My gift to you this holiday season…

Each year I am busy at work, creating my masterclasses to educate and inspire you that you CAN heal and create the life you truly desire. No matter how long you’ve been sick, how old you are, or what kind of symptoms or conditions you have, you do have the ability to heal and restore your vitality. And not only that, if you feel like you have been on the hamster wheel or the broken record of repeating cycles of suffering, you also have the ability to break that repeating cycle once and for all.

I get it because I’ve been there. I was once sick for many years without answers or solutions, and not only was I suffering from a plethora of symptoms and conditions, but I was also suffering in almost every other area of my life. My relationships with my family, my son, my friends… I was exhausted from working so hard just to make ends meet. I could never find that one special person to grow old with. I felt alone, unheard, and unloved. Nothing in my life was in flow, nothing was easy, and it felt like the harder I tried the worse things got for me in every area of my existence. 

Everything I desired seemed to be out of my reach no matter how hard I tried, and believe me I tried! I had an incredible work ethic, and I was heart-centered and intelligent… but I couldn’t get off my broken record of suffering no matter how hard I tried.

But then that day on Thanksgiving of 2011 when I decided to take my life, a miracle happened.  

That miracle didn’t just save my life, it transformed my life. That was the day God spoke to me and told me that as his child, I had the power and innate intelligence within me to heal myself. He told me that nothing outside of me would transform my life, and that is why everything I had tried had failed. The answers were inside me, and I needed to be still to hear His whispers and the answers that were already within me waiting for me to hear them. 

You see, that was the day I truly realized that as a child of God with the gift of free will, I also had the power to change my reality… with my thoughts, my words, and my emotions. I became aware that my beliefs, the words I always used, and my thoughts about myself and the world around me were all at the root of the reality (of sickness and suffering) I had created for myself.  

That Thanksgiving day of 2011 is when I became aware that I was the one who created my own suffering. As I continued to listen, I realized the world had been conspiring FOR me, not against me, but because of my beliefs, the unknown power of my own spoken word, my thoughts, and my beliefs, I was not able to receive all the goodness and the health that God had right there waiting for me! 

You see, my thoughts, my beliefs, and even the wording I used in my everyday language had been a result of years of unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotions… That ALL led to a massive rewiring of my body and brain neurology. And this rewiring put me on a new path that was one of repeated cycles of suffering for many years. 

Throughout my journey of healing and transformation, I learned how to heal my body, my mind, and my spirit. I learned that just like environmental toxins or toxic mold can create disease, so can toxic thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and even our words!

I thank God every day for the wisdom He shared with me then. And it was that day God also told me, “You are not finished here yet, Elena. There is still much work ahead to be done, and you are just starting.”

THIS is when I discovered my purpose and that what I thought was my “mess” was really my message to guide people back to health, vitality, love, peace, joy, and the life they truly desire. 

Last month, at the beginning of November, we had our last Masterclass series of the year, my Trauma Masterclass. In this masterclass series, I showed the concepts, science, and case studies from our own clients to teach how unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotions can be a major root cause of physical and mental suffering in one’s life. I also taught the application of various tools and modalities that can be used to help one heal and transform the very essence of their reality, including their health.  

This was my first LIVE (not pre-recorded) masterclass too! And for each episode, we also did one or two healing modalities with our live audience. It was truly amazing, and everyone got so much goodness out of each episode.  

But we didn’t stop there! 

In the last episode, we did something we’ve never done before… We did a live guided healing meditation, and it was truly life-transforming for so many people! We had a flood of chat messages coming in, so many that I can’t fit them all on here, but here is just a sample for you to see…

For this LIVE masterclass, we not only poured out the science and case studies for you, we also poured our hearts out, sharing our wisdom, our expertise, and our passion – and this was the most amazing experience ever. 

So as I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you this holiday season, and because of the amazing experiences that almost 20 thousand people had, I decided to share our guided healing meditation with you as my gift to you. 

  • When you listen to it, find a place to lie down where you can close your eyes and not be disturbed. Cozy up with a blanket and hit play.Email me back and let me know how you feel afterward.Access a powerful guided healing meditation hereSending you so much love, strength, and healing this holiday seasonDr. V
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