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The Difference Between Holistic Nutritionist and Dietician

By Elena Villanueva

The words Holistic Nutritionist and A Dietician are frequently used interchangeably by those who don’t know the difference and there is a difference. While both are considered healthcare experts and professionals on the subject of how diet and dietary supplements can impact your health, these two professions are quite different.

Different education and qualifications. Different places of work. Different kinds of patients or clients. Just plainly different.

A Dietician

A Dietician

A dietician is somebody who is an expert in “dietetics,” which is an area of concern handling diet and its effects on a person’s health. Dieticians work with their clients to change their nutrition based on a medical condition and individual health goals. Registered dietitians are usually found working with a medical team in a healthcare center, or sometimes in the foodservice industry.

There is a lot of education required to become a registered dietician, along with continuing professional education; the supervised experience is required each year to maintain their board certifications.

Dieticians, who are a lot more regulated than nutritionists, concentrate more on the medical and technical side of things. While holistic nutritionists are more interested in the person as a whole, most of the nutritionists have advanced degrees and board certifications, but technically speaking, in the US, anybody who offers general nutritional advice can call himself a “nutritionist.”

Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic nutrition maintains that a person’s health depends on the interaction between a myriad of things: the physical and chemical, psychological and emotional, and spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life.

It is when you look at all of these things combined that you can truly comprehend how the human body is working, and help it to recover. The holistic nutritionist definition can be done like the nutrition experts who use the “whole-person perspective” to help their clients, providing them with the best-personalized treatment that fits their individual needs.

Holistic nutritionists educate their clients so that they are fully engaged in their journey to recovering from whatever ailments they are suffering from. Holistic nutritionists believe in the principle that these health conditions won’t just magically vanish with a pill that masks the symptoms; you need to find the root of the problem and treat it from the inside out.

At Modern Holistic Health, we use Holistic Nutrition to concentrate on health and wellness. If you have been searching for this natural approach to healing the body, contact our office to schedule an appointment with our certified holistic nutritionists.

We cover all the areas of concern including cardiovascular and blood sugar issues, obesitygastrointestinal disordersstress-related issues, mood and cognition, joint and bone disorders, and also women and men-specific problems like menopause and hormonal imbalance, and low testosterone, respectively

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