The holistic medicine approach to healing, health, and wellness, focuses on an integrated whole-person approach to healthcare. Holistic medicine addresses the physical, mental, and emotional elements of health. With technological advances in the field of genetics, including nutrigenomics and epigenetics, we understand more than ever the relevance of how wellness and fitness have to fit in today’s busy schedule and the holistic view of health understands this important element in the process of healing.

The integrated approach used in holistic medicine uses a variety of tools to address the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Some therapies used in the holistic model of care originate from traditional Eastern philosophies, many of which have been proven by our advances in genetics where we can now understand how our lifestyle choices influence our genetic expression and ultimately our own body chemistry.  With a combination of individual assessments, advanced lab, and genetic testing, detoxification, organ support, high-quality nutrition, and immune enhancement, our holistic approach uses an all-around healing modality that addresses healing the whole person.

With over 17 years of experience, Modern Holistic Health has developed top-quality programs and expert services that are data-driven, scientifically based, and safe. Our data-driven approaches provide the very backbone for our many successful cases. Natural healthcare provides the gifts and knowledge given and backed by science and genetics to heal and then maintain a strong body and mind.

What sets holistic medicine apart from traditional medicine is that the holistic approach to healthcare addresses the underlying causes. Once the interference to normal health function is identified through lab testing the goal is to eliminate the interference and prevent additional stress to the body.

We developed our exclusive and one of a kind programs to be tailored to the individual and address the whole person. By acknowledging today’s practical challenges, along with identifying our client’s unique obstacles to health, our data-driven and comprehensive approach provided in our programs can help people looking for answers to their unresolved chronic illnesses as well as preventative measures. Educating people about environmental factors and how they can affect our genetic expression leading to chronic illness also develops awareness and empowers our clients to understand how to reverse chronic illness and maintain their health.

The Helping Hand of Nature – The New Science for Healing and Health:

The Helping Hand of Nature

Comprehensive One on One Programs for Chronic & Unresolved Health Issues– the Modern Holistic Health Approach

Our unique model incorporates important phases in the restoration of balance to both the body and mind. We use extensive lab work including genetic testing to help identify and understand what the underlying causes are and in what order to address and eliminate the underlying issues.  Using advanced functional lab testing to identify issues such as underlying infections, for example, we can address harmful virus patterns, toxic chemicals, and other toxins that might be causing the individual to have a chronic illness.

Holistic Protocols are then designed to boost the body’s healing power and eliminate the underlying issues like infections or heavy metals or other toxins.  Holistic protocols can also be very beneficial for acute symptoms.  Protocols involve learning and understanding how to use breath therapy, utilizing repatterning therapies to address unhealthy thought patterns, mindset and mind shift therapies, and specific food and organic supplements to address the root causes and support weaknesses or deficiencies.

Considering the demands and stressors of modern lifestyles it’s not a surprise that underlying traumas, thoughts, and toxins are common culprits in chronic disease. This is why our data-driven and ‘whole person’ approach is paramount to discovering the underlying causes of chronic and unresolved health issues and understanding how to formulate protocols that will result in positive outcomes for our clients.

The holistic approach to health and wellness interprets symptoms as warning signs and understands the need for finding the root cause. Are there external or internal influences frustrating a body? This new standard looks at understanding the causal effect. A number of aspects will affect natural homeostasis and often include imbalances in the spiritual part of a person combined with brain chemistry imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, accumulation of toxins, physical stress, pH imbalances, and psychological trauma.  Our programs are designed to address all of these aspects.

Nevertheless, your expression of wellness is individualized and special to you.  No two programs are alike.  Our programs are individually tailored to your body’s biological and psychological needs.  Determining factors will consist of genetic predisposition, individual characteristics, and constitutions. Situations are individualized.

We provide a greater understanding of the body, mind, and spirit and how they are connected, influencing one another. Therefore, we pay special attention to the relationships between body organs and emotions. We examine a person’s immune responses. We identify any toxicity of suppressing cellular or genetic mechanisms. All this feeds right into a personalized health plan.

We welcome similar professionals, who are driven by reform, share our values, and most of all else appreciate the holistic natural approach.

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