Hair Thinning

Loss of hair can be a cause of great social anxiety for both men and women. The idea of losing all of your shiny locks is probably one’s worst nightmare in a post-Instagram world. Although the thinning of hair, in some cases, has nothing to do with serious health conditions, it can result in some feeling a loss of self-esteem and pushing others into severe depression.

This yearning of thicker, fuller hair has galvanized many into spending exorbitant amounts of money on trying out various medications, switching products and adopting practices that ultimately have no significant result.

Causes of Hair Loss

1. Genetics
2. Hormonal Imbalance
3. Thyroid Problems and Other Medical Conditions
4.  Side Effects of Medications and Supplements
5. Shock and Stress
6. Poor Diet

Hair Loss2

Now, we personally believe that overall health is more important than outward appearance, and the condition of hair loss or thinning hair doesn’t automatically turn an individual into a social pariah overnight. However, hair loss or thinning hair in many cases might be the consequence of a sedentary lifestyle riddled with poor diet and lack of necessary nutrition.

In this article, we will be shedding light on some of the most obvious solutions to the problem of hair thinning that doesn’t require you to open your wallet. All you need to do is supply your body with essential nutrients and minerals that will keep your hair healthier and shinier for the long run.

Natural Remedies for Hair Thinning

1. Be Mindful of Medications

If you are on some sort of medication, it will be important to know whether that medication is what is causing your hair loss. Most medications and supplements have side effects that are directly linked to hair loss. Make sure you are aware of the side effects before you consume them. It would be a wise decision to get off those medications if your hunch is eventually confirmed.

2. Eat Nutritional Foods

Most conditions of hair loss are a result of a poor diet that does not offer anything to the human body in terms of nutrition and minerals. Like every other vital organ in your body, your hair also needs their fair share of nutrition to stay healthy. The below foods will do the trick in providing just what your precious hair needs.

1. Cold Water Fish – Wild caught cold water fish like salmon is loaded with anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids that are excellent for healthy hair.
2. Iron Rich Food – Having iron-rich food like lentils, kale, spinach and other leafy green vegetables will keep iron and ferritin high enough to sustain hair follicle health.
3. Vitamin C – Vitamin C not only turns your body into a powerful antioxidant but also helps the body absorb iron better. Some great   sources of vitamin C are Guava, Papaya, and broccoli.
4. Vitamin A – Vitamin A rich foods like pumpkin, sweet potato and Kale, can maintain the health of your scalp. It is also responsible for the production of sebum that conditions your hair.
5. Biotin Rich Foods – Lack of biotin in the body can cause the hair to become brittle which makes them more vulnerable to thinning. Get more biotin in your body through egg yolks or nutritional yeast.
6. Zinc Rich Foods – A deficiency in Zinc has been linked to hair, so try to include all of zinc-rich food like grass-fed beef, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds in your diet.

Hair Thinning4

3. Avoid These Foods

1.  Processed Foods – Heavy inclusion of processed diet can cause hormonal imbalances that ultimately result in weight loss.

2.  Alcohol – It can cause inflammation and increase liver toxicity, thus causing hair loss.

3.  Trans Fats – Trans Fats can cause inflammation and increase the production of DHT, avoid Vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil

4.  Sugar – It increases DHT, elevate inflammation and imbalances hormones.

5.  Caffeine – Too much caffeine can cause dehydration, increase DHT and eventually result in hair loss.

6.  Food Allergens – If you eat food that cause allergies in the body, it can result in hair loss. Some possible food allergens include soy, dairy, corn, wheat (gluten) etc.

Hair Thinning5

4. Consume Bone Broth

Bone broth is rich in protein, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, chondroitin, and other minerals that are often missing from the conventional diet as such bone broth is a perfect remedy against hair loss. The nutrients in bone broth not only promote hair health but also promote the health of skin and nails.

5. Use Biotin Rich Shampoos and Conditioners

Biotin is an essential B vitamin responsible for making your skin, hair and nails stronger. We highly recommend you purchase a shampoo and conditioner that is rich in biotin.

6. Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss. If you want to control the thinning of your hair, then you must learn how to manage your stress. Try relaxation techniques, get plenty of rest, do not overload yourself with work and also meditate.

Hair Thinning12

7. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils also play a key role in promoting hair health. Rosemary essential oil can increase cellular metabolism and thus make hair healthy. Similarly, Spikenard oil is also shown to slow down the process of both hair loss and greying.

8. Take Cooler Showers

Another way to protect your hair is by keeping them away from hot showers. Hot showers can make your hair brittle, dry and more prone falling out. Always prefer cooler showers for the sake of your hair.

The Bottom Line

In cases of hereditary hair loss, there isn’t much that can be done. Remember, there is more to your beauty and charisma than just beautiful hair. Being healthy in your body and staying positive in your mind will help you exude the charm needed to stand out in a crowd, irrespective of how you perceive your appearance in the mirror.

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