Do you notice a cyclical nature of repeating patterns in your life that you don’t want?

Have you ever noticed that friend or family member who for 10, 20, or even 30 years has been dealing with the same issues that keep happening in their life? Perhaps it’s a friend who always ends up with a partner who has the same bad habits as all his or her previous partners?  Perhaps it’s the same old story about how they got into the same bad situation (for the 10th time)?

Maybe you find yourself caught in certain loops but you can’t figure out why it keeps happening to you over and over again… and you can’t help but wonder “Why me” or “Not again!”

For most of us, whenever something negative happens, our first instinct is to brush it off as just a random incident, or we’ll place blame on something else for why it happened.

The second time we see it happen, we may still do the same. The third time, we might think it’s simply a coincidence…

Other times the cycle might continue 4, 5, 6, or more times before we start to become aware of what’s beneath the recurring pattern that keeps bringing us back to the same situation over and over again. And then sometimes, if we are paying attention, we begin to become aware that there might be something going on that’s attracting these situations.

While some might think of these recurring negative experiences as being a victim of circumstance, punishment, or even a curse, the reality is that these recurring circumstances we no longer desire keep popping up over and over because we keep creating them.

It’s a reflection of our beliefs, our thoughts, and our emotions that lead to actions that result in the same outcomes over and over.

Only when we become aware of WHY we continue to create these recurring situations can we finally break the patterns we no longer desire.

Examples of Common Patterns

Here are some examples of recurring patterns that people struggle with in their lives. If any of the incidents below have happened to you at least five times, then it’s likely to be a pattern you have created for yourself based on your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are unconsciously driving you to experience the same results over and over again.

●  Being triggered emotionally by certain people, events, or circumstances
●  Ending up in jobs you don’t like
●  Always having a recurring circumstance that lead you into financial struggles
●  Getting together with the “wrong” guy/girl, resulting in failed or unhealthy relationships
●  Missing out on connecting with your kids because life always gets in the way
●  Emotional eating triggers
●  Missing out on your self-care because something always gets in the way
●  Getting into arguments or losing your temper because you get triggered
●  Giving up halfway through whatever you’re doing
●  Working all the time and getting burnt out
●  Staying sick because you always find a reason to not put yourself first (someone else needs the money, the kids’ college, etc)

If you have become aware that you are experiencing any of the self-sabotaging patterns in your life, this is a good thing, as it’s the first and most important step in being able to stop the cycle!

The next step is to understand why and how this is happening. By understanding the why and the how we can successfully make the conscious decision to jump off the hamster wheel of suffering and finally get to experience the outcomes and reality we truly desire!

By understanding how you ended up in the undesired patterns, why you did it, and how you can change these patterns, you can learn to master both the health of your body and your mind for healing and optimization that is sustainable and long-lasting.

Let’s first discuss WHY these undesired patterns happen

To fully understand why we get stuck in these recurring patterns of undesired experiences let’s first uncover the power behind our ability to create our outcomes (our reality) in our lives.

Many people believe that they are a casualty of their circumstances and their negative life experiences, but the reality is (most of the time), it is we who are in control. I’m not saying that we create or are responsible for every bad thing that keeps happening to us over and over, but what I am saying is that the story we create around the events that happen in our lives ultimately determines whether or not we end up experiencing those events again.

Many times when we experience a heightened emotional experience that we perceive as bad or undesired, we also create a story around what we believe happened to us. When we perceive that what happened was dangerous or bad, it can evoke intense emotions that can include fear, guilt, anger, shame, sadness, and hurt.

When we experience any of these emotions, especially from a perspective that we were in danger or felt helpless, this triggers a cascade of biochemical changes in our body and in our brain that literally “rewires” our neurological system as well as our bioenergetic control system.

So, to summarize:

The heightened emotional experience happens

Our body goes into “fight or flight” triggering a cascade of emotions and biochemical reactions in our body

The frontal lobe of our brain tries to rationalize what is happening BUT the “fight or flight” center of our brain (our amygdala) overrides our frontal lobe’s ability to rationalize and fully gain new wisdom and beneficial information from the event.

So now our brain and body can’t calm back down, and our perception of what happened now alters the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

Our new altered perception of our reality now has different beliefs and these new beliefs lead to recurring “negative” emotions, which lead to new actions that often lead to the same results over and over again.

And most of the time we are completely unconscious of this.

When this rewiring happens, it literally sets us up for more of the SAME situations to happen over and over again.

Now let’s dive into HOW the brain and body rewire themselves, leading to these undesired repeating patterns

Under ordinary circumstances, your brain divides thoughts and emotions between two areas of the brain. The frontal lobe is in charge of reasoning, personality, judgment, awareness, and habits such as monitoring and inhibiting your behavior, expressing your emotions, and being mentally flexible and able to create an array of many possibilities and outcomes for any experience.

Meanwhile, your amygdala (also known as your primitive brain) signals your body for fight or flight when it gets triggered by danger signals like emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, or aggression, for example. When triggered, it turns on your stress response, which in turn instantly alters your brain, thyroid, metabolic, and stress hormones causing a cascade of neurological and biological alterations in order to get the body ready for survival. We call this the Amygdala Hijack.

The big six emotions that trigger the amygdala are:

●  Anger
●  Sadness
●  Fear
●  Hurt
●  Guilt
●  Shame

As a thought travels through your brain, neurons fire together in distinctive ways based on the specific information being handled. Every thought you have, whether happy, sad, or indifferent, causes neurochemical changes within the hardware of your nervous system. Some are temporary while some are long-lasting. The patterns of your thoughts and emotions actually change your neurological pathways, rewiring your neurological system both in your brain and your body.

When you feel any of the “Big 6” intensely or in tandem recurring events, the normal flow of signaling and the deciphering of information between your frontal lobe and your amygdala decreases, creating an inability for your brain to logically or critically assess the inflow of information, and it also prevents your brain from turning off the alarms so your body can get of out survival mode.

This process causes your stress response to continue without turning off – your body can’t realize when the threat is over. The brain can’t assess the situation logically and is taken over by the amygdala center of the brain, creating a constant state of fight or flight and a cascade of biological responses that over time often lead to depression, anxiety, and practically every other chronic disease state in existence.

So how do we get out of the amygdala hijack state? 

The great news is that while our minds can deliver a cascade of emotions and subsequent stress hormones that can lead to trauma in the body, it also has a hidden superpower: its neuroplasticity!

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new neurological pathways – in essence, it can rewire its own hardware! Understanding how this is possible and how we can literally rewire ourselves for healing and health has changed how trauma is being addressed and finally allowing people to heal, get off their hamster wheel of suffering, and finally experience the outcomes and realities they desire!

To rewire ourselves for success, healing, and the life we truly desire, first we must become aware of what is happening. Next, we stop the negative input (the thoughts or other triggers) creating the emotions causing the stress response.

While there are many tools that can be used for this, one I’ll mention here uses a Quantum healing method known as the quantum travel time technique. The high-level overview of this powerful tool involves going back in time to the event and recreating a new perspective and a new story of what happened, gaining the learning and wisdom from the event, and feeling the new good emotions that come with the new story you created. Good emotions can look like feeling powerful over your situation rather than powerless, forgiving the perpetrator and/or yourself so that you can feel peace and compassion instead of anger, fear, or guilt.

There are several other specific tools and modalities that can be used to teach people how they can create NEW neurological connections that lead to new beliefs, new thoughts, new emotions, and new actions… which lead to NEW OUTCOMES and a different reality that is the desired reality.

The path to stopping the destructive cycles of suffering also has the tremendous benefit of mass healing of emotional mind-rooted trauma around the world, but it first requires the awareness that we CAN control our own minds. Rather than our minds being in control, we can learn to use our minds as very powerful tools.

Learning to become the master of our own mind opens up endless possibilities for us to heal from chronic illness of any kind, and most of all, mastery of our own minds allows us to take our sovereign power back and fully understand and embody our own power to create our reality in our finances, our relationships, our health, and everything else.

Our thoughts, coupled with our emotions, can literally heal our bodies or cause disease.  Teaching ourselves and our children how to master their minds, their thoughts, and their perceptions of themselves and the world around them has the healing power to break the chains of generational trauma, suffering, and disease.

This is the beginning of what we call consciousness and it’s our God-given gift and ability that we all have. The most powerful part of our healing as individuals and as a planet really does come from within and it starts with becoming aware that we alone hold the power to become the change we desire.

With awareness and action on our parts, together we can literally transform our future generations, prevent future suffering, and empower our next generations to create the world of abundance, sovereignty,  and safety that is our God-given inheritance.

If this article resonates with you, and you want to learn more about the science behind our thoughts, and emotions, and how they are connected to our experiences of health or sickness, happy or unhealthy relationships, and realities of struggle or abundance, be sure to sign up for our Trauma Masterclass that starts on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Remember, you are NOT broken! There are ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS. It’s up to you to take those first steps. Take action, put yourself FIRST, give yourself the love and compassion you’ve been waiting for, and see how your life transforms!

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