T.J. Robinson hunts for the world’s best, freshest artisanal extra virgin olive oils—and flies them straight from the new harvest at their peak of flavor directly to the kitchens of America’s top gourmet chefs, passionate foodies, and lovers of natural, healthy foods.

Now, with this great offer, T.J. can be your personal Olive Oil Hunter, too!

You can get one bottle of TJ’s Fresh Pressed Olive Oil and compare it with what you have at home. I guarantee you will be wowed just like I was.

Here’s the deal I got for you so you can try it…

You can get a $39 bottle for just one dollar…

T.J.’s unique Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is one of the most customer-friendly companies I’ve ever come across. Unlike some other clubs, there’s never a minimum commitment or obligation to buy anything.

Click here now if you’d like to try this unique club and receive one of T.J.’s $39 bottles for just $1 to help cover shipping

I was blown away once I tried T.J.’s olive oils! I fell madly in love with them and have been sharing this with our community for almost 2 years now.

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Annmarie Gianni – Ultimate Serum Trial

Clean skincare that actually works? YES, I have a few I love, and Annmarie is one of them… If you haven’t yet tried her skincare line, I highly suggest you treat yourself to her products with this special deal I procured just for you…

With this offer, you get a chance to try 3 different serums:

The Anti-Aging Serum – ideal for anyone who wants to boost hydration for their skin. It’s also perfect for anyone wishing to combat and stave off signs of aging due to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and lackluster skin.

The Citrus Stem Cell Serum – perfect for all ages, from younger skin that deals with the residual effects of excess oil to mature skin where overdone sun exposure is beginning to show its impact. You’ll also see the benefits of firmness and plumpness in your skin’s appearance.

The Probiotic Serum With Tremella, a Bio Facial Elixir – excellent for any skin type. Tremella is an ancient Chinese beautifying mushroom and nature’s alternative to hyaluronic acid – so gentle that even sensitive skin types love it. The biome-friendly extracts help balance the skin’s natural flora.

The retail price for this trial pack is $81 – BUT they’re offering this to our community for only $24.99. (A 71% savings!)

There is free shipping to the US and Canada, and a money-back guarantee with easy returns and no questions asked. AND you get a $10 coupon to use on your next purchase.

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The Best USDA Certified Organic CBD Brand On The Market

Aspen Green is a Physician Formulated, clean, toxic-free, non-GMO, vegan-free, and cruelty-free company – all from the Colorado Rockies, the Napa Valley of all things BDHemp & Cannabis.

I’ve been using various lines of CBD with our clients for years and have great case studies showing improvement on various issues with the proper use and proper dosage of the right type of CBD.

Aspen Green has a variety of different types of products that you may also enjoy, but the experience of their ingestibles is swifter than with their topicals.

Their “Extra” CBD Oil is available in citrus (faint orange), mint (faint peppermint), and unflavored, and it has been their best seller for the last four years.

Extra is a “catch-all” to cover sleep, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress, or if you have not tried CBD oil before and prefer one for various ailments, this is the winner – it has also been showcased in Healthline as the Editor’s Pick for Best CBD Oil. And it’s my pick too!

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