Join us for our 8th Annual EPIC 30-Day Kickstart Detox!

It’s that exciting time of year once again as we move into our annual MHH EPIC Detox in January 2024!

Here’s the thing. Every January, we see tons of ads sharing their tactical secret to detox, losing weight, and improving health… and they all suggest you’re just missing that one simple tip or trick.

This type of marketing creates the belief that success is just one shiny object away.

But they have no real case studies to prove it, and often these quick fixes can cause more harm than good.

Here’s the deal, it DOES take an average of 9 months to eliminate toxic mold, heavy metals, and environmental chemical toxins from the body… 

In fact, if you are chronically sick, it can take a year or so before your body has detoxed enough for your systemic engines to get back to baseline health!

But it doesn’t stop there.  

Because of our highly toxic environments around the world, it’s essential that we continue to detox once we’ve restored our health… SO THAT WE CAN MAINTAIN OUR HEALTH! 

No matter where you are on your health journey, doing our proven MHH EPIC Detox at least once per year is not only recommended, it is absolutely necessary!

If you missed our recent Inner Circle Live Call, on January 11th check out the link to the recording so that you can learn WHY you want to do this EPIC Detox and how to do the best quickstart detox available on the market today. 

Check out the AMAZING case studies that Ann and I shared and join us for our data-driven 8th Annual MHH EPIC Global Detox – where each year, hundreds of our followers and clients…

  • Have lost 5-30 pounds of inflammation weight
  • Dropped up to 30 points in their blood glucose
  • Restored normal liver enzyme markers on their blood work
  • Have dropped up to 80 points on their cholesterol 

 …In just 30 days!

I am personally inviting you to join our Annual EPIC Detox Community and challenge you to step into your new self, the self you want to be by joining us and our clients as we guide you daily through our annual January MHH EPIC 30-Day Detox!

For those of you who have been with us for many years, you know our MHH EPIC Annual Detox is a part of your lifestyle and that this is the best time to order your before and after yearly functional blood labs so that you can track your rapid improvements over the month of your January detox and dial in on your strategy for your optimization for 2024. Email our office to order your blood labs here: [email protected]


**Normally $424 for this comprehensive functional blood lab report (valued at over $2,000!) If you’re joining us for our annual EPIC detox, my office will give you an exclusive EPIC Detox discount so you can get your functional blood labs for only $299.

If you are joining us for the first time, we will also offer you this special discount on your blood labs so that you, too, can see how rapidly your body biology can improve in such a short time!

If you are ready to join, click HERE and get started!

We will show you the SCIENCE behind how our detox works and you’ll get to see real case studies of our clients before and after lab results

Then we’ll all prepare for and complete the 30-day challenge together starting at the end of January (to give you enough time to order your detox kit and get your detox foods stocked up in your kitchen).

So to recap:

  • Register for the 2024 January EPIC Detox Here. We will have the recording of our recent class to show you how the detox works and get you ready and prepared with your foods, get your protocols ready, learn your protocol dosing, and you’ll have time to order your labs if you want to.


  • The Detox will officially start on Saturday, January 20th. (Don’t worry, you can start sooner or later as you wish if that exact date doesn’t work for you!)



And don’t forget that we also have a private EPIC Detox Support group located inside your program where we can give and receive encouragement, show each other our progress, post our struggles & successes, and even post pictures of our favorite recipes.

Order your 2024 MHH EPIC Annual Detox before it sells out to ensure your detox materials and protocols are sitting on your counter by the 11th in case you are ready to start right away!

We are so excited to start 2024 off with excitement and an attitude of health, vibrancy, and self-love, and we hope you join us!

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