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Soda is an incredibly popular beverage still available and performing well in the market. Despite studies making a strong case against the effects of soda, it is still the beverage of choice by the general population today. An average can of soda contains a whopping 10 tsp of sugar, which is about 40 grams of sugar!

Soda damages our body in more than one way. Your blood sugar level spikes immediately after you finish a can of soda. This can cause an Insulin burst that tricks the body into converting all sugar into fat. In the first hour after ingesting a soda, the pupils become dilated, blood pressure rises, and the liver dumps even more sugar into the bloodstream. These are just some of the many harmful effects of soda on our body.

In this article, we will discuss even more of the many unsavory effects of soda on our body.

1. Weight Gain

Sugar is a very addictive commodity, and Sodas have it in abundance. Many people struggle to quit Sodas because of the addictive properties of their sugar content. You just can’t have enough of it. The soda companies did come up with an alternative of Diet Sodas to entice the health-conscious market. However, studies show that the artificial sweeteners that are used in these Sodas can be more dangerous than actual sugar.

Researchers from the University of Texas found that people who drink two diet sodas a day will see their waist circumference increase by 500% over a ten year time period. These artificial sweeteners are programmed to cause one to crave sugar even though those diet drinks are not made with actual sugar.

2. Brain

The high sugar content of Sodas doesn’t just stop at weight gain. The food dye, combined with the artificial sweeteners of these sodas, can interfere with the neurological processes of your body. Excessive amounts of sugar in Sodas cause inflammation to the brain and nervous system and it also decreases the production of a chemical in the brain known as BDNF, aka Brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Low BDNF then leads to everyday cognitive tasks like learning and memory formations challenging.

3. Teeth

In addition to the toxic high sugar levels, the high phosphorus content found in sodas also causes harmful effects to our teeth, causing decay to our pearly whites.   It weakens enamel, which if left addressed, can lead to bacterial plaques that cause cavities. Soda also lowers the pH levels of the saliva, thus increasing bacterial proliferation and dental erosion.

4. Heart

In a 2012 study conducted by Harvard University, it was found that people who drank one can of soda a day had increased chances of suffering from chronic heart disease (CHD). Researchers also concluded that along with the increased risk of heart disease, there were also some adverse changes in lipids, inflammatory factors, and leptin (which are contributors to heart disease).

5. Lungs

When it comes to Soda consumption, your lungs don’t fare well either. Scientists have linked soda consumption with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. The amount of soft drink consumption also leads to increased chances of asthma and other lung-related issues as sugars not only cause significant inflammation to the brain, it causes inflammation to the entire body, including the lungs.

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Alternatives to Soda

Eliminating soda entirely from one’s diet can be difficult, owing to its addictive features. Increase your intake of mineral water while in the process of quitting soda. To addicts, mineral water might seem a dire alternative to the enticing taste of soda, but gradually you will be able to adapt it into your lifestyle and your taste buds will ‘reset’ after stopping the high sugar sodas.

For those who seek taste, you can add some fresh fruit to your water. Adding orange, or lime juice or even the essential oils of orange or lime to the water, or adding a good quality electrolyte powder (our favorite is   **Use the Code “MODERN” for Free shipping) can work wonders in helping you transition away from sodas.
In addition to flavored water, you can also opt for cold herbal, non-caffeinated teas to quench your thirst for soda.

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