Natural Diabetes Supplements and Solutions

Natural Healing For Diabetes

Dr. Elena Villanueva and her team of health coaches offer holistic approaches backed by natural science for clients with Diabetes.

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a condition that makes the body unable to properly use or produce a hormone called insulin. This deficiency causes high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood and urine.


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Functional Holistic Support for Diabetes

There are several types of diabetes, and Type 2 diabetes is the most common form. People of all ages can get type 2 diabetes, and rates have been increasing in recent years. Those with diabetes can control their blood sugar with nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and oral medication. For people with particularly elevated glucose readings, it may be necessary to take insulin and other injections to manage the disease. Complications from uncontrolled diabetes typically include eye problems, kidney issues, and foot ulcers.

A holistic approach to diabetes begins at home with nutrition and lifestyle modifications and proper home blood testing. Since the severity of diabetes can vary over time, we can advise you about appropriate nutritional changes for your stage. Generally, these changes include limiting added sugars and sweets, cutting down on salt and saturated fat, and adjusting your carbohydrate intake. Dr. Villanueva and her team help monitor your carbohydrates and carbohydrate exchanges, and will suggest the most appropriate number of carbohydrates for your needs. Adopting an exercise regime can help your body become more sensitive to insulin, lowering your glucose readings and possibly reducing your need for medication and injections. Incorporating activities like brisk walking, gardening, and even vacuuming and other household chores into your day can make a difference. Monitoring your blood glucose levels can help you plan meals and avoid episodes of severely high or dangerously low glucose. Since diabetes is a chronic condition with no known cure, holistic support is one of the better approaches. Dr. Villanueva, along with her team of health coaches may all be involved in your care. Contact us for a virtual consultations with some healthcare providers for follow-up visits.


Natural Approaches with Benefits

Using a holistic approach to your diabetes management enables you to live a full life and reduces your risk of complications from the disease. You’ll be more attentive to changes in your body including any vision changes or ulcers, and this will motivate you to get prompt helpdia before issues become severe. By being proactive with meal planning, exercise, and glucose monitoring, you may even be able to control your glucose without the need for prescription medication, and this can save a lot of money. A holistic approach protects your general health as well, reducing your risk of illness and lowering your stress levels.

Tests for Natural Diabetes Solutions

Diabetes symptoms are determined with a fasting blood glucose test. Performed by our health coaches, this test measures your blood glucose level after you have fasted overnight. A reading of more than 125 is required to diagnose diabetes. If necessary, this test may be repeated. Another blood test, the A1C test, provides an average of your blood glucose over the past eight to twelve weeks.

Our team uses precision science to help conditions, diabetes included. We help you find the root cause and work to improve your lifestyle with natural remedies fully backed by science.

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