Overview of holistic doctor near me

A holistic doctor near me or holistic medicine practitioner can be your best advocate for teaching you how to integrate and use a variety of holistic medical techniques or approaches for both common, chronic, and acute health issues. People today look for holistic doctors to get healthcare approach that is an alternative to what traditional healthcare providers provide. By performing holistic medicine, a holistic doctor has the ability to resolve a number of medical issues by directly working with the person to get more information about how their body works, what the underlying cause of the health problem is, and how to naturally address this issue.

Today, holistic medicine takes a distinct approach to healthcare for people from all walks of life. This type of approach to health helps resolve many health issues through a complete plan for healing the body and mind.

What is a holistic medicine doctor?

what is a holistic medicine doctor

Sometimes called integrative medicine doctors, holistic medicine practitioners focus on the underlying cause of disease rather than on symptoms and the disease itself. A holistic doctor generally has as much training as a conventional doctor, usually in numerous areas of medicine that complement each other. Using these complementary areas of medicine, holistic doctors focus on dealing with the whole person, instead of deriving a medical diagnosis from their symptoms alone. A holistic doctor looks for the underlying cause of a condition, creates a plan of action to address the underlying causes, and then works with a person or client to start them down the road to health.

The typical holistic doctor does not use one technique for improving the health of their client. Instead, they use several techniques to practice this form of natural medicine, usually using only all natural supplements to resolve a number of medical conditions. With this approach, the holistic doctor has the ability not only to address multiple causes behind a medical condition, but they are also able to develop a plan of protocols and lifestyle modifications to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Some of the approaches that set a holistic practitioner apart from a traditional doctor include but are not limited to:

♦ Performing in-depth and sometimes complicated testing to gain a comprehensive view of the health of a person. A few of these tests include genetic testing, organic acids testing, GI map testing, advanced hormone testing, comprehensive functional blood lab testing, food intolerance, and other allergy assessments, minerals and vitamin level assessments, and other biochemical assessments.

♦ Engaging with a person for much longer visit times. A traditional doctor visit is typically insufficient for a comprehensive assessment of a person as defined in the holistic model. This is usually due to constraints set forth by the insurance industry which does not allow the doctor to spend the time they may want to spend or order the types of labs they may want to order for a person. Holistic medicine specialists are not bound by the constraints and rules of the insurance industry and traditionally hold longer appointment times with their clients to develop a bigger image of the health status of a person. They also describe everything about the tests they may perform, address a person’s questions and issues, coach them on lifestyle changes necessary to help the client, and suggest following their recommended treatment plan.

Holistic medicine specialists provide a number of services to help clients become more educated and empowered about their health. With a number of conventional and holistic medicine techniques available to them, they can create and implement a comprehensive solution to resolve the medical issues of a person.

Some of these holistic medicine techniques and care plans consist of

Finding the best holistic doctor near me:

Searching for the best holistic doctor is, fortunately, a simple process Because many of the top holistic doctors in the United States are virtual, meaning no matter where you live you can see them from the comfort of your own home as long as you have a phone or computer. The best holistic medicine specialists may be as close as a mouse click or a phone call away. Before looking for the actual medical professional; however, You should first recognize the type of pain or condition you need help for and then research a holistic clinician who has experience with your condition.

Finding the best holistic doctor near me
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