Embarking on a Transformational Journey: Insights from the in-depth training that Modern Holistic Health provides for its practitioners

By Dr. David Tsai, Biological & Health Coach Practitioner

I’m Dr. David Tsai, and I’m excited to introduce myself. Last year I joined Dr. Villanueva’s Practitioner Certification Program after hearing her speak at a conference almost three years ago. I was impressed with her case studies and the work she was doing and wanted to learn more about the Modern Holistic Health approach that she has developed over the years.

I am currently completing an internship with Dr. V and recently attended a week-long training in her certification program. This training left me inspired with many new insights and wisdom that I am implementing both in my personal life as well as in my practice.

All of what I learned in this training is what the Modern Holistic Health Practitioners teach and use in their work with clients around the world and I understand, after taking this training, why Dr. V invests so much training into her practitioners. These modalities are not only life-changing for them but allow them to be superior coaches and guides to all of the MHH clients who choose to go deep to find their healing. Allow me to share my recent transformational experience with you…

Just a couple of weeks have passed since  I embarked on a journey that promised growth not just professionally but on a deeply personal level as well. In the beautiful mountainous expanse of Heber City, Utah, I met up with Dr. V and her personal development team for a retreat and training that turned out to be a beacon of transformation, offering a dive into the profound depths of the power of language, neurological reprogramming, the biology and neurology of trauma and emotions, understanding the conscious and the unconscious mind, and so much more. 

This retreat taught us powerful skills of mastering our own mind, how to uncover and address self-sabotaging patterns, and how our thoughts and emotions create a fusion of altered chemistry in our mental, physical, and emotional components within our neurology. We learned how to leverage thoughts, language, emotions, and patterns of thinking to carve paths out of suffering and toward our aspirations.

The Awakening: From Victim to Victor

Amid the tranquil surroundings of the retreat, a revelation awaited — the concept of “CAUSE and EFFECT.” It dawned upon me how often we find ourselves trapped on the “Effect” side of life’s equations, casting blame, feeling victimized, and shackled by circumstances. Yet, the power to flip the script lies within us. 

By stepping into the “Cause” side, we embrace personal responsibility, becoming architects of our empowerment. This shift is not just about understanding our present but about shaping our future, turning adversities into avenues of healing, self-discovery, and growth. 

Takeaway: View life’s challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities for learning and growth. This perspective is a gateway to transforming your life and your health.

The Shift: Redefining Reality with Mindset and Filters

Another enlightening insight was about “MINDSET and FILTERS.” 

Our reality is a reflection of our internal representations and the external events that shape them. Filters, the unseen lenses through which we view the world, craft our behaviors and, ultimately, our reality. Discovering that my reality was not a fixed star but a constellation I could rearrange was liberating. If we wish to alter our reality, we must begin with our mindset, questioning the filters crafted by past experiences and choosing to replace them with ones that align with our desires. Dr. V and her team teach this concept in their Mind Body Energy Program and I see the power of understanding and being willing to change our filters, especially when it comes to healing, health, and vitality. 

Takeaway: To change your reality, start with your mindset. Evaluate and adjust your mental filters (your thoughts and beliefs)  to foster a life you love. Changing your filters literally changes your body and brain chemistry allowing for healing to take place. Your mind is your most powerful medicine!

The Healing: Confronting Negative Emotions

A cornerstone of the retreat was understanding the impact of NEGATIVE EMOTIONS on our lives. Anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt, and shame — the “big six” as they were referred to — can, when unaddressed, weave a web that entangles us in a cycle of limiting decisions and beliefs. This realization hit home; to foster positive change, one must confront and resolve these negative emotions. At the retreat training, we got to learn about and experience what is called the Quantum Time Technique and I got to witness the powerful transformation that happens with this modality, providing a method to trace and neutralize the emotional charge of bad memories.

Takeaway: Healing begins with addressing the root cause of negative emotions. Through resolution, we open doors to health and fulfillment.

The Revelation: Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System

A bonus insight from this transformative retreat was the importance of shifting from the stress-induced “fight or flight” mode to the healing “rest and digest” mode. The daily practices of cold plunging, red light therapy, group meditation, movement, and breathwork that we got to experience at this retreat and training were not merely exercises but rituals that allowed me to consciously engage with the parasympathetic nervous system, fostering an environment for healing and creativity. Dr. V talks about much of this in the MBE program and I understand now how effective these modalities can be, especially when doing many of them sequentially. 

Takeaway: Dedicate time daily to practices that nurture your body’s natural state of rest and healing. It’s not just foundational, it’s essential for healing and maintaining a balanced, creative, and fulfilling life.

This journey through this training and retreat was more than an educational endeavor; it was a voyage of personal discovery and transformation. Not only for those seeking healing but also for those on the path of personal and professional growth, understanding and applying these insights can be a game-changer. Embrace the journey, and may each insight light a step on your path to wellness and achievement.

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