Eating Healthy While On Holiday

by Kimberly Ross

Modern Holistic Health We love working with our clients to teach them how to identify and address the root causes of their chronic illness, whether it’s auto-immune related, brain related, hormones, whatever the case may be…. There are common denominators that lead to chronic illness. Understanding how to navigate your journey back to health is the best investment you’ll ever make. As a matter of fact, all of us here at Modern Holistic Health have been through our own journey learning how to identify our barriers to healing and how to navigate our way back to health. My own journey started with multiple food sensitivities that first led me down the road of many dietary restrictions – for over 10 years! While I learned many ways to overcome the challenges of changing my foods in my home, I found that traveling was difficult for me because I wasn’t aware of how I could eat healthy when I was away from my home. I found myself staying home rather than experiencing the joy of travel simply because I never had a coach to show me the way. It took time for me to learn on my own that I COULD travel and make sure my body was getting the right fuel. Once I learned how to eat for my health while traveling, I felt so free and excited and it’s now one of the things I love to teach our clients because many of them also want to travel and they want to also make sure they continue eating in the way that is helping their body and brains heal. Not only do I teach our clients how to eat clean while enjoying their vacations and travelling, I also show them how they can navigate healthy meals even with their children and partners in the mix. My partner and I have a blended family of 10. This amazing and new journey is a blessing on its own, and for a short time, did create a challenge for me in my nutrition department. However, with a bit of time, creativity, and organization, not only have I navigated our eating habits in the home, we have been able to travel as a family and still procure amazing and delicious meals for everyone. Over the last year we have traveled 4 times to various places from Miami to Atlanta, Breckenridge, Colorado and most recently a cruise through the Caribbean. In fact, as I am writing this I am on my cruise in the middle of the Caribbean ocean headed to Cozumel.

One of my favorite things about travel are the many new adventures, including new food experiences. I go into each trip with a mindset of happiness and thrill as I can try new foods, new flavors, and new ways of cooking. As I work with people all over the world with Modern Holistic Health, I realize that so many see traveling and eating clean as a task, and something that can cause anxiety. Though a simple mindset shift, anyone can turn this into something scary or into something exciting! What’s great about mastering the art of shifting perspective is that YOU decide how you want to feel about it and what story you create around your experience. If you want to live life to your fullest with every new experience, you can! You are, and always have been, in the driver’s seat and once you become aware of that, you can overcome any challenges you come up against and spin it around into a gratifying experience. So I come to you this holiday season with my tips and tricks as I experience something new. This ship is absolutely amazing. I personally have never been on a cruise, nor have I ever been out of the country. So I am excited to bring you not just my excitement of learning and trying new things, I hope you have the ability to bring my learnings along with you into any new traveling situation, and still be able to move towards your health goals. As we waited to leave the Port of Galveston, we sat down for our first meal upon the giant Carnival Breeze. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited to see what they had to offer. I was welcomed to an amazing buffet collection of different types of foods from a great salad bar to a Mongolian wok where I enjoyed my first collection of foods. Here I found a buffet of raw veggies that could be added to my bowl including rice noodles, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, cabbage, green beans and many other options that I could choose from. I chose to add steak from the selection of proteins as

Over the course of the rest of our cruise, I had beautiful and delicious options the entire time, from fresh grilled seafood to sauteed veggies, to gluten free desserts! Never once did I feel like I was ‘doing without’. Instead I was greeted with foods that me and my whole family could enjoy! Remember, while travelling there are always choices that will fit into your specific eating regimen. It might take a little more searching or planning in some cases but it’s always possible. And isn’t your health and vitality worth the little bit of extra effort?! If you love yourself and value yourself and your life, of course it is! Speaking of eating while on holiday or while travelling, if you want some of the BEST cookies ever, try Ann’s two cookie recipes that we included in this month’s newsletter and let me know what you think! As I moved to the other side of the buffet, I came across many other types of dishes. I did notice lots of Italian dishes, which for me can be a challenge. Upon looking at my options I noticed some helpful labels that guide

Here you can find on the labels helpful keys for the dietary restrictions including V for vegan and GF for Gluten Free! I was absolutely thrilled to see this. Even a section for Gluten Free Bread, with its own container and utensil for preventing cross contamination. When traveling anywhere, it is important that you take the time to speak to the manager or chef about your dietary restrictions, this helps them to serve you better, but also keeps you safe when traveling to avoid any exposure.

This was our table spread for lunch. From our dish at the Mongolian Wok to a great loaded salad to roasted vegetables with herbs, we were able to safely eat without any upset stomachs afterwards. For breakfast options, I was excited to see what options they offered for breakfast, as this is oftentimes very difficult to navigate with dietary restrictions. Upon walking into the buffet area, I was greeted by a bar full of fresh fruit. Pair this with some nuts is a great snack or breakfast addition. No matter where you go, always look for fruit options.

One morning, we decided to go for the Omelette bar for our breakfast. I loaded up with eggs and lots of veggies inside. Now, I understand not everyone is able to consume eggs, especially if you are in one of our programs and on the Low Inflammatory diet. If you are unable to consume eggs I would opt for sautéed veggies and a protein of some sort and avoid the eggs all together.

During our excursion at Cozumel with the Dolphinaris VIP swim experience, we were able to choose from fresh options for our 4 course meal. I opted for an amazing soup, salad and steak with grilled veggies. A side of guacamole and chips finished off the meal.

Other options we came across during our trip were steak houses with amazing clean options. Opt for a simple meal of protein, vegetables and a side of carbs to round off a meal. I was able to talk specifically to the chef at each location and share our restrictions and every time they were able to work around it. Don’t be afraid to be a advocate for yourself while traveling. Eating healthy IS a form of self-care and self-love. During our trip, I did a lot of reflection of my life, what I am grateful for, and show my body appreciation. By being conscious of my food I showed it love. I showed it support. But what about other forms of self care? For me, My spirit truly comes alive when I am in nature. During our trip I was able to plug into the beautiful blue ocean and even get to enjoy it by swimming with dolphins and snorkeling. Connecting with the Cozumel Locals was also a privilege seeing their land and how hard they work for what they have. I can’t explain the feeling of being connected to Mother Earth and seeing it first hand.

Self care can come in many forms. How about treating yourself to much needed sleep? Eating healthy meals.  Writing or reading by the poolside getting some vitamin D. We found a way to also assist our bodies by having a few things from the cruise spa. During our first day at sea, we reserved ourselves for a couples Swedish massage that was truly amazing. Smells of lavender and eucalyptus in the organic body oil and steam producer. Detoxing our muscles and providing a gentle lymphatic drainage motion, we were truly relaxed. We also took advantage of the thermal pool and sauna during our time. This was something we did daily along with eating healthy foods to truly

When traveling there are so many ways to show appreciation to your body, that truly goes above and beyond just eating healthy. Here at Modern Holistic Health, we don’t just focus on one aspect of the body and well-being. We focus on the WHOLE body. The Mind, Body, Spirit connection is strong. By supporting every aspect of your body, you will truly then find a sense of well-being. By connecting every part of you from within, you will find a new level of peace and understanding. This holiday season, I wish for every one of you the ability to love your body and appreciate every single aspect of it. Love life to the fullest. Know that you can overcome anything you come against, no matter what it is. Surround yourself with people who support and love you. Put yourself first and know that here at Modern Holistic Health we support you and love you and your dreams for a truly unique and wonderful life.

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