What do you do when you feel stuck?

by Ann Hutyra

Do you ever just feel “stuck” in your healing journey? You’re not getting any worse, but things aren’t getting better either. Or maybe you’ve already healed most of your physical issues, but you feel stuck mentally or emotionally. I’ve been going through this recently in my own journey – feeling very “blah” and unmotivated, despite my physical body feeling pretty darn good.

Being a practitioner, and having a history of autoimmune thyroid disease, I immediately thought something must be “wrong” with my physical body. So I ran a thyroid panel, which came back optimal. I ran a hormone and adrenal panel, which also came back looking good. And then a full blood lab, which also showed nothing significant. What was I missing? I mulled over this question for a while, before deciding to run a bioenergetic scan on myself.

My scan results were very telling. One of the items that showed up for me was the bladder meridian – an energy pathway in the body that’s connected to our eyes, our spine, the back of the knees, kidneys, and bladder. Blockages in this meridian can cause symptoms like water retention, thyroid and hormone imbalance, and bladder/kidney issues. All of those symptoms I had experienced in one way or another at some point in my healing journey and was currently dealing with slight water retention all over my body. 

But what really resonated with me was that from an emotional perspective, FEAR was associated with blockages in this meridian. I started thinking about the role fear played in my life, both currently and in the past – and I had a few things come up for me. Was FEAR at the root of my current feelings of “blah” and lack of motivation?

Over the course of several days, I took the time to turn inward and journal all of my fears. I then worked on reframing those fears – instead of focusing on what I didn’t want, I made a list of what I DID want in my life. I also took some time for self-care – got extra hours of sleep, did some meditation, and spent time talking with a few trusted friends about my fears and the ways I was addressing them. I also added in some Infoceuticals – which are supplements encoded with information that helps the body return to its optimal blueprint for health and wellness.

While my feeling of “blah” didn’t go away overnight, I did notice some pretty quick shifts in the way I felt each morning when I woke up. I started enjoying the small parts of my daily routine that had felt mundane, like going for a walk with my pet wolf, or sitting outback to sun gaze when the sun came up each morning. I found myself becoming re-energized when engaging with my health clients, and got excited about cooking and eating again!

If you’re finding yourself also feeling stuck – here are some action steps you can follow to get to the root of the reason why:


●  Turn inward and ask yourself if you’re experiencing blocks due to trauma or unresolved emotions (or do a bioenergetic scan with our office!)

●  Focus on self-care – it’s OK to rest and sleep if your body is asking for it

●  Change of scenery – get out into nature or sit outside in the sun, watch the sunrise or the sunset (without sunglasses, which block the full spectrum of the sun’s light. Sunlight is very healing in small doses and helps align our circadian rhythms)

●  Call a friend – connection can help us recognize where we need to focus our attention

●  If you feel intuitively that there’s an issue with your physical body, reach out to our office so we can order some lab work for you

Most importantly, have some grace with yourself, and remember, feelings that are uncomfortable don’t last forever. Observe what your feelings and emotions are trying to tell you, and gather all the learnings you can.

Sending healing energy,


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