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Chronic pain is reaching epidemic levels. Statistics show that either you or someone you are close to suffers from chronic pain.

And that number dramatically increases if you are 60 years and older.

And chronic pain is not just a daily inconvenience, it makes almost every important area of your life more difficult.

Chronic pain can:

  • Make it difficult to do your favorite activities, so you might feel powerless and out of control in your life;
  • Cause you to have a bad mood so you don’t really enjoy time with friends and family;
  • Make it harder to achieve your goals because you have trouble getting around and staying focused on what you are doing.

Chronic pain is so serious that some people are choosing to get surgery. For example, some people with chronic pain in the knees are choosing replacement surgery. The challenge with knee replacement surgery is that it can cost $50,000 per knee and require 3 months to heal.

And recovery can be very painful.

BUT, we have some good news for you…

There are ways that you can reduce and even eliminate your chronic pain without expensive or painful surgery.

3 Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Your Chronic Pain

1: Physical Therapy and Exercise

This is a great option for two reasons, first because it works, and second because it improves your overall health.

For example, did you know that exercise can increase the number of stem cells in your body?

And as you know from watching The Healing Miracle, stem cells can help you heal throughout your body, not just regarding your pain.

The best way to pursue effective physical therapy and exercise for chronic joint pain is to see a specialist. Make sure this expert specializes in working with people in your age group with your specific type of chronic pain.

You don’t want a physical trainer who only works with bodybuilders if you are a 72-year-old woman with chronic shoulder pain.(This seems like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people see the wrong kind of specialist for their chronic pain.)

You can ask your general practitioner doctor or health care provider for a referral, or ask a friend who has gotten treatment for their chronic pain.

2: Avoid Inflammatory Foods

A lot of chronic pain is caused by chronic inflammation. For example, many cases of arthritis are caused or triggered by chronic inflammation. 

And the food that you eat is one of the biggest causes of inflammation.

Here are three foods that are potentially causing massive inflammation, and therefore contributing to chronic pain:

A. Refined sugar

Using sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, xylitol and erythritol will still give you that sweet taste but protect you from the damage of inflammation.

B. Vegetable oil and Trans Fats

Vegetable oils and trans fats are high in damaging Omega 6 fatty acids (not to be confused with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids), and they can clog your arteries, increase your cholesterol, and are great contributors to chronic inflammation.

And they don’t even taste that good!

There are lots of healthy and tasty fats you can use instead:

  • avocado oil
  • coconut oil
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • walnut oil

*Note: A lot of processed and packaged foods use trans fats to increase shelf life. So choose fresh foods as much as possible.

C. Processed Meats (bacon, bologna and lunch meat)

A lot of “conventional” meat can cause inflammation because most meat is raised in a way that is harmful to the animals and therefore creates unhealthy by-products in the meat.

For example, many cows today are fed genetically modified corn, but cows did not evolve eating corn, they evolved eating grass. And feeding a cow food that isn’t healthy for it undoubtedly produces negative side-effects for the animal and the meat, just like you eating unhealthy food causes negative side-effects in you.

Highly-processed meats like bacon, bologna, and lunch meat are some of the most inflammatory meats. Not only are the animals often raised in unhealthy ways, but the meat is often treated with chemicals that can be inflammatory.

So, if you want to reduce your chronic pain, any meat you eat should be raised as natural as possible so that the meat is as healthy as possible.

In other words, you want organic, sustainably raised meat. Examples are bison, grass fed beef, and organic chicken.

You can also increase the amount of healthy fish you eat, like wild-caught salmon and sardines.

*Note: Sardines are one of the healthiest and most environmentally sustainable fish on the planet.

3: Stem Cell Treatment

Perhaps the easiest and longest-lasting solution to your chronic pain is getting a stem cell treatment.

Stephanie Hofer had a stem cell treatment to heal pain in her ankle. She had chronic pain in her ankle, arthritis, literally bone on bone. Her doctor said, “You have the ankle of a 70-year old.” And she was only 35.

She saw several surgeons about her ankle, and their solution was to “fuse her ankle at 90 degrees.”

They also said that this treatment, fusing her ankle, would eventually cause her more pain.

Stephanie learned about stem cells and decided to give it a try. There was no danger, no long recovery time, and the cost was thousands of dollars less than ankle surgery.

Her results were spectacular…

Just 1 day after the treatment, she walked pain free for the first time in years!

“I can now walk to the park with my kids. And do normal things that moms do with their kids,” said Stephanie.

Because Stephanie found a great doctor and got the stem cell treatment that was right for her, she was able to avoid expensive surgery, avoid a long and painful recovery, and now she can walk without pain and play with her kids!


In fact, our friends at The Healing Miracle just released this new report on how modern day medical advances are being used to treat (and even beat) some of today’s most notorious chronic pain issues (from knee, neck, hip, and back pain to rheumatoid arthritis and diabetic Nerve Pain).

Best of all, it’s been made available 100% free for our loyal supporters to enjoy and share with family and friends.

You can download the report here, 100% free!

Whether you or someone close to you is suffering with chronic pain, you’ll want to read this simple, easy-to-follow guide to find out how to eliminate your pain once and for all.

Thank you for reading.

We hope this serves you well.

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