The Power of the Energy Constriction Release

by Rosita Alvarez

At Modern Holistic Health we are known for our amazing outcomes. It’s not by chance that we have the reputation we have! By incorporating and understanding the influence of both Evidence Based (data-driven) approaches and how the mind/body/spirit complex interplays in healing, health, and optimization, people around the world are finally finding answers and long-term solutions to symptoms, conditions, and diseases they were told they would have to live with for their entire lifetimes. Finally, the new paradigm in healing and health is here, and it’s now available for anyone who is ready to take their healing and their health back into their own hands.

Our amazing outcomes occur when we address ALL the underlying root causes. And while addressing physical causes like toxins, mold, leaky gut, etc is important, if you don’t also address the underlying causes that you can’t test for, like unresolved emotions, unprocessed trauma, and self-sabotaging belief systems, you will ultimately get stuck in your healing journey. That’s where our approach has created this new paradigm in health and healing. By addressing ALL barriers to healing, both physical and energetic, all facets of who we are as human beings (mind, body, and spirit) can lead to answers and solutions to restore the body and mind back to health and vitality.

Effectively addressing all the root cause barriers to healing requires a plethora of tools and modalities. Even when addressing energetic root causes of symptoms, conditions, and diseases, such as unresolved trauma, unprocessed emotions, or limiting belief systems, often the best results are attained through the use of several modalities, one of which I want to introduce to you today: Resonance Repatterning®.

We are resilient beings, and I am always amazed at how much we can accomplish even in the midst of our limited flow of life energy. We can have many reasons for the lack of flow in us: hurts from the past, lack of vitality (in mind, body, and spirit), biological critters (also known as pathogens, parasites, etc), age, insomnia, lack of knowledge on how to be healthy, food sensitivities, unprocessed emotions, and trauma, just to name a few.

Trauma responses that are blocking the free flow of life energy are called energy constrictions. The symptoms of energy constrictions from trauma responses can show up like dissociation (numbing out), pain in the chest, low back pain, tightness in your throat, gut pain, crying easily, etc.

In the Resonance Repatterning® system, these energy constrictions are identifiable and can be found resonating and trapped in our bodies. But there is good news! These energy constrictions also can be thoroughly transformed with an Energy Constriction Release [ECR] process. When I went through my first ECR process as a client, I felt so empowered because I saw the magic of using my body, breath, and attention to create change where deep-seated childhood fear lived. Where I had always thought my way to safety, with the ECR process I learned to feel my way there. And through this process, I got to experience my physical symptoms literally melting away!

The healing power harnessed in one Energy Constriction Release session freed a recent client of ours to reach unimaginable heights where she found herself out of anxiety and pain and able to feel her inner world for the first time that she could remember…

This is what our recent client, Serenity, had to share about her experience…

“I am so grateful!..

My support friends knew I had a repatterning session, and they wanted to know how it went. I gave them some insight into the resonance repatterning modality and what I learned today; I even cried for the little girl [me] briefly, and I actually felt what I think is grief in my body—I don’t normally feel grief, so it was strange.

I decided to take a nap to let things sink in deeper. I got about 15 minutes of light sleep but I think it did help. I woke up with a headache (not uncommon), but my low back pain was gone and the myofascial pain that stretched like torn fabric over the whole of my back was gone… It is strange to actually feel what it’s like to be somewhat grounded inside my body—I think this is the first time ever. I am not comfortable being in my own skin, but I never felt it this way before…

And for the dessert… I went to self-defense classes tonight, and I was able to stay present the whole time—another first.

And my little 6-year-old friend asked me to do cartwheels with her. I wasn’t sure I could, because the last time I tried, my arms buckled under the pain in my wrists. I was on crutches for 9 months in the military (1999), as I was losing my ability to walk, and I would pick both legs up off the ground and just use the crutches as leg substitutes for 16-hour work shifts. It took a lot of skill to learn to compensate this way, and it took its toll. I ended up with cubital tunnel syndrome and I have had immense pain in both wrists, and have been limited in my mobility ever since… until today! 

I think I managed about 6 cartwheels in between classes  (I volunteer to help out with the kids’ class, then there’s 2 adult classes I attend…)

I don’t understand the full scope of this tool for repatterning, but I am grateful for the time you took to help me release so much of the stuck trauma. I wasn’t expecting all the after effects but I am relieved, and awed, and grateful.” 

–Serenity C.

Serenity saw our Inflammation Masterclass and felt drawn to work with us. After her initial appointment with Mark, one of our amazing strategy coaches, Serenity knew in her heart that working with our team of coaches in our 12-month program, where she would also address her unresolved trauma, was the solution she had been looking for.

During my first session with Serenity, I got to learn about her history. You see, Serenity had a rough start in life and continued to have many traumatic events accumulate over time. Because of her many heightened emotional experiences, her body and mind rewired to where she would easily become stressed or triggered, and her nervous system would dissociate her from her body as a protection mechanism for survival.

This is a very common occurrence that many people endure after a traumatic heightened emotional experience or a series of repetitive traumas. During times of distress when our body and mind go into survival mode, we can leave our bodies, and as a consequence over time, the pain of unmet needs and the abuse that we are trying to escape gets frozen in us. This trapped trauma can develop into many symptoms, conditions, and diseases.

During Serenity’s work with me and her other Mind, Body, Spirit integration team, one of the modalities I used included taking her through the steps of the ECR process (Energy Constriction Release).   

Before I share what is involved in the ECR process, let’s take a quick look at Serenity’s symptom sheet rating (before and after her first session). Note that “10” is rated the worst, and “0” means there is no longer any symptom. Notice the big decrease in the severity of almost all her symptoms in just one session.

As you can see, the ECR process can be a powerful modality that can quickly help one resolve symptomology that is rooted in unprocessed emotions and unresolved trauma.

Based on my experience in working with several different tools and modalities over the years, I truly believe Resonance Repatterning® is perhaps the most elegant system on the planet. The ECR process has been developed to provide the maximum desired effect with the smallest or simplest effort. The ECR processes used in Repatterning sessions are often called the “Ferrari” of healing methods because of the speed at which people can get the results they are looking for.

Repatterning of this kind can reveal, resolve, and literally transform the root causes right away, allowing the mind, body, and spirit to heal and integrate rapidly without the need for years or decades of talk therapy. Traditional talk therapy has its place, as all tools and modalities do! But if you have tried it and haven’t seen the results you were hoping for, this might be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

The tools used in the Resonance Repatterning® system get to the root of our issues quickly, painlessly, and easily.

●  It is not a medical practice or a psychological method. It is what is called energy medicine that works at the frequency level by transforming your resonance with unconscious patterns to create physical, emotional, and mental coherence or well-being.

●  The Resonance Repatterning® system facilitates a natural state of well-being. It supports biological homeostasis. When we “resonate” with “something”, we experience that “something” easily. 

●  Using the Repatterning advanced muscle-checking tool remotely or in person allows the structure of the underlying issue to be identified and then addressed. Very specific language is used to fire up the neural pathways holding you stuck, and to help you move out of that place of being stuck that has kept you in a state of dis-ease.

●  Each session provides the actions to rewire the neurological patterns that are no longer serving you, so that lasting positive change specific to the individual can be accomplished. The ECR process essentially prunes those unneeded neurological pathways away using healing modalities which are based on a combination of ancient knowledge and modern neuroscience.

Resonance Repatterning® uses multiple modalities including:

● Color and light
● Sound
● Movement
● Breath
● Music
●  Aromatherapy
● Flower essences
● The Chinese 5 Element Acupuncture System
● The Indian Ayurvedic Chakra System
● Craniosacral work
● Polarity therapy
● Eye movements
● Other somatic modalities

The primary steps of the Energy Constriction Release were developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, the founder of Resonance Repatterning® and author of Quantum Change Made Easy, Spiral Up, and numerous other books. Chloe spent over 45 years in holistic healing and is featured in the book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman, Ph.D.

I personally studied under Chloe, and the experience of learning directly from her and her team has been one of my greatest joys as I have been able to see the amazing transformation of hundreds of lives as a result of learning how to incorporate her work with our clients!

In the book, Energy Medicine, the main author, Dr. James Oschman made a statement that couldn’t be more true and applicable for today, where he stated, “What can be more exciting than a method that can deliver us, individually and collectively, from recurring effects of our past trauma and make life easier and fun? There is no work more significant for these times.

Now that I’ve given you some background, I want to share what it is like to be led through an Energy Constriction Release. If it doesn’t totally make sense, that’s ok… this modality of Resonance Repatterning® is not the easiest tool to explain. But what’s most important is that it WORKS, our clients love it, and it’s helped them get their lives back!

Energy flows to where our attention goes. ECR focuses on the Energy Constrictions and uses specific tools to release them so the body can rewire back to a state of safety, calm, and peace.

Resonance Repatterning® practitioners, such as me, are trained to identify when someone goes into a constriction. It often happens after they are asked to say a positive statement. For example, just saying out loud “I am welcomed, loved, and accepted”  might be the words that contradict the part of you holding a painful past memory of feeling unloved. The brain wiring for “not feeling loved” lights up and the life energy trying to flow now stops because it is blocked. The body area constricts where you have stored this feeling of being unloved. This positive statement is basically causing a trigger to the nervous system causing the body to tense.

INSIGHT: Affirmations work when we resonate with them. If we don’t “have energy” or “resonance” for a positive affirmation because of our trauma, then repeating it just reinforces the negative wiring– in this case of being unloved –and triggers the constriction. Remember when we “resonate” with something, we experience that something easily. This example shows when we resonate with being unloved instead of being welcomed, we easily feel unloved. 

ECR then uses a process that helps the person to rewire to a state where they CAN resonate with the positive statement (in this example the positive statement would be “I am loveable.”) Applying the process of using their breath to re-establish flow at the location of the energy constriction, the client learns to feel the area and what sensations are being experienced, like a tight chest, throat tension, painful gut, etc.  

Using muscle testing, we then identify the feeling held there. Think of e-motions as “Energy in Motion.” This somatic approach helps the person identify details and sensations of that feeling in the constricted area. For example, what color is that feeling of terror? How does your body tell you it is feeling terror? Imagine breathing that color out with your exhales. See it like a cloud moving out of you. It just needs a way out.

That feeling needs to be communicated and an ideal response given (in order to release the emotion/constriction). For example, it might be your 2-year-old aspect that needs to say “I feel shame.” Using the ECR method, the coach and the client would look each other in the eyes as the client says “Mom, I feel shame,” and then the coach would reply with what your 2-year-old aspect would have wanted to hear from mom.

The ECR modality then has the person move through other next steps like inner-directed, full body movements to release the feeling and constriction in the body caused by the trapped emotion. Steps are taken to integrate the earlier unmet needs into the original area of constriction much like filling that space now with an update.

Using this modality, Serenity was able to inhabit her body right when it wanted to remain fragmented. This process helped her move energy out that was blocking her life energy, thus helping her body and mind to rewire so that she didn’t have to feel paranoia and the need to stay dissociated. As Serenity has more sessions, she will be able to reveal and resolve other deeper constrictions one by one so that she can rebuild a new foundation in the functionality of her nervous system and whole body and mind function.

As the layers of life energy become unstuck, we literally become different beings. We are more whole. We become able to finally resonate with the positive affirmations that once triggered us because we rewired our neural pathways to function in a way that better serves us.

Time and time again, clients tell us how amazing and truly magical their experiences with Resonance Repatterning® are.

A client recently said ”I feel so different, but can’t totally explain it. I feel so much lighter, happier, and more at peace. Much, much more than I could have expected for our first session. Looking forward to our next one… I feel like a seed that was just planted, and I am just coming through the soil into the sun, anxious to meet the new me.”

In closing, remember that any problem you have is simply your body’s way of trying to communicate with you to let you know that something needs to be addressed.  Symptoms are letting you know that you are resonating with unconscious negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that are not serving you. Once you become aware of how your body is trying to communicate with you, and you learn what tools and modalities can be used to resolve the issue, you can be freed of the symptoms.

Our team of Mind, Body, Spirit Integration Coaches can show you how to change your own resonance so that you can have the transformation you want in how you feel in an unwanted situation, in a turbulent relationship, in your health, and in your life.

If you would like to learn more about the trauma and emotional release programs we have and the other powerful tools and modalities that are used such as breath therapy, timeline therapy, sound therapy, and more, we invite you to schedule an appointment to learn more. You can schedule here and let your coach know you are interested in learning more about our Mind, Body, Spirit (trauma and emotional healing) programs.

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