Addressing Root Causes in the Gut, Outside of Detox

by Ann Hutyra, Lead Biological Health Coach

It’s a concept you hear us health practitioners at Modern Holistic Health talk about all the time – addressing root causes. In our years of experience in working with clients with all sorts of different symptoms, conditions, and diseases – the commonality is that we begin with a client, in every case, by looking for root causes.

For the vast majority of our clients, the biggest root cause we help them uncover is the presence of one or more types of toxins in the body. In fact, after collecting thousands of labs and working with thousands of people around the world who have been chronically ill, meaning sick for 2 years or more, we have found that

●  More than 95% of our clients have high levels of at least 3 chemical toxins in their body
●  More than 75% of our clients have at least one toxic mold in their body
●  And between 20% to 30% of our clients have at least one toxic heavy metal in their body

If you think about it, there’s an incredibly high probability that toxicity of some sort is a root cause for almost every client we see – no matter where they live, how old they are, or how “clean” they believe their lifestyle is! This is why all of our clients at MHH go through a deep cellular detox when they first start working with our team.

But what about root causes outside of toxicity? While doing a deep detox to remove toxins from the body helps many clients regain their health – other clients find they have much more severe gut issues going on than they realized… issues that require more work than just detox.

If you’ve been following our work for some time, then you’ve likely heard us talk about the different “zoomer” tests. I’ll share with you why I believe every single person dealing with anything less than optimal health should do the Gut Zoomer test for him or herself.

The Gut Zoomer is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a really close, in-depth look at all things having to do with the gut, including:

●  Level of gut diversity (good and bad bacteria)
●  Types and amounts of keystone bacteria (foundational bacteria)
●  How you’re breaking down and absorbing your foods (fiber, meats, and fats)
●  Level of gut inflammation and possible root causes
●  Reaction to gluten
●  Immune system response
●  Presence of pathogenic infection – viruses, parasites, bacteria

Recently, I had a check-in with a client I had been working with for almost a year. Sally came to us at 63 years old, and she had just retired from a long career as a teacher and was finally ready to put her health first.

We found some high mold toxins and chemical toxins in her body, so Sally focused for eight months on detoxing. Although most of her toxins were now gone, and overall Sally felt healthier and had more energy, she was still having persistent gas and loose stools and a rash on her arms that would come and go.

We decided to do a Gut Zoomer test with Sally and found several different types of infections.  She had both a bacterial infection in her gut, as well as a viral infection – and some of the foods she was eating were making her leaky gut worse! After addressing these different infections that were discovered on her Gut Zoomer, and making some modifications to her foods based on the results of the same lab test, Sally was able to discover the missing pieces for healing her gut once and for all. Her gas went away and her bowels regulated, and the rashes on her arms have finally healed.

So how do you know if the Gut Zoomer test is right for you? I believe it’s ideal for anyone, at ANY stage of their healing, but especially if any of the following resonates with you:

●  You’ve detoxed significantly and made progress, but not many symptoms have changed
●  You have persistent gut symptoms like bloating, gas, or undigested food in your stool
●  You feel stuck in your healing journey
●  You can’t seem to get rid of your brain fog, despite detoxing
●  You have weird skin rashes that don’t go away, or go away and then return
●  You have a weakened immune system
●  You’re healthy and want to optimize your gut health and microbiome

If you need help deciding if this test is right for you, schedule an appointment with me or one of our other health practitioners so we can guide you on the best type of testing for you.

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