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There are MANY underlying causes of why people become ill with chronic health conditions, from autoimmune disease to hormone and infertility issues to mental health disorders and disease. We went into detail on these underlying causes in our recent 5 Part Series: Finding The Root Causes of Mental Health Disorders.

Underlying causes of health issues pretty much all stem from the same group of culprits (which I will mention next), but it’s the ‘weak link’ in your body that determines how your body will manifest its symptoms and eventually it’s disease if not addressed. Everyone is different, so while one person’s underlying anxiety might be from leaky gut and a methylation mutation in their genes, another person might exhibit chronic fatigue and autoimmune symptoms.

Not only is each individual likely to have a different ‘weak link,’ they may have a different underlying cause of their anxiety. For example. One person may have anxiety that’s being caused by a C. Diff infection and leaky gut, while another person may have a heavy metal toxicity or a mutation in the COMT and MTHFR gene that are the culprits.

Understanding a person’s individual biological and genetic blueprint and all the different variables that could be causing a ‘short circuit’ in the body’s ‘systemic engines’ is the key to understanding how to find the ROOT CAUSE of your condition or disease. It also gives us a ROAD MAP to show us how to fix the problems.

While we are talking about root causes, let’s go back and list out the main culprits:

  • Infections (Bacterial, Parasitics, Mold, Candida, Viral)
  • Toxic Metals (Aluminum, Lead, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury)
  • Environmental Toxins (Organophosphates, MTBE, Plastics)
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction from the above toxins and infections
  • Radioactive Materials (Radium, Radon, Uranium)
Heavy Metals Testing2

One of the underlying issues that need to be ruled out are toxic heavy metals.

There are three ways to check heavy metals in your body, and we’ve shared them with you here.

Blood Test:

Testing for metals in the blood is the most sensitive and accurate for any exposures you’ve had in the last two weeks. Within two weeks, if your body can’t break down these metals and get rid of them, the body moves them into ‘storage.’ The metals are not easily eliminated from the body and therefore become deposited into your bones, into your kidneys, your liver, the brain, your hair, and any other place the body can store it. A blood test is only accurate to tell you what you’ve been exposed to in the last two weeks.

Hair Analysis:

This type of metals test is our most commonly ordered test for our clients. A hair analysis is accurate for about the last two months of exposures you’ve had. The test is done on ‘new’ hair, close to the scalp. The test specimen is usually taken from the hair 1-inch of from the nape of the neck. So if you’ve got 8-inches of hair, you would cut it, and throw away other 7-inches because only 1-inch near the skin is still not affected by multiple shampooing or hair products. An inch of hair is about two months growth.

Urine Test:

This can show what is stored in the body over many years, however, in order to do this test, chelating agents (provoking agent) must be used to pull the metals out of the tissues, so they show up in the urine. If the urine comes back positive, we may also recommend a follow-up hair analysis to see if you are having continued exposure. We don’t often order this test because some people can become ill from detoxing the metals if their drainage and detox pathways are not open.

Heavy Metals Testing1
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