How A Holistic Medicine Practitioner Can Change Your Life

Have you ever thought what the definition of health is? The dictionary tells that it’s the lack of illness or injury. But, according to holistic medicine practitioner, merely being free of disease does not make you healthy.

Your health is a continuously progressive state. You might feel good today and not tomorrow.

How you treat your body impacts your overall wellness and health for many years to come. So, when it comes to health, consciously making the right decision every day is most likely your best strategy. Holistic medicine practitioner uses data driven scientific and natural safe approaches to help you restore wellness and maintain good health.

If you’re trying to find ways to boost your immunity and avoid illness, preventive medicine might be a great option for you. This approach of healthy lifestyle centers around practices that concentrate on the promotion, prevention, and maintenance of health and wellness.

What is holistic medicine?

What is holistic medicine_

Holistic medicine focuses on the person as a whole, instead of treating one condition or body system.  The holistic approach takes into account the intrinsic connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Advanced scientific approaches using specialty lab work including genetic testing, allows a holistic doctor to work with your body’s unique and individual needs rather than just focusing on covering up symptoms.  Through advanced testing and understanding a persons individual genetic makeup, your holistic practitioner can determine your individual needs and help you implement sustainable long term solutions to give you long term results.

Why Should I Try Holistic Medicine?
6 adults out of 10 in the United States have a chronic health disease. 4 out of 10 have two or more long-term conditions. Suicide rates are at an all time high.  Why is the U.S. the sickest industrialized nation in the world when we have the most advanced medical science at our finger tips?!

There are many contributing factors that are contributing to the rise in chronic health issues including sustained long term high stress.  Let’s not forget the Standard American Diet which consists of foods that cause neural inflammation, leaky gut, and body wide inflammatory conditions.  Take gluten, for example, which can accelerate auto immune attacks on the thryoid known as Hashimoto’s or cause brain based diseases like atrophy of the cerebellum region of the brain, J Neurol Neurosug Psychiatry 2002;72:560 – 563.  — AND this isn’t new news! The problem isn’t that we don’t have the advanced testing available to us, the problem is that the current health system is not set up to allow doctors to offer the type of testing that is looking for underlying causes of disease. 

Our current health model is excellent at acute care but is failing at reversing and preventing chronic illness. There are so many variables that can cause not only the brain chemistry to shift out of balance but the entire body… variables that include underlying infections, foods or chemicals and preservatives in the foods, environmental toxins like glyphosate, and even lifestyle choices. It takes a complex model approach to understand what the variables can be and how all the variables can effect the body and the brain. Shifting to this more complex thinking approach and understanding that we need to find the underlying root causes of an individuals chronic illness is going to be the long term solution for those who are struggling for answers, and holistic doctors are experts in finding root causes of chronic illness. 

The following are the most common and expensive illnesses:

common and expensive illnesses (1)

Choices like insufficient physical activity, bad eating habits, environmental toxins, prolonged stress, and underlying infections which many don’t know they have, can increase one’s risk of long-term health conditions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that practicing prevention can reduce your healthcare cost. Americans spend $3.3 trillion on health care each year. 90% of this total arises from a persistent mental and physical health conditions.

When you choose holistic healthcare approaches, you are placing your long-term health goals over short-term lifestyle decisions with the goal of healthy living well into your golden years.  Holistic health practices are not only beneficial for you…If you are a woman wanting to have a family, for example, your lifestyle choices will directly effect the long term health of your child.  Having a healthy pregnancy is essential for the long-term health of both the mother and the child.

Advantages of holistic preventive care

Functional Health Screenings:

As you age, life gets busier. This may leave you struggling to find time for routine check-ups and tests. Keep in mind; staying on top of your health and having a holistic doctor on your team are a crucial part of holistic health and prevention.

Health screenings can detect persistent conditions and infections early so that you can get proper treatment and hence slow down the progression of this illness. These types of examinations are essential as you age, especially in the middle-adult and senior years.

Have you ever considered how essential your heart is to daily life? There are lots of things you should know about the heart. Among the most critical components of healthy living is taking good care of your heart by making heart-healthy decisions in your daily lifestyle choices.  Genetic testing is a great way to discover what lifestyle choices will optimize your heart, mind, and body.

Holistic Medicine Practitioners often recommend that their patients get annual laboratory tests as a part of routine preventive health care. Lab tests typically vary depending on the unique history of the patient.

Individually Tailored Diets:

Choosing to eat a healthy diet reduces your risk of developing conditions like high cholesterol and obesity. But understanding that each person has unique requirements for what foods are healthy for them is usually not addressed.  Holistic doctors who utilize genetic and other testing with their clients can help them tailor a diet that will best suit their individual requirements to sustain health.

If you have any chronic health disorder, like diabetes or Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GERD), your diet is a critical step to reversing those conditions. If you have GERD, be sure to avoid foods that agitate symptoms. These consists of spicy foods, coffee, tea, and fatty or fried foods and may also consists of otherwise ‘healthy’ foods that are causing inflammation to your body.  This is where your holistic doctor can really help by understanding which testing to order for you to determine what foods you might need to steer away from so that your body can heal.  A healthy eating strategy can help you reverse many diseases and other complications.

Proactive Health Model:

The Holistic approach to health focuses on addressing the root causes of physiological illness and mental health imbalances by using a biological and genetic data driven approach to determine healing protocols that work with your body’s unique and individual needs rather than just focusing on covering up symptoms.


If you’re ready to take your health back, give your holistic medicine practitioner a try!

Among the simplest ways to begin is to make an appointment with a holistic medicine doctor. She/He can work with you to establish a plan of action to get your health back on track. Try a data driven approach that can put you on the path towards health and a more balanced lifestyle!

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