Top 5 Causes of Anxiety, Depression and other Brain Chemistry Imbalances

Reversing and Preventing Neurodegenerative disease and Neurological Disorders, including Anxiety, Depression, and Psychosis.

Latest data from the CDC shows that the US´s suicide/neurodegenerative disease rates are at the highest level since World War II.

Many doctors are not only aware that the current model isn’t working; they are looking outside the box to find solutions. Many specialties from around the globe, including scientists, biochemists, medical doctors, and holistic doctors are working together to bring new approaches that are showing promising results for thousands around the world. By approaching these epidemic health concerns with a complex approach that looks to find the root causes instead of simply just trying to address the symptom, people are actually making full recoveries from their mental health struggles.

Top causes of Brain Chemistry Imbalances and Neurodegenerative Disease

We have seen evidence of many contributing factors that are causing the rise in brain chemistry imbalances and neurodegenerative disease including

1. High stress causes major physiological changes to the body that can alter metabolism, hormone balance, thyroid hormones, and even brain chemistry. Chronic long term high stress ultimately can cause a multitude of imbalances leading to chronic disease, including neurodegenerative disease and other brain chemistry imbalances.

High stress

2. The Standard American Diet which consists of foods that cause neural inflammation like gluten, which can cause atrophy of the cerebellum region of the brain(4).

The Standard American Diet

3. Dairy which has been shown to be a large factor involved in patients with Schizophrenia and other brain chemistry imbalances(5). In fact, there are many foods that, in certain individuals, can induce complete psychosis(6).

Dairy products (1)

4. Underlying infections like clostridia(7), have the ability to markedly alter behavior in autism and other neuropsychiatric diseases by causing alterations in dopamine and norepinepherine levels in the brain because of a neurotoxin that is released by the infection that blocks the conversion of dopamine to norepinepherine  — resulting in too high levels of dopamine and too low levels of norepinephrine. Excessively high levels of Dopamine leads to damage to the neurons, triggers the fight or flight response (panic attacks and anxiety), symptoms of Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other symptoms associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Clostridia isn’t the only chronic infection that can cause alterations in brain chemistry. Imbalances in the gut flora, parasites, mold, and other pathogens are also known to cause unfavorable changes in brain chemistry.

underlying infection

5. Exposure to environmental toxins has also been linked to a host of neurological degenerative diseases as well as cancers. Environmental toxins can come from your drinking water, prescription medications, household and beauty products, non-organic foods, and even the air you breath (contaminated poor air quality in homes is common and recognized by the EPA). Exposure to Glyphosate, which can come from your foods, water sources, or air, for example, has been linked to autism, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and depression, fatigue, gluten sensitivity, and Parkinson’s disease(1-2). A 54-year-old man who accidentally sprayed himself with glyphosate developed skin lesions six hours after exposure, and one month later he developed Parkinsonian Syndrome(3). There are many cases like this showing the neurological effects of environmental toxins like glyphosate. There are also many case studies showing a reversal of the neurological disease symptoms once the underlying culprits are confirmed and eliminated from the body.

Exposure to environmental toxins

AND this isn’t new news! There are so many variables that can cause not only the brain chemistry to shift out of balance but the entire body… variables that include underlying infections, foods or chemicals, and preservatives in the foods, environmental toxins like glyphosate, and even lifestyle choices. The problem isn’t that we don’t have the advanced testing available to us, the problem is that the current system is not set up to allow doctors to offer this type of testing and these simple yet profound solutions to their patients. Fortunately, there are practitioners around the country who have stepped outside the current model of medicine who are using the technology and science available to find and eliminate the root causes of these diseases.

Examples of objective testing that looks not only at brain function and brain chemistry include Topographic brain mapping which can be used to detect changes in brain electrical activity with food-induced neurological disorders and IgG testing to identify the offending foods and remove them from the diet. Organic acids and environmental toxin testing and genetic testing to find imbalances and root causes of a biochemical imbalance in the body and brain.

It takes a complex model approach to understand what the offending variables can be and how all the variables can affect the body and the brain. Shifting to this more complex thinking approach and understanding that we need to find the underlying root causes of the brain chemistry imbalance is going to be the long term solutions for those who are struggling for answers.

We are experiencing a national mental health epidemic

Things Government should consider for growing Mental health.

Deaths due to chronic unresolved mental health issues have skyrocketed and are at all-time highs, not just in the US but around the world. The current model of mental health is the only medical specialty that derives a diagnosis based on a cluster of clinical symptoms rather than objective laboratory measure.

What is the government doing to improve the mental health care system?
There are measures being taken, but much more needs to be done to make bigger changes faster. The former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health from 2002 – 2015, Dr. Thomas R Insel, withdrew support for the DSM -5 (the diagnostic and statistical manual) which was the manual for diagnosis based on symptoms. He made clear the agency would no longer fund research projects that relied exclusively on DSM criteria. He was pushing for an evidence-based more scientific model…. and right now, there are doctors and scientists from around the world who are working together to continue to collect evidence-based data that showing positive outcomes for those around the globe who are looking outside the box for this type of approach.

Actions the government can take to grapple with the growing mental health epidemic
The answer isn’t simple. A big problem with all governments is their lack of ability to pivot quickly when changes need to be made. The faster change will be brought about by the demands of the people and those who leave the current medical model in search for answers. It is those who have already done this who are reaping the benefits of finding a resolution to their chronic mental health and neurodegenerative issues, and they are the ones leading the change.

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