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Antisocial Behavior in Children.

As a parent, you are always vigilant when it comes to protecting your children from all sorts of foreign threats. However, what many parents don’t realize is that the most dangerous of perils are the ones that are close to home, or specifically inside the house, amidst your furniture, and in your cabinets.

Recent studies have shown common fire retardants as extremely problematic, especially for children. Flame retardants were already associated with many life-threatening conditions, like hormone disruption, immune dysfunctionthyroid problems, and cancer.

Now, to add to that fuel, the researchers at Oregon State University have now found a possible link between flame retardants and the development of antisocial behavior in children.

Plus, the journals Neurotoxicology and Teratology have also revealed that a particular fire retardant- Firemaster 500 (FM 550), could be causing antisocial behavior in children.

Which Chemicals in Your House are Affecting Your Children?

The FM 550 fire retardant was first introduced as a replacement to cancer-causing fire retardant known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers. This was supposed to be a safe alternative to the former dangerous retardant. However, the continued concern over the fact that flame retardant exposure might be the cause of neurodevelopment disorders led researchers to look deeper into the subject matter.

Needless to say, the studies stood affirmative with the concern of researchers. The studies suggested that people who were exposed to FM 550 displayed antisocial behavior like choosing to be alone and displaying more anxiety. The results were true in both male and female subjects.

Other Harmful Effects of Fire Retardant Chemicals

Apart from the obvious FM 550, parents should make a note of other harmful fire retardant chemicals that are found in surprising sources all around the house.

They are as follows;

1. Dust Bunnies: These small clumps of dust contain toxic flame retardants that can make small children and pets vulnerable to the consequences they can unleash on them.

2. Baby Products: Baby products like car seats and changing pads contain harmful flame retardants, making them extremely dangerous.

3. Airplanes: Parents should be extra cautious while traveling in airplanes with their children as they are packed with flame retardants.

4. Home Furniture: Although PBSDE is no longer a part of home furniture, the flame retardant used to replace might be even more dangerous.

Antisocial Behavior in Children1


Now you might be wondering how you can protect your children from the harmful effects of the flame retardant chemical. The following tips can help;

1. Purchase Furniture that has TB 117 of FM 550 Label
2. Dust floors and furniture and vacuum carpets and floors regularly.
3. Use a HEPA filter while vacuuming
4. Buy a good air purification system; you can also purchase air purifying plants from your nearest nursery.

Antisocial Behavior in Children2

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