Ginger and Turmeric (3)

Both Ginger and Turmeric are two of the most treasured and extensively studied ingredients in herbal medicine. Both have been long used to cure ailments, both chronic and benign since times ancient and bygone.

Today ginger and turmeric are under the constant microscope of scientists to study their role in decimating chronic inflammation and other deadly diseases they can trigger. Now, more concrete scientific analysis has come to light that seems to confirm the potency of these nutrient-dense Asian cuisine favorites.

Recent Study Probes the effect of Ginger and Turmeric Combination on our health.

Recent studies suggest that a combination of ginger and turmeric can relieve pain and help the body overcome ailments that can be caused by high inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be a result of many factors, both in and beyond our control. Improper diet, environmental toxins, stress, injury, hormone dysregulation, etc. are all responsible for the body developing chronic inflammation issues.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of ailments, mainly obesity, premature aging, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and over 100 forms of autoimmune disorders. Needless to say, chronic inflammation isn’t an issue to be taken lightly.

The Ginger Root, aka Zingiber Officinal, is rich in gingerols and shogaols. These are powerful antioxidant compounds that flush out harmful free radicals and limit the production of enzymes that produce a pro-inflammatory chemical called leukotrienes.

Researchers have found that around 1000mg of ginger a day for three months reduced inflammation and relieve symptoms in patients with painful knee osteoarthritis.

Like ginger, curcumin containing turmeric has also been found to reduce oxidative stress and inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals in our bodies. Curcumin has also been found to boost the expression of sirtuin 1, a protein responsible for promoting good health and longevity. A fact that has been backed by over 12000 peer-reviewed articles.

Now, as we know, both turmeric and ginger are at the forefront of studies pertaining to their anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies have found that each of these ingredients can potentiate the effects of the other, thus increasing its effectiveness in overcoming chronic inflammation.

Ginger and Turmerics3

In a recent animal study published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, Ginger and Turmeric reduced joint inflammation that comes with rheumatoid arthritis. The research was keen to note that the combination protected and preserved joints, while also helping prevent impaired kidney function and anemia that is common with the disease.

Apart from Chronic Inflammation, ginger and turmeric have been found to prevent metabolic syndrome, a deadly condition that includes high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, obesity, and abnormal levels of fat in the blood.

The benefits of Curcumin and Ginger don’t stop here. Scientists are constantly analyzing these natural gifts to mankind for more promising health benefits. It will be interesting to see what more revelations are in store with these ancient herbal remedies.

How You Can Use Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric and ginger have been used as culinary favorites in most Asian and Indian dishes. Both of them can be consumed dry, fresh, or ground. They are also available in supplement form. You can use turmeric as an ingredient in most of your homemade dishes.

With the addition of black pepper, turmeric is much more pragmatic as it enhances the availability of curcumin for the body. Golden milk is a great option to get the maximum benefit out of turmeric and ginger.

To get more out of ginger, you can add freshly grinded or chopped ginger to your vegetables, salads, or soup. You can also nibble on pickled ginger. Ginger is also found in capsules and tablets. A recommended dosage of 1000mg to 3000mg of these tablets is enough for a day.

There are a variety of other options you can try to get turmeric and ginger into your system. Together they make a great ally against chronic inflammation and diseases it brings with it.

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